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SKINNY MARGARITA: My 3-Ingredient Recipe VIDEO

Happy Friday, babes!

This week has been absolutely PACKED & CRAZY, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Because I had all types of events, shoots, work days, etc., I recorded a new vlog this week, detailing what it’s like to be a blogger full-time. It’s from a behind-the-scenes perspective, so I’ll be answering frequently asked questions & giving out some tips throughout the video.

I’m excited to share!

BUT– today is all about my 3-ingredient skinny margarita. It’s my go-to for nights out, because it’s easy to make at home OR to mimic at the bar. I kept the ingredients ULTRA simple for this particular recipe, using only tequila, lime & agave.

I’ve seen people add a dash of Cointreau to this recipe as well, to give it a little something else. I’m keeping extra simple for the sake of this post, however, with my 3-ingredient recipe.

A little pro tip: add chili powder OR chipotle sea salt to the rim of the glass to add a spicy lil kick to this margarita. It makes things so much more interesting, beebs.

I LOVE that we’re celebrating friday with a skinny cocktail recipe here on H+H. Hope y’all love this one, gals!

Talk soon. xx

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