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A Make-At-Home Salad that Made Me Actually Like Salad

A Make-At-Home Salad Recipe That Made Me Actually Like Salad // on Hustle + Halcyon


I’ll be the first to admit: salad is usually not my favorite thing in the world.

In fact, I spent roughly 98% of my entire life hating salad more than anything ( besides, like, Hitler, smacking, & a long list of other things… lol ).

Seriously… I wish I could describe the drama that ensued when someone would convince me to try a *bite* of salad. Cue: me, holding my nose, not breathing, & slowly chewing on a single piece of lettuce like I was gnawing on human tissue.

In the past, the idea of basing an entire meal off of lettuce did NOT sound appealing. I always thought: if I die after this meal, my last meal on Earth will have been a bunch of lettuce & some random ass vegetables ( can you tell how seriously I take eating? ).

On top of the whole lettuce-base thing, most salads I found while eating out contained a truly sick number of calories ( & LOTS of saturated fat ) due to cream-based dressings & fried toppings.

In summary, lumping a bunch of vegetables & lettuce together and covering it in overly-fattening liquid is just going to be a NO from me.

Hustle + Halcyon's make at home salad recipe

Since moving to LA last year, I’ve slowly-but-surely warmed up to eating salad on a regular basis. I started with a Chipotle “Salad” ( AKA: chicken, extra chicken, brown rice, cheese, and like 2 pieces of lettuce ) & have now graduated to making salads at home ON PURPOSE.

( audience applauds )

Well, the salad I’m sharing with y’all today is the only salad I make at home. But, still, I’m proud of myself for this adultish accomplishment: I ENJOY ( some ) SALAD NOW.

That being said, I have some RULES when it comes to at-home salad making:

1. Keep it SIMPLE: keep the ingredient list to a minimum, while also incorporating the nutrients you need.
2. Make it FLAVORFUL: this is how I avoid a boring-ass salad. LOTS of FLAVOR. I accomplish this by picking the right dressing, adding flavored chicken ( seasoned with sea salt/pepper/chile powder ), FETA cheese, occasionally throwing in a dash of hot sauce & adding extra pepper.
3. Keep the dressing LIGHT: My favorite dressings are oil-based, organic, and ultra-light. A brand a like a lot is Tessemae’s from your local grocery. It’s always flavored just right, and doesn’t overload on saturated fat.
4. Add a PROTEIN always: I usually opt for chicken or shrimp!
5. MIX very well: to coat everything in the dressing goodness. Necessary.

Hustle and Halcyon's MAKE AT HOME SALAD RECIPE!

Hustle + Halcyon's Easy Salad Recipe for Healthy Lunch or Dinner!

What You’ll Need for my PERF At-Home Salad

Butter Lettuce ( about half a bag )
1 Serving of prepared Grilled Chicken ( I season mine with sea salt/pepper/chile powder )
Avocado ( I use 1/2 )
Cherry Tomatoes ( a large handful )
Feta Cheese ( 1/4 cup )
Tessemae’s Green Goddess ( or any light dressing you like! )


1. Combine ingredients into a large bowl, & mix well using tongs!

Other Ingredients I Sub in Occasionally:

Regular Tomato
Shaved Brussels Sprouts

& More Dressings:

Tessamae’s Lemon Garlic
Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing
Champagne Vinaigrette

Hustle + Halcyon's HEALTHY Salad Recipe for Lunch or Dinner Goodness!

Honestly, I’m ALWAYS full after finishing this salad. It’s glorious.

When I’m eating out, I’ll usually be annoying/picky and have them make me something similar to this recipe, adding or subbing in things occasionally. Hm… post idea: healthy things I order at all of my favorite restaurants? Would y’all want to read something like that?

Lemme know!

Also, I feel like this healthy, simple salad post really fits into the whole getting prepped for summer swimsuit days thing I have going on on H+H lately.

First, we talked inspiration & cute beach looks.
Then, we moved onto a sweet-but-skinny indulgence.
After that, I broke down how I’m getting tight & toned with my friend Katie.
The post right before this was about teeny white one-pieces & maintaining a fresh ass spray tan.

And now, yum-o salad.

I guess we’re kind of on a roll when it comes to summer prep! What should we chat about next?? Love hearing from y’all!

Until then, I’m wishing y’all lots of salad success.

Talk soon. xx

A Healthy, Simple Salad Recipe to Make At Home by Hustle + Halcyon

3 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    04 . 26 . 2017

    Looks great!

  • Lauren
    05 . 15 . 2017

    I would love to see more easy-to-make meals for one like this!