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Trending: Polka-Dots

Do. Y’all. Die????

As much as I do???

This is one of my favorite dresses ( of all time, and ) from Fashion Week this year. It was a real crowd-pleaser, too. Everyone from the street-style photogs, to the hair & makeup gurus, to other badass bloggers commented on how BOMB AF this dress is.

Polka-dots were a huge trend this summer, and it seems they’re sticking around for fall/winter.

Now, let’s be real, it’s super easy to over-do it when it comes to this pattern. You want to go for fun & fashionable, rather than I’m-5-years-old-again.

I spent this summer in mini dresses/rompers/mini skirts covered in teeny-tiny polka-dot print, & took things up in the LOOK-AT-ME department with this over-sized polka-dot & ruffle combo. Something about this dress just shouldn’t be right, but somehow it works.

Unfortunately, because I bought the maxi dress pictured here at a boutique in Venice ( called Principessa… if you live in LA or are visiting soon or ever, it’s a MUST-GO ), I couldn’t find it online in white. I did, however, find it in black on the brand’s website here ( they have the white option listed, but no photos of it, so maybe you can buy it there?? If anyone tries, lemme know! )

In lieu of being able to link this exact dress in my normal simple-AF way, I’m going to include a number of polka-dot printed product ( woah, say that 5 times fast ) in this post, so everyone can get something in this playful print, if they so choose.

As per usual, I dressed this maxi down with some black Superga sneakers & some retro shades. Ya gotta keep it cool, ya know?

Some Pretty Polka-Dot Print

Claire & I shot these in New York, stopping at this basketball court on our way to stock up on essentials ( AKA: dried mango, water, Tylenol, toothpaste, LOL ) between shows & events. We saw this spot & just had to shoot this look here.

Yes, I was walking the streets of New York in this obnoxious outfit. It’s fashion week, it’s a thing.

So, I’m wrapping up the day with a big ol’ homemade salad by candlelight, listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast. Alone. In the dark. I’m really living my best life.

Sometimes I forget that my entire life is one big, single-girl experience, and I wonder how people function when they don’t spend every night typing away & listening to podcasts about horrific murders. Like??? How are you really living any other way than this????

LOL. Kidding. Kind of.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of y’alls’ WONDERFUL feedback from yesterday’s vlog! I’m so happy that many of you are bloggers, & I DIE over the fact that I can be of help when it comes to making all your blizzy-blog dreams come true.

If you missed yesterday’s vlog ( all about my normal life as a full-time blogger, plus tips on how to make money doing this! ), you can find that here.

Part II is coming soon, I promise.

Okay, talk later, beebs! xx