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Desert Trip: Photo Diary + VLOG + Giveaway!

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Last week, I had the chance to take a little mid-week trip to Palm Springs with some of my Los Angeles blogger friends. Following Miami Swim Week + a few days in New York, getting away to the desert & staying at a resort was an IDEAL scenario.

Granted, we didn’t realize it would be a solid 115º in Palm Springs at this time of year. We didn’t let that rain on our parade, though. In fact, there was no rain anywhere. Because we were in the desert. ( hehehe )

Because I did an entire vlog recap, I won’t take y’all through the day-to-day details. You can just watch that part. It’s easier.

BUT, let’s talk about the trip highlights ( & details on the resort! ), my travel bud humans, outfits, & travel necessities.


Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa


Kristen, @HighEndHippie
Mina, @MinaMarlena
Jami, @JamiAlix
Lexi, @LexiMars
Allyssa, @TheNudeFox

what we did

» Citrus & Palm: the resort’s restaurant on-property is HONESTLY one of the best hotel restaurants I’ve ever been to. The food is locally-sourced, fresh & the chef takes a LOT of pride in making the whole experience perfect. I was living for the Beef Tacos ( hi, taco Tuesday ) & the Date Cake. We literally didn’t eat anywhere else while we were in Palm Springs.

» Well Spa: we visited the spa for collagen mask facials on the last day of our girls’ trip. We hung around the spa before + after our treatments, using the plunge pools, drinking the watermelon fresca & working in the relaxation room. We had robes on while we were all typing away on our laptops, so I consider it relaxing-ish (?)

» Relaxed by the Pool: the bartenders at the pool made our lives VERY easy during the day. Because it was so hot, laying in the sun for hours wasn’t in the cards, BUT I did enjoy lots of Watermelon with Tajin in the shade, pool-side during the day. Living the dream.

» Took Photos: As far as finding a place to take pictures in the Palm Springs / Palm Desert area, the trick I always use is: look on the maps app, zoom out to where you can see the city stops + the nothingness starts, & drive there. LOL. It’s so unofficial, but we usually find a spot to stop on the side of the road & shoot. It may take some driving around. ALSO, make sure you shoot in the morning or evening. You don’t want any of that over-head sun beating down on you, kindly exposing all of your facial flaws.

what we wore

FIRST of all: we brought the sickest luggage to the desert, courtesy of Bric’s Milano. I love the Bellagio set I got ( the cream one! ), because it’s classy, super light & goes with everything ( yes, I think about getting that pre-flight airport photo WAY too much ).

I wore lots of swimsuits + light/airy clothing in the desert. For obvious reasons. I couldn’t find everything I wore online, so I linked similar options/~vibes~ to the things I wore!


My travel beebuses & I are giving away a set of Bric’s Milano luggage ( worth around $1200! ) on Instagram today! Visit my Insta ( @PaytonSartain ) around noon to see how to enter!

So that’s the desert trip low-down for y’all. It was SUCH a calming/relaxing few days spent away from the LA craziness. If you’re LA-based & looking to do a little relaxing yourself, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing some of your girlfriends & spending a weekend at Miramonte!

The best.

Talk soon, xx