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Not-Your-Average Quality Country Playlist

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Payton Sartain's Texas Country Playlist, Not-Your-Average Country Playlist


I’m headed out to Palm Springs with my family for the night ( & part of the day tomorrow ) to catch a few of my little sister’s softball games & get some quality time in.

Because I 1) have a lot to do before I head out to the desert today, 2) am a control freak, & 3) love being alone, I’m making the mini trek to Palm Springs separately from my parents today.

So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my quality country playlist with y’all, as I’ll be jamming this & listening to a few podcasts during my drive.

Let me be frank.

This playlist isn’t your average CMT Music Awards / Pop Country bullshit ( though I do understand there is a time & place for those kinds of tunes… on occasion ).

My quality country playlist is comprised of the classic country songs I grew up on, combined with a few Texas Country ( yes, Texas Country/Red Dirt is a whole different category of country music ) songs that I find really pretty &/or relaxing.

This kind of music instantly brings back so many childhood & teenage memories.

My grandpa used to ( attempt to ) teach us to play poker & pool out at his East Texas ranch to the sound of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, & Billy Joe Shaver.

Growing up, my dad played Robert Earl Keen & Lyle Lovett on our way to College Station for Aggie football games. ( Because REK & Lyle Lovett were both Aggies…. & because they’re the fucking bomb. )

In high school, allllll the cool kids loaded up their portable flasks with cheap vodka and headed out to Lonestar Park ( mainly to socialize, but also ) to listen to Randy Rogers, Wade Bown & Stoney LaRue. ( PS: if you’re underage, I don’t recommend doing this )

My point is, this is the type of music I’ve been listening to my entire life, & it always makes me calm & happy. I listen to it while driving OR chillin’ at home. Most of my mornings start with throwing my Quality Country Playlist on shuffle & starting the day.

You can follow this playlist on Spotify by searching “Hustle + Halcyon Quality Country” or by following me, Payton Sartain, on Spotify!

I hope y’all love it! xx

1 Response
  • Chelsea
    02 . 24 . 2017

    YES! I hate that pop bullshit too! Like Sam Hunt you are hot AF but I can’t even deal with your music. Girl I love your personality. Thanks for always keeping it real!