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Healthy Girl Pina Colada ( Made with Coconut Water! )

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Healthy Girl Pina Colada with Coconut Water | Hustle + Halcyon

Yo, yo, yoooooo.

I’m typing this from my Manhattan hotel room right meow, leaning over my sautéed brussels sprouts & assortment of artisanal cheeses. Kinda healthy, kinda not.

If you haven’t noticed, kinda healthy, kinda not is kinda my thing.

^THAT perfectly describes my love for cocktail recipes like this one. You’re technically poisoning yourself with alcohol, but I’m here to ensure that you’re not sipping too many calories while doing so.


Healthy Girl Pina Colada with Coconut Water | Hustle + Halcyon

I’ve been a little weirdly obsessed with piña coladas lately, but I prefer to make them at home, because I can control how sweet they are. I find that restaurants & bars usually go WAY overboard on sweetness in tropical drinks.

I CANNOT with rot-your-teeth-out, sugary cocktails. Sick, no, I’ll pass.

I like this recipe because it’s simple, super light, & as refreshing as lil’ weekend getaway to Cabo ( well, almost ).

What You’ll Need

♥ 1 shot of White Rum ( about 1-1.5 oz )
♥ 1 shot of Coconut Water ( about 1-1.5 oz )
♥ 2 shots of Pineapple Juice ( about 2-3 oz )
♥ optional: Pineapple for Garnish ( *s’cuuuute )


♥ Combine in cocktail shaker or by stirring in cup. Add ice & garnish with pineapples!

Healthy Girl Pina Colada with Coconut Water | Hustle + Halcyon

So simple, right?? Y’all are going to LOVE it.

Some updates: I will be in New York until Wednesday for fashion week shenanigans! I’ll be attending a number of shows with Redken ( my homies ) & showing y’all around backstage via snapchat: payton_sartain!

I have something SUPER exciting in the works with Cynthia Rowley tomorrow, so make sure to tag along for that! It may or may not include a morning fitting, being primped with the models backstage, & the new SS17 collection….. just sayin’.

I’m sure the fact that I’m straight-up laying in my bed eating cheese right now will allow me to totally blend in with the models at tomorrow’s fitting…… I’ve ditched all the cheese plate condiments, as well as the provided utensils, to just shove cheese in my mouth, so that’s…. glamorous. 

Oh, BTW, some new app things: you can find a breakdown of the vitamins & supplements I take daily on the Hustle + Halcyon App ( download FREE in the app store here! ) in the ‘app-exclusive’ section.

Talk soooooooon, babes! xx

Healthy Girl Pina Colada with Coconut Water | Hustle + Halcyon

2 Responses
  • Payden
    09 . 20 . 2016

    Yummy! What would you say is your favorite drink that is skinny without being too strong?

    • paytonsartain
      09 . 20 . 2016

      I really like my kombucha mule as a standard go-to at home, but if I’m out, I do a vodka soda with LOTS of lime!