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Treat Yourself | A Relaxing Night IN

How Hustle and Halcyon does a Relaxing Night In, For the Nights You Just Need a Break

Sometimes, you just need to CHILL out.

As I previously discussed in 2017’s new year’s resolution post, I struggle with allowing myself to relax. Anyone feel me on this one?? When you work for yourself, it can be super difficult to justify taking a break, because, well, the more you work, the more you can improve. The more you improve, the faster you grow your business.

Occasionally, it can feel like you’re tiring yourself, like you’re the hamster on that little wheel.

I’ve learned, lately, that disconnecting can have real benefits for my business. Quiet time to myself usually results in better ideas, intense inspiration, & an overall zen outlook. It’s like hitting the reset button. Getting off the damn wheel.

There’s no better way to relax than having a calm night IN. I’ve partnered with L’Occitane today to share how I spend a stress-free night at home. This is how I take away the pressure, and turn on the CHILL.

Hustle and Halcyon DIY spa night

How Hustle and Halcyon accomplishes a calm night IN

creating my zen night IN

♥ to START the evening, I usually like to do something active. whether it’s a walk outside, a 30-minute jog, a workout video via YouTube ( or one from Katie Austin! ), or simple stretching, being active relaxes me.

♥ when I’m done working out, I turn on my diffuser ( filled with my go-to essential oils ) and light allllll the candles in my apartment. It sets the mood.

♥ next, I take a warm shower, making sure to exfoliate & moisturize my body with coconut oil post-shower.

♥ optional: after showering, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine/champagne OR a cup of tea.

♥ I’ll go through my WHOLE, in-depth nighttime skincare routine on nights that I’m staying in. It’s like a DIY facial, and it’s a must to feel CLEAN & rejuvenated.

♥ after my skin is glowing & dewy, I get to the KEY STEP: my DIY manicure, complete with my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Like I’ve said a million times, I CANNOT FUNCTION if my hands or feet are dry. Having dry skin is the opposite of being relaxed.

What I really like about L’Occitane’s Shea Butter hand cream is that its ultra-thick AND it isn’t heavily fragranced. Most hand creams ( specifically ) I’ve come across are filled with nasty fragrances that make the cream seem artificial. That’s not something I want to put on my skin.

The consistency of this hand cream is SO INDULGENT. It’s thick without leaving behind a sticky residue, and it’s extra moisturizing.

If you wanna try some for yourself, you can find regular ( $28 ) and travel size ( $12 ) options at Sephora! I love the little travel sized hand creams for, obviously, traveling, or for sticking in my bag. 

How Blogger Payton Sartain Accomplishes a Relaxing Night In

♥ After I’m all FRESH, CLEAN, & MOISTURIZED à la L’Occitane, I get to another very important part of my relaxing night in: the food. If I’m feeling lazy, I have something slightly healthy delivered. If I’m feeling more alive, I’ll make myself something at home. There’s definitely something to be said for taking the time to cook for yourself. I round out my at-home feast with something sweet.

♥ then, I sit down with my food to watch a movie or documentary on Netflix. I’ve been really into documentaries for the last year or so. I watched the Oklahoma City documentary on Netflix the other night… definitely add that to your list! If I’m really feeling it, I’ll have a mini movie/documentary marathon.

♥ when I’m wanting to be a bit more productive, I’ll reach for a book ( is there anything more indulgent than quietly reading a book with a glass of wine or tea?? ) or I’ll scour Pinterest for inspiring quotes or yummy recipes to recreate.

♥ an optional step: while I’m calm, I’ll take the time to plan out the next few days ahead. I find creating an overall plan for myself to be incredibly relaxing. Getting organized is a key part of carrying that zen attitude into my daytime endeavors.

♥ get to sleep early, because WHY NOT.

How Blogger Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon Spends a Relaxing Night in

So, that’s my normal game plan for a full night of treating myself to calm coolness.

I like to feel my best, entertain myself, get inspired, and organize my life. That’s the ideal night in for me.

What do y’all like to do when you’re treating yourself??

I’m so happy I was able to share L’Occitane’s Shea Butter hand cream with y’all in this way. This stuff is TOO good to be mentioned along any other words than CALM, RELAXED, INDULGENT, ZEN, etc.

I’m definitely scheduling in a “me” night this week. I’d love to hear about how all of you treat yourself when you just need to relax! Lemme know below or via snapchat ( payton_sartain ) !!

Talk soon, babes. xx

A relaxing night In with Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon and L'Occithane X Sephora