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Organizers Galore

When I posted my bathroom + closet update on my Instagram story, SO MANY of y’all responded asking about the various organizers I’m using! & let me tell you, I’d be asking the same thing. I love this kind of thing.

I have a lot of STUFF, as much as I hate to admit, & keeping it all organized seems like a full-time job. Getting all of that STUFF in order ( aka: an organized mess ) brings me so much peace-of-mind.

In terms of where I get my organizers from, I like Amazon ( affordable + quick shipping ), Urban Outfitters, & Container Store ( though CS can be stupid expensive sometimes. )

I put together a little boutique, if you will, of some of my favorite products I’m using to keep my space clean + organized. I’m nowhere NEAR done decorating my new room/apartment, but getting things in order is a start.

Now, to add all the personal touches + make it look pretty.

I’ve included clear acrylic/plastic cleaner in this round-up as well, as these types of materials can look cloudy & gross pretty quickly without regular cleaning.

Happy shopping, babes!