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Silky Blue Maxi & Quotes of the Week

Today, I want to take a second to check in with y’all, dish out some updates, & chat for a second.

I want to share a few ‘quotes of the week’ that have kept me inspired, lifted my spirits, and made me feel a little more at-ease. I’ve been MAJORLY struggling with a lack of confidence & inability to trust myself as of late ( it happens to all of us every so often, right? ), so looking to other peoples’ words has been a key part of my daily routine.

I’ve struggled with anxiety & depression my entire life, as many of you may know, so I’ve learned to identify when the waves are coming. Anxiety lingers but depression can hit hard, so reflecting on my thoughts & actions allows me to better understand my own feelings almost as they happen, and ultimately allows me to separate my thoughts from myself.

Does that make sense?

For me, I HAVE to stay inspired. I have to keep trucking along. Being stagnant only emphasizes any negative thoughts or numb feelings I have.

For inspiration, I look to people I can relate to. I love reading poetry, both happy & sad ( & bittersweet, my favorite ) to alleviate any feelings of isolation from others. The key, for me, is to reconnect with myself & with others.

I know that MANY people deal with similar demons, and sharing with y’all the things that help me TRULY makes me feel so much more connected to people. Y’all are the coolest.

Here’s to being able to acknowledge that no one is perfect, everyone is fighting their own inner battles, and it’s TOTALLY okay to take time to reflect, re-center, and re-focus.

Okay, time for some fresh-ass inpso:

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? – Rumi

In the reckless, gritty chaos of things, you are loved, you are seen. – Morgan Harper Nichols

I find it amusing that we’re all trying to be normal when we could be insanely interesting instead. – atlas

Shit happens. Give yourself the flexibility to take care of unexpected situations as they arise. Some days will get derailed and off track. Try not to beat yourself up over it. – @Adamjk

Although you are very small and your kind have existed in the universe for only a short time, you are an important part of something very large and very beautiful.

Keep on being you. Keep on doing those beautiful, impactful, honest things you do. Out here in this crazy world we need more people like you. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Are you “keeping it real” or nah? People can tell when you’re faking it, so be honest. Counter your shiny bright with a little bit of humanity. You can hate Mondays a little or something. Speaking of, how are you? You the person, not the brand. Are you OK? Give yourself some time to just be. – @adamjk

Ja feel?? Which one of these is your fav?? I’m living for @adamjk quotes at the moment.

Claire and I shot this lewk ( Dress is from Lioness, though it isn’t online yet! ) in Miami a few weeks ago, after a sushi moment at the SLS in south beach. Have you ever seen such Miami looks being served??

The resting bitch face is real, LOL.

So, this week, I’m hanging with my family in Scottsdale, AZ. We’ll be running around town all week, so lemme know if any of y’all have local recs for us!

Dont forget to come along on Instagram, @paytonsartain, as per usual. xx

3 Responses
  • Shannon
    03 . 13 . 2018

    It’s nice to hear your authentic and honest personal experience with anxiety and self doubt. It’s nice to mix in the ugly truth of personal struggle with the pretty, curated posts we see on social media. It’s easy to feel isolated when you feel that you have to appear perfect all of the time.

    Some of the quotes you shared really resonated with me, especially the Morgan Harper Nichols quote about loving the beautiful, impactful and honest things we do, and to remember how valuable and unique we each are individually.

    Loved this post, keep creating beautiful work and sharing your honest truth along with the beauty.

  • Elizabeth
    03 . 23 . 2018

    I l@ve this post! I never comment on posts but this really resonates with me. Keep doing you…you’re inspiring and beautiful. I love listening to Better than Happy with Jody Moore and The Life Coach with Brooke Castillo when I’m feeling hella funky. ✌🏼