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REVOLVE SALE Favorites… Really These Are TOO Good (!!)

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Thought I’d share my favorites from the recently-revamped SALE section of REVOLVE. Seriously, some of this shit is too good to NOT buy it. EXAMPLE: the Santorini Mini Dress was marked down from $220 to $88…. so, yeah. There’s that.

Happiest Monday of my LIIIIIFE.

I definitely had to snag a few of these picks, and I’m anxiously awaiting their delivery like Drogo waits for me to get home from class. Literally….. RIGHT next to the door…. can’t get any closer.

Ugh, he’s so obsessed with me.


BTW: I made the prettiest smoothie bowl for lunch, & I took of photo of the ingredients/my topping strategy ( important ) on snapchat, so follow me there to see that ish: payton_sartain.

The recipe I used is different from my acai bowl recipe because I didn’t have an acai in the freezer today! Equally as yum & filling, though. Seriously, I was full for hours after eating a smoothie bowl… like, who would’ve seen that coming?

Okay, talk soon lads. xx

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  • Madison
    03 . 22 . 2016

    Malia romper purchased. thx bebe