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My Go-To Workout When I’m Short on Time

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This post is sponsored by Reebok; all opinions are my own.

When it comes to working out, I DEFINITELY prefer high-intensity to low-intensity training. HIIT workouts will always have my heart ( that is, unless I’m working out after a night of tequila-sipping/chugging, in which case you can catch me choosing something less strenuous, WHOOPS ).

I don’t want y’all to have an unrealistic view of my fitness mentality, so: like everyone else on Earth, I don’t always get to the gym with a positive, hyped up mindset about expending so much energy on a workout.

That being said, there is something about leaving the gym absolutely drenched in sweat that makes me feel 100x better about myself than when I walked in, & that’s the feeling I’m going for. I have to ignore my pre-workout dread to get that post-workout euphoria.

A wonderful thing about HIIT training: it’s QUICK. HIIT is the perfect exercise set-up to undertake if you’re on a tight schedule. On days I’m super busy, I do running intervals on the treadmill. I’m in-and-out in about 45 minutes, & ready to get back to my regularly-scheduled programming.

You can find PLENTY of cardio interval workouts online ( Pinterest is my favorite for this! ). I usually switch off doing a number of different workouts I find, because I get bored too easily. OK SO, today, I’m letting y’all in on one of my go-to treadmill intervals I do when I’m short on time. It’s simple, quick, & can be as challenging as you want it to be.

Today’s workout is in partnership with Reebok to share their new PUREMOVE sports bra. I specifically wanted to share this bra in tandem with my high-intensity workout, because the PUREMOVE bra is made for workouts like this. It’s comfortable and flattering while remaining supportive during running & jumping, a very difficult combination to achieve.

Also, for every purchase of a PUREMOVE bra during the month of March, Reebok will donate a bra to the Women’s Strength Coalition in honor of International Women’s Month. Okay, let’s get to the workout.

Keep in mind, you can change up the pace of the below workout to match your current fitness level. You can go slower, reduce incline, go faster, whatever. I encourage you to REALLY get out of your mind a bit & push yourself. Quick workouts mean they’ll be over faster, clearly, so you won’t have to suffer for THAT long. Go all in while you can.

Also note, before I work out: I usually try walk to the gym, which is a little under a mile from my apartment. I also quickly stretch & do some foam rolling before if my muscles are feeling tight.


0:00-3:00 // Walk at 3.5
3:00-7:00 // Run at 8.5+
7:00-10:00 // Walk at 3.5 with an Incline*
10:00-14:00 // Run at 8.5+
14:00-17:00 // Walk at 3.5 with an Incline
17:00-21:00 // Run at 8.5+
21:00-24:00 // Walk at 3.5 with an Incline
24:00-28:00 // Run at 8.5+
28:00-31:00 // Walk at 3.5 with an Incline

COOL DOWN: I usually walk without incline for a few minutes after the last incline walk

*incline is usually above 5, but also optional

Let me know if y’all try this out! It’s just such an easy workout to have on-hand if you’re in a rush, if you’re traveling, if you don’t have access to a group class that day, etc.

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Happy moving, friends!!