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Personality Pieces ( x Skinnydip London )

Not too long ago, I had the PLEASURE of meeting one of the girls behind the London-based brand, Skinnydip London, for some skinny, spicy margaritas at one of my favorite spots in LA ( for those of you who love a good spicy marg, go to Gracias Madre in Weho ).

I’d seen Skinnydip a bit online, always capturing my attention with their cool-girl vibe & unique, quirky accessories.

Long story short: maybe it was the margaritas, maybe it was the brand itself, but I left IN LOVE with Skinnydip London and I just HAD to take a second to share everything I’m digging from them as of late.

Like I said, they have tons of unique accessories from jewelry, to phone cases, to beanies. I’m currently obsessed with their gifting section full of sassy little cards, graphic gift wrapping paper, & CANDLES ( my favorite ).

I’m always down for a cool personality-piece ( like my cute lil gun necklace here ), because I think those types of details add a personal touch to my outfits. And, as I’ve said before, I find getting dressed to be a super FUN part of my day, so those kinds of additions allow me to express myself the way I want.

Another GREAT thing about Skinnydip: It’s AFFORDABLE. Like, crazy affordable.

My Outfit

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All black outfit for winter on LA-based blogger Payton Sartain

I guess these little trinkets of self-expression ( you can literally WEAR your personality, your thoughts, or who you want to be… that’s so cool to me ) go hand-in-hand with my latest post on self-confidence & personal style.

These details allow me to play around aesthetically AND share my personality with the public. I’m game.

Do any of y’all find getting dressed in the morning to be an oddly inspiring part of the day?? It’s the little things, I guess.

Welp, today I’m headed to shoot with a local photographer here in my hometown ( what– did you think coming home for the holidays meant “chilling”?? Nah. ) I have a few sleek looks coming that I think y’all will LOVE.

Side: is it weird that I buy clothes and the first thing I think is OMG my girls are going to fricken love this ??? Because that’s the story of my life. It’s like having a big group of best friends to share my best fashion decisions with. What’s better than that??

Talk soon beebus gals, xx

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. -Oprah

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