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No Gym Necessary

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As a person who thoroughly enjoys an evening spent at the gym ( HI, sauna + steam room post-workout ), sometimes actually getting to the gym isn’t realistic.

Maybe I’m in a time-crunch. Or traveling. Or the weather is too good to work out inside. You get my point. There are times when I don’t have access to classes or gym equipment.

In cases like this, I resort to workout out at home, in my hotel room, or outside. As of late, I’ve really pushed myself to stop making excuses to get out of daily exercise. There are definitely days when I’m unable to fit in a in-depth workout, but ideally I like to do something active every day.

The effect every day activity has on my brain + my body is too positive not to implement.

Today, I’ve partnered with Finish Line to share my go-to sneaker for all of my athletic endeavors, as well as talk about the types of exercises I do when getting to the gym just isn’t an option.

First off, let’s talk about the sneakers. Friends, meet the comfiest athletic shoe you’ll ever find: the Adidas Ultraboost 4.0. When it comes to sneakers, I like a pair that I can do absolutely everything in, running- & training-wise.

I don’t have to tell y’all that Adidas knows whats up. The brand is a classic for a reason. If you’re looking for a new sneaker, I 100% recommend trying this one out! You can find them ( in a few more colors! ) on the Finish Line website here.

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no-gym-necessary exercises & deets

equipment for home & on-the-go

resistance bands
yoga mat
foam roller
jump rope

no-gym workouts

Running Outside: there’s something about an evening run that calms me down when I’m stressed. When the weather is cool & crisp, and it’s just about to get dark, I find a relaxing solitude in running outdoors. I stretch, listen to the H+H Workout Playlist, & use an app called MapMyRun when I run outside.

Instead of jogging at a steady pace for half an hour or so, I usually find myself switching off between near-sprinting ( or full sprint ) and walking. I’ll do one song “on” and one song “off,” and just switch between both effort levels depending on what feels good to me.

Going on a Long Walk: on days when I’m sore, feeling under-the-weather, or not craving an intense workout, I’ll listen to a podcast & walk for a few miles at a quick pace. I’ll set my destination for a coffee shop or juice spot, so there’s a reward mid-walk, and get to walking.

Jump Rope Intervals: pump roping is a killer cardio workout. There are plenty of examples of jump rope interval exercises on Pinterest ( my favorites are this one and this one ) that include both cardio and toning. Once you get the hang of jump roping, it’s actually so fun.

YouTube Videos: obviously. There is an ENDLESS amount of free workout videos available to you on YouTube. I follow POPSUGAR Fitness on YT for at-home & hotel-room-friendly workouts.

Body-Weight Circuits: you can find numerous body-weight exercise circuits on Pinterest ( here are some of my favorites! ) that will allow you to strengthen + tone in a confined space & on-the-go. Pinterest is SUCH a good tool to use for fitness everything.

Sometimes I’ll grab my resistance bands to add a little something to toning circuits. They’re such a good little investment!

Foam Rolling + Stretching: some days, you don’t feel like being active, I get it. I feel this way every weekend, especially when I’ve had a few too many margs the night before. Instead of being COMPLETELY lazy, I’ll at least try to set aside some time to stretch + foam roll at home. It’s not a life-changing workout, but it’s SOMETHING.

What do y’all like to do to stay active when going to the gym isn’t an option??

I’m always looking for new workouts to try, so send them my way! The easier it is to incorporate activity into my day, the more likely I am to do it.

Ja feel?

On that note, I landed in a Texas a few hours ago + I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit this week! I’ve already spotted one of my wrapped gifts under the tree and I am PUMPED, to say the least.

Come hang with the Sartain family for the holidays on Instagram stories! You know I always love to exploit my family for entertainment purposes.

Talk soon, & wishing everyone a safe + cozy holiday week!