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Sticky Situation with PacSun

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Y’ALL. I’ve turned over a new leaf ( I feel like I say this every Monday morning, but whatever, let’s see where this goes… ).

Since 4th of July, I’ve been SO OVER going out & getting blackout “crazy” on the weekends. Two weeks ago, I DID make a quick trip to Houston, where I DID partake in some craziness with my Texas girls, but that was a special situation.

For the last month or so, on any given Friday/Saturday night, you can find me on my couch, covered in coconut oil, eating my salmon/avocado roll from Whole Foods with a sheet mask on my face, watching Riverdale on Netflix.

Between 4th of July & my little trip back to Texas ( about two weeks time ), I completely cut out alcohol ( because I didn’t feel like drinking at all ), and I felt the absolute best about my body that I have in YEARS. There’s something about being clean that makes me ultra-confident & energized.

Obviously, cutting out alcohol COMPLETELY isn’t realistic for most people, and I’d never suggest being that extreme if you enjoy your weekend wine. I was swamped with work following the 4th, and cutting out the excessive-vodka-soda nights came as a side effect of refocussing & planning out my next few moves when it comes to work.

My point is, I haven’t wanted to go out & drink, so I haven’t, and it’s completely transforming my body/mood. An evening glass of wine or craft cocktail hasn’t been at all enticing to me ( & these little choices have made a BIG difference ). It’s been an accidental experiment.

I’ve always larger-than-life EYE ROLLED at girls who say things like this, by the way. Like, we get it, you’re unrealistically clean & healthy & shit, LOL. But– I just had to share that the hype is real.


shop my PacSun look

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In other news, I’ve partnered with PacSun ( yes, THROWBACK to an middle-school-mall-trip ORIGINAL ) to share this tube top look with y’all today.

PacSun‘s new arrivals are absolutely KILLING IT. If you’re wondering where all of those trendy models shop for their graphic tees, distressed denim, and quirky accessories, look no farther. You can find ALL of the above at PacSun.

I’m actually so impressed, and narrowing down ONE look to share with y’all was so challenging. I loved everything.

I chose to bring back the tube top scenario with this pink, easy-to-throw on top ( also SO affordable ), matched with some fun denim ( BTW– a lot of PacSun’s denim is Buy-One-Get-One-50%-Off right now! ).

One of my FAVORITE parts of this outfit is the BABE choker I’m wearing, though you can’t see it in photos. It’s the sassiest little addition to an otherwise simple outfit.

I’m currently digging their selection of graphic tees & tanks right now, too. This badass tee, this speckled Adidas tee ( just purchased! ), & this classic ribbed Guess logo tank are my favorites.

Can y’all believe this throwback-revival thing happening here??

Claire & I headed to Venice to shoot this PacSun look, because we thought it’d be the perfect backdrop for such a fun, So-Cal-inpsired look.

Shooting this look included dripping melted ice cream all over myself, being harassed by an unnamed “YouTube Star,” & being photobombed by a number of street performers on the boardwalk.

The Venice boardwalk is DEFINITELY its own little world, and such an experience for those of you who haven’t been to that part of the Los Angeles area. It’s an interesting time.

Now, let’s get started on this week, shall we? I’ve got some exciting things coming up for the blog / YouTube this week, and I’m thinking about starting weekly vlogs so I’m able to share a little more of my daily life with y’all.

Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel for that!

Wishing y’all a productive Monday! Talk soon. xx

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