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Palm Springs, a Travel Guide

Two weeks ago, Kristen + I received a text from our friend Claudia that read as follows:

“Do you guys want to go to Palm Springs next week for no other reason than fuck everyone?”

Without hesitation, we both so said yes. Because, obviously.

5 short days later, we were leaving LA in the dust, escaping to the desert. Sometimes you just need some time in a retirement town to clear your head.

Old people just get it.

They really don’t give a single fuck, & I find that inspiring.

Our schedule consisted of mid-day poolside lounging, 5pm dinners, “going out” around 7pm, & heading to bed around 9-10pm. It’s called LIVING, people, look it up.

where to stay

La Serena Villas

La Serena Villas is my #1 pick for Palm Springs hotels.

Upon checking into this little desert gem, we were greeted by the sweetest staff + glasses of champagne and shown to our new home for the next couple of days.

We checked into our villa, Villa #19, & were immediately BLOWN away by the size of the villa & the decor throughout. Really, the entire property is beyond dreamy.

La Serena Villas is a Pinterest board come to life, if you will. If you’re wanting a picturesque getaway, you must stay at this hotel.

We spent a lot of time by the pool, taking many-a-photo, & sipping margs.

where to eat

Rooster and the Pig

This hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese kitchen was my favorite restaurant this last trip. We ordered a number of plates + shared them, so we could try a bunch of different things.

We loved the Vietnamese Crispy Roll, Thin Sliced Beef, Crispy Beef Egg Noodle, Sesame Beef & the Spring Rolls.


If you’re wanting a place with a diverse menu + a nice outdoor vibe, definitely eat at Tropicale! I’ve eaten here every time I’ve been in Palm Springs in the last 2 years.

I LOVE the Blue Crab Stack ( so much that I ordered two! ).


Azucar is the restaurant by the pool at La Serena Villas, so even if you aren’t staying there, you can eat + grab a drink on the property ( & get that perfect Instagram pic ).

I recommend any of their margaritas ( the spicy melon one, especially! ), chips + guac, and fish tacos.

Nature’s Health Food & Cafe

OMG– this is my own personal heaven. This health food store also has a cafe inside. Their menu is fully vegetarian with vegan & gluten-free options. I got a green juice + an omelette with a side of gluten-free toast.

I also shopped around for some super affordable health foods. You MUST visit this spot if you’re into fresh, organic, & healthy food!

Kings Highway Diner

Located in the Ace Hotel, this throwback-style diner is perfect for brunch + dinner alike. Their drinks are as bomb as their food. Something about sipping a cocktail in such a casual setting is very satisfying to me.

They usually have a bingo night on their weekly schedule, so make sure you look up what night that is if you’re wanting something fun to do during the week!

what to do

JOIRIDE Helicopter Tour

Our heli tour was BY FAR the highlight of the entire trip. I had never been in a helicopter prior to our experience with JOIRIDE. One of my friends on the trip, Hanna, had perviously been on a number of helicopter tours, and she swore up & down that this one topped them all.

The staff at JOIRIDE is so much fun, and we felt safe + taken care of during our flight. I’m careful with where I place my trust when doing things like this, and I 100% trust JOIRIDE in terms of safety. I HIGHLY recommend getting a helicopter tour of Palm Springs. Ask to go near the wind mills!

Spa Resort Casino ( Downtown Palm Springs )

There are a number of Casinos around the Palm Springs area, but the one we went to ( Spa Resort Casino ) was walking distance from our hotel. I’m not a huge gambler ( ANXIETY ), but I happily sat at the bar & talked to locals while my friends did some slot machines.

where to take photos

La Serena Villas

Desert near Palm Springs Sign
( on the way into/out of Palm Springs! )

The Parker

Huge Dinosaur
( a little outside of Palm Springs )

I’ve made a number of trips to Palm Springs since living in Los Angeles, and I can honestly say that this trip topped them all. I’ll update this post as future trips arise + I discover more places.

I’d LOVE to know if I missed any hidden gems that YOU think are a must-see/do/eat/drink/etc. I live for the suggestions I get from you. I really, really do.

Talk soon, babies! x