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SPLURGE-WORTHY | Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase

Why You Should Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

As some of you know by now, I can be a little boujee sometimes.

I’m not proud of it, but I’m pretty sure I was born to be a billionaire somehow, as my tastes are in line with such an income ( still working on that, plz send advice on becoming a billionaire overnight if you know any ).

In the meantime, I’ll settle for splurging on nice things occasionally ( for now ). Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself.

Recently, I splurged on a fancy-ass silk pillowcase for the sake of my skin & hair, and I think the purchase was TOTALLY worth it. I had my eye on this pillowcase for a couple of months, and finally decided to take the plunge a couple of weeks ago.

That’s how exciting my life is: I was lusting after a freaking pillowcase from afar for MONTHS. Actually purchasing said pillowcase was a gift to myself. It’s the little things, I guess.

In terms of getting your beauty sleep, snoozing on a silk pillowcase is SO beneficial.

Compared to regular cotton, silk is less abrasive, which means an end to your bed head days. I’m really into waking up with silky-smooth( ish ) hair in place of my usual rat’s nest every morning.

Also, because silk is less abrasive than cotton, your skin will THANK YOU for such a boujee-bitch purchase. Say goodbye to morning face creases. Say hello to softer, smoother skin.

Getting your shut-eye on silk has anti-aging benefits as well, as the soft surface helps to prevent micro-tears in the skin, which, overtime, turn into wrinkles. I’m attempting to keep wrinkles at bay for as long as humanly possible, so being preventative is key ( read/watch more about my preventative skincare routine here ).

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Another added benefit? You feel like a straight up QUEEN when you lay your head down on a fancy pillow at night. Its a way to treat yourself daily through a single, somewhat-unnecessary-but-truly-worth-it purchase. Consider it a reminder every morning: you wake up, and you’re like that’s fucking riiiiiiight I’m fancy as hell.

Most of the time, I feel like a somewhat-broke person who writes on the internet in hopes that people like it enough to follow along ( because, that’s what I am, LOL, let’s be real ), but when I wake up in the morning, I’m living the life of a badass bitch with a silk pillowcase ( & silky hair/soft skin ) for, like, at least 10 minutes.

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