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What the F*ck is Oil Pulling & Why You Should Try It

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WTF is Oil Pulling: What, Why & How It's Done, ladies! Oil Pulling has some SERIOUS benefits, and we're discussing them all today on Hustle and Halcyon!

Morning, Gals.

I had the most chill, relaxing weekend ever ( i.e. I spent more hours in my bed than out of it… idk if I’m happy or ashamed about that little factoid ).

It was raining all weekend here in College Station, TX, so going outside was a no-go anyways. So, I had Favor deliver me breakfast tacos, Starbucks, & green juice daily, browsed Pinterest, cleaned & organized the house, cuddled with my pup, and watched New Girl on Netflix for the second time.

Also, I put together some new Spotify playlists, so go follow me on there! Right now, I’m listening to ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Gasoline,’ & ‘New Americana’ by Halsey on repeat. Not sorry… I’m so obsessed.

SO ANYWHO: Today we’re going to talk about something kinda weird/intriguing/interesting: Oil Pulling.

Basically, Oil Pulling is an ancient oral therapy practice ( developed from Ayurvedic medicine, dating back 3,000 years ) that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth ( coconut, sesame, sunflower ) for 15-20 minutes & spitting it out. ( according to WebMD and DMD Jessica T. Emery )

“Recent studies show that oil pulling helps against gingivitis, plaque, and microorganisms that cause bad breath. How? “Most microorganisms inhabiting the mouth consist of a single cell,” Emery says. “Cells are covered with a lipid, or fatty, membrane, which is the cell’s skin. When these cells come into contact with oil, a fat, they naturally adhere to each other.”
– WebMD

WTF is Oil Pulling: What, Why & How It's Done, ladies! Oil Pulling has some SERIOUS benefits, and we're discussing them all today on Hustle and Halcyon!

Because I’m addicted to Pinterest/Health & Fitness blogs, I’ve seen & heard so much about oil pulling up to this point. I always found it kind of daunting and confusing. Like, wtf is that? Do you literally scoop oil into your mouth? Do I swallow it or like…. what is going on…?

Welp, I was being a drama girl because it’s really not that complicated. The only reason I ended up trying oil pulling is because I found Cocowhite ( PS: I’m not being PAID to endorse this product… it’s just something that I was introduced to & LOVE! ).

Cocowhite makes oil pulling easy by packaging one oil-pull’s worth of coconut oil in a cute little tube that makes the task easy-breezy . Also, Cocowhite coconut oil is flavored, so it doesn’t taste like SHIT! Yay! They have Mint, Vanilla, & Lemon flavored packets. My favorite is Vanilla, for shiz.

So, here’s the how-to when it comes to Oil Pulling:

1. Put 1 Tablespoon ( or 1 packet of Cocowhite’s worth ) of Oil into your mouth. You can use a many different oils for this (sesame, sunflower, coconut), but I prefer coconut oil because it “has the added benefit of lauric acid, which is well-known for its anti-microbial agents.” (source) Oh, and SIDE NOTE: Coconut oil is relatively solid at room-temp, so it’ll be a weird consistency at first, but will turn into oil in, like, 10 seconds. So hang in there.

2. Swish the oil around for 15-20 minutes. I’m going to be honest, it’s a lot harder to do this than I originally assumed. At first, try swishing the oil around for a simple 5 minutes, and then work up to the 20. You don’t need to violently swish the oil around your mouth either, so you can chill out, do some laundry, check Instagram, etc. while you’re oil pulling. Obviously, the longer you oil pull, the more detoxified of toxins you will be. Side: DO NOT SWALLOW IT! This will just place those toxins collected back into your bod….. no thanks.

3. Rinse with water & brush your teeth right after. Your mouth is going to feel CLEAN AF. I just oil pulled before I started writing this & I am like…. astonished that my mouth feels this clean. I’m lurvvving it.

The Benefits of Oil Pulling & How-To // Hustle and Halcyon

In my oil-pulling diaries: I have been oil pulling for about 2 weeks now, and I have NOTICED that my teeth are much whiter. Also, my mouth just feels clean & fresh. So, oil pulling is officially a part of my nightly routine.

Cocowhite will always be my go-to for oil pulling! I’m not sure that I could do it if I didn’t have these little flavored packets of coconutty ( definitely not a word… ) health & cleanliness.

With the upcoming launch of my YouTube Channel, I will be giving away 14-days worth of Cocowhite, along with a TON of other H+H favorites, so make sure to subscribe to my channel and sign up for my e-mail list to get details on that whole situation!

So, what do y’all think? Any fellow oil pullers out there?

I wanna hear about y’alls’ results!

Talk soon. xx

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WTF is Oil Pulling: What, Why & How It's Done, ladies! Oil Pulling has some SERIOUS benefits, and we're discussing them all today on Hustle and Halcyon!

8 Responses
  • Lindsey
    10 . 26 . 2015

    Been wanting to try this… kind of weirded out as well. Did you see a big difference in whiter teeth?

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 27 . 2015

      My teeth are DEFINITELY whiter! Also, my mouth is just cleaner feeling.

  • Allison Gallagher
    10 . 27 . 2015

    I’ve tried oil pulling before and it definitely does work. I’ve been wanting to try the little flavored packets out. Thanks for sharing

  • Jenna
    10 . 28 . 2015

    Just ordered these puppies. Anxious to try.

  • Kelsey Hanson
    02 . 19 . 2016

    I’m going to give this a go because it’s you recommending it & I like/ trust all your reviews. But goodness this sounds so weird haha. Thanks for introducing me to things I literally never would try if it weren’t for you!


    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      02 . 21 . 2016

      LOL– I’m a huge weirdo, right? This definitely makes my mouth feel A LOT cleaner! Lemme know your thoughts! xx