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Somewhat Professional

This post is in partnership with LuLus. All opinions, of course, are my own.

Let’s be real: as a blogger, my normal “work” attire is not exactly professional-grade. Currently, I’m sitting on my balcony in a sports bra, spandex, & a loose hoodie, to give you an idea of my everyday look, LOL.

Occasionally, though, I have to venture outside of my apartment for meetings, showroom appointments, shoots, & events. When it’s time to leave my little blogging oasis/home, I put in extra effort to appear professional ( aka: I need to look like I have my shit together ), just like anyone else.

Of course, my attire-of-choice depends on the nature of the meeting/event/etc. Events & parties call for fun, more risque looks ( think something like this ), whereas meetings call for something cleaner & more professional ( though working as a blogger allows you a lot of leeway in this area as well ).

I know many of y’all have jobs that don’t allow you a lot of freedom in the way you dress, but that doesn’t mean your work clothes have to be BORING. Let’s switch things up a bit, shall we? We’re talking office chic with LuLus today.

To me, playing with the way that I dress has always been FUN, simply put. I like to change up my style, as I feel it reflects my mood, how I see myself, or the person I want to be. On the other hand, the way that I dress effects my mood & how I see myself. Anyone else feel this way?

Think: when you’re wearing something you feel BOMB in ( whether it’s working out, at the beach, out with friends, or in the office ), don’t you just FEEL more confident & more like yourself? I don’t think the way you dress is everything, but it’s an outlet you can use to express yourself & share your personality, as well as being a source of confidence.

So, why not bring this thought with you into the office? What better place to be an ultra-confident, boss-bitch than in your workspace?

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that work-wear isn’t usually inspiring. It’s oftentimes boring, bland, fits improperly, & made poorly. I’m here to tell you that LuLus back-to-work looks are here to help y’all find something affordable & ACTUALLY cute to wear on-the-job.

For fall, I’m loving the integration of the full-on suit in a fun print or bold color, as well as the addition of a blazer to any outfit to make it cleaner & more professional.

In today’s look, I’m featuring some of my favorite office-wear from LuLus that I’ve dressed down with some vintage jeans to be more my style. I realize most office-gals won’t be wearing the distressed jean look in their everyday professional lives, but I had to put my own casual spin on this outfit, of course.

Shop My Outfit:

Top: This polka-dot button-up top comes in three colors, and I’m into the professional-but-relaxed fit. The understated polka-dot print makes the whole outfit a little more exciting, in my opinion. It’s super affordable, & you could wear this tucked in, let out, tied up, and you can play around with the buttons, sleeve length, and attached scarf-neck. I’m into options. More tops I like: this silky-look top in pink or olive & this button-up with bell sleeves.

Blazer: I’m thinking this simple blazer is going to be a fall closet staple for me. It’s ultra-comfy, & I dig the way the sleeves are rolled up a bit, making it feel relaxed. It has a casual-cool-girl vibe, and I can throw it on with jeans or over a mini dress at night. I’m also really into this this blazer in blush, this structured lavender option, & the looser-fit blazer.

Shoes: These Steve Madden slip-on loafers are KEY. No explanation necessary. Other shoes I’m digging are these embellished slides, these unique loafers, & these chic black pumps.

Shades: Simple. Classic. Easy. Clean. I like wearing these shades with office-wear or something a little more masculine to add a feminine touch. LuLus has a solid selection of sunglasses that are good quality for super affordable prices, in my opinion ( brands they carry that I really like: Crap Eyewear, Le Specs, Spitfire, & Sonix ).

( Jeans are from the flea market & the bag is Celine! )

What do those of you with office jobs wear to work usually?? Most of my friends out in LA are bloggers, so I’m always curious about what girls with jobby-jobs are sporting during the day.

Here’s to chic office attire, gals! I hope some of y’all are able to find some clothes you love & feel like a total boss in!

In other news, some life/blog updates: I’m working on my New York fashion week recap post ( better late than never ), which will be going up soon, as things get back on track for me!

Next week, I’m headed home to Texas to see family ( I haven’t been back to Fort Worth in MONTHS! ) & to catch the Texas A&M football game happening next next weekend. After my trip back home, I’ll have a few days in LA before I make a trip to MOROCCO ( is this real life??? ) in a few weeks.

Maybe I’ll get a solid VLOG out of that trip! Would y’all like to see a Texas vlog, too?? Lemme know your thoughts!

Talk soon, bebes!

Photos by Claire Huntsberger

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