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Step-By-Step DIY Manicure

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

As I’ve discussed plenty of times on snapchat: I FUCKING HATE THE NAIL SALON. ( Disclaimer: things are about to get very dramatic )

Unfortunately for me, my nails naturally suck, so your average manicure just won’t cut it.

That being said, I’d rather eat my own organs than sit in a stuffy nail salon for over an hour, while people hold down my hands & feet to rip off my cuticles & paint my nails while I nervous-sweat my balls off.

I’m getting major anxiety thinking about such a horrific experience. I have nail salon PTSD, LOL.

Dramatic?? Maybe?? Idk??

Anywho, during my last hell-like trip to the nail salon, in the midst of a cold sweat & not being able to breathe like a normal human, I had to wonder WHY I subject myself to such a negative experience… let alone PAY for it.

No. No more. I’m no longer encouraging a mental break to ensure that my nails are done perfectly. The benefit does not outweigh the emotional toll, LOL.

So, I’ve mastered the art of the DIY manicure, & it is LIFE CHANGING, SO CHEAP, & MUCH FASTER.

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

Lemme break down how I get salon-style nails at home.

1. Shape & Buff.
Like I said, my nails suck & are pretty short, so I don’t usually cut them. I do, however, use a drugstore nail file and buffing block to shape & buff them. I like to start with a clean, even surface.

2. Cuticle Maintenance.
After shaping my nails, I brush on some cuticle oil & let it sit for a second. I’m not a huge fan cutting my cuticles, because they tend to look crazy & gross when they grow back. Instead, I gently push them back with a cuticle pusher.

3. Exfoliate.
I exfoliate with a salt scrub, applying it with warm water all the way up to my forearms. I’m such a freak about my skin being soft, so exfoliation is KEY.

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

4. Apply Nails ( optional ).
At the nail salon, because my nails are short, I have them apply a tip on my nail, & do either acrylic or dip powder gel to secure the tip on. It’s a long process, & its relatively expensive.

A few weeks ago, during a minor nail emergency, I ran to CVS to get a set of cheap-o, drugstore press-on nails as a temporary fix. I ended up discovering an AMAZING DIY MANICURE SECRET in the midst of my on-the-fly back-up plan.

I discovered KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear gel nails. First off, this is NOT sponsored. The love is so real.

These thin gel-like nails are applied with nail glue or adhesive tabs ( flashback to my middle school drugstore nail days, LOL ), & they stay on for a week or more. Unlike normal drugstore nails, these nails are sturdy & strong, so you don’t have to be gentle with them.

You’ll forget they’re even on. They’re $10. You can find them at your local drugstore. SCORE.

I stocked up on these earlier today, because I can’t get enough. NO MORE NAIL SALON BULLSHIT.

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

5. Triple Coat of Polish.
The gel nails I buy come in a number of different colors, but I usually end up painting over them anyways. My recent favorite nail polish comes from Smith & Cult, because the consistency of the polish is flawless.

It’s thin, pigmented, buildable, & it dries ultra-fast. Thick, clumpy nail polish is NO.

I start with a base polish, go for a rose gold or nude pigment, & end with a top coat to seal everything in.

6. Moisturize.
After my nails are COMPLETELY dry, I apply a thick hand cream with shea butter to moisturize my hands/arms. You can find some good hand creams with shea butter at the drugstore or at places like Sephora/The Body Shop.

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

I’m somewhat proud of myself for finding a way to eliminate unnecessary stress in my life, even though the source of that stress is ridiculous/dramatic/totally not stressful to a normal person.

Also, I can use that extra $$ to see a movie or go to lunch with my girlfriends ( because, yes, attending a movie at my local theater or having a light lunch in Los Angeles costs at minimum $30… bleh ), so that’s another plus.

Have y’all mastered the art of the DIY manicure? Does ANYONE on EARTH get as stressed out as I do at the nail salon? This is a mystery to me.

That’s it for today, wieners, talk sooooon. xx

Shop DIY Manicure Musts

Step-By-Step DIY Manicure // www.HustleAndHalcyon.com

8 Responses
  • Anna
    01 . 30 . 2017

    Omg I totally get stressed (like take deep breaths stressed) at the nail salon too. hatee being basically held down for hours.

    • paytonsartain
      02 . 01 . 2017

      It’s kind of scary TBH, haha. Thanks for the love, babe! xx

  • Erinn
    01 . 31 . 2017

    GIRL PREACH IT. the nail salon is like prison for me I do not want to make small talk with the person doing my nails and I’m never really that happy with how they end up so I wish I had just done them myself….I’ve been debating buying that gel light thing for YEARS.

    I’m dying at this haha, not dramatic. SOOOOO REAL!

    Especially if you’re me and you have terrible cuticles…..

    • paytonsartain
      02 . 01 . 2017

      Hahah, omg I love that people can relate to this. DO IT, PULL THE TRIGGER ON THE GEL LIGHT. Worth it.

  • Claudia wood
    01 . 31 . 2017

    Omg, yes i hate getting my nails done at the salon. I get so freaked out over other people filing my nails that i get all squirmy. And i hate that they cut your cuticles. Everyone thinks it’s so weird that i don’t go, especially my sister who goes every two weeks consistently. You are not alone.

    • paytonsartain
      02 . 01 . 2017

      K, brb, starting a support group for nail salon haters.

  • Remy
    01 . 31 . 2017

    I thought I was the only one who hated going to the nail salon… Love having a manicure, hate the process with a passion. Thanks so much for this post!!!

    • paytonsartain
      02 . 01 . 2017

      Hahah, it’s HELL. Thanks for the love beebus. xx