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Rebel’s Manifesto: For Creatives, Entrepreneurs & People Wanting to Change Things

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Rebel's Manifesto. AKA: my life guide. This is perfect for entrepreneurs and people who want something DIFFERENT. | Hustle + Halcyon

Wassup weens.

Today I’m SO freaking excited ( think Kristen Wiig’s Sue skits on SNL ) to share something that I’ve been extremely inspired by/passionate about for a long time now. Seriously, it makes me come alive. 

Some of you know how OBSESSED with Pinterest quote browsing I am. How TYPICAL/BASIC, but I can’t help it.

But really, my ‘Quote’ board on Pinterest is like my public diary. I should probably be ashamed of how transparent I am on a public platform, but whatever. I like to read/find them when I’m upset (*mental image: ugly-crying, laying in bed, eating chocolate, scrolling through v emotional pinterest quotes….*), inspired, hopeful, in “love,” NEEDING inspiration, etc. I am so intrigued that I can relate so closely to other peoples’ words. It kind of makes me feel a little less crazy & weird.

BTW: that mental image may or may not have actually happened. Okay, it has happened. I’m exercising public humility and open honesty via the internet RN ( HELLO #5 & #8 on this list ). This is one step above setting an emotional Facebook status.


I found this Rebel’s Manifesto a LONG time ago ( via Pinterest ), but I feel like I didn’t completely understand it until RIGHT NOW ( & maybe later I’ll realize that I don’t even completely understand it now or its meaning to me will change. probably. ). Looking ahead, I have SO many dreams & plans as far as my career, & the Rebel’s Manifesto just makes so much sense to me right now. I’m having a major spiritual/emotional connection to these ideas.

If you’re some sort of entrepreneur, a creative or someone looking to CHANGE something in the world, this is for you. These perspectives are golden.

Ya know when you hear a cliché your whole life & you don’t REALLY think about it that much? It’s just a truth & that’s just how it goes.

Then, you’re thinking about ( or reflecting on ) life/work/love/etc & you arrive at some sort of all-encompassing, life-changing conclusion ( in your own mind ). And then you’re like WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE, because you notice you’ve arrived at a cliché, over-used statement that has been right in front of you for your whole damn time on Earth.

But now, you UNDERSTAND. It clicks.

Idk about y’all but this happens to me A LOT. It makes me feel like an idiot & a genius at the same time. You just realize what these things actually mean because you can apply them to yourself in specific situations.

I feel like Kylie Jenner & her “realizing stuff.” LOL. She has gotten so much shit for this, but I think I understand where she was going with this, TBH. Her message could’ve been a tad more eloquent probs.

OKAY– I’ll shut up now. I encourage y’all to REALLY think about these “guidelines” & find REAL ways to apply these words to your life. Be specific, because that’s the only way it’s going to change your perspective ( & help you be a badass )!

Rebel's Manifesto. AKA: my life guide. This is perfect for entrepreneurs and people who want something DIFFERENT. | Hustle + Halcyon

All of these things mean something to me. BTW: don’t think I’m trying to teach y’all how to be successful or creative or anything like that. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing enough to give out end-all-be-all instruction. This is just something that speaks to me, & I wanted to share it will all of you!

Maybe I’ll do a post on how I specifically apply these to my life, so y’all can see what I’m talking about. Hm. Thoughts?

I hope y’all find this as perseverance- & authenticity-inspiring as I do. I get a little crazy/enthusiastic when it comes to things like this. Like, I could cry actual ( happy ) tears right now because my emotional response to this is so overwhelming. Have I lost my mind? Yes. & I fucking love it. #psycho

Y’all snap me ( payton_sartain ) your responses to this Rebel’s Manifesto! Can you relate? Yes? No? Do y’all want more posts like this?

Talk soooooooon, wieners.


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