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Simple, Skinny French Fries

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Today I’m blessing y’all with the best, quick, crunchy, SKINNY french fry recipe for when you’re craving something salty.

I usually pair these with my protein-packed veggie burger when I need a junk food moment at home. They’re so simple to make & easily customizable when it comes to flavor.

These fries are baked, instead of fried ( obviously ), so they’re a little better for you than the alternative. It’s about being healthy where you can without sacrificing your tastebuds. Sometimes you just need a french fry fix.

I like my french fries EXTRA crunchy, so I cut them pretty skinny & keep them in the oven for a little longer than recommended.

Like I said, you can customize the flavor here, so you don’t have to add exactly what I chose to add. Do your thing.

what you’ll need

1 russet potato ( or more if you want more fries )
olive or coconut oil
himalayan sea salt
chile powder

how to make

1. peel, slice, rinse & drain potato ( the thinner the slices, the thinner your fries )
2. set potato slices in bowl of water for 1-2 ( or you can with 3-4 if you want ) hours
3. dry thoroughly
4. preheat oven to 450°
5. spray baking sheet with oil of choice
6. lay potato slices on baking sheet, drizzle oil over the potatoes, & then mix potatoes up on the baking sheet
7. once laid out evenly again, top with salt, pepper, & chile powder as desired
8. place in the oven to bake for 12-13 minutes
9. remove baking sheet from the oven, flip fries, & bake for another 12-13 minutes ( or longer if you want crispier french fries. keep an eye on them! )
10. remove from the oven, let cool & enjoy!


Let me know if y’all try!

In other news, I’m in San Diego for the next couple of days with some of my favorite blogger babes for summertime activities. I’ll take any chance I can to sneak away to San Diego for a little getaway. I’ll do a San Diego itinerary with EXACTLY what we get into, but also come along on Instagram stories for all the goods!

Talk soon, babes. x