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Simple Summer Essentials You NEED in Your Closet

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Summer Outfit Essentials | hustle + halcyon

1 | Perfect-Fit White High-Waisted Shorts  $14.99
These shorts fit me in the EXACT way I want summer shorties to fit. They’re not butt-floss short or tight, and they’re just short enough to give those summer-in-Orange-County vibes. I’d say they’re a staple due to their versatility for sure.

2 | Black Off-the-Shoulder Blouse  $17.99
This off-shoulder top clings to the shoulders and the waist, creating a drapey, cropped look. It comes in white & black, and it’s TOO versatile NOT to have. I’ll be pairing this with these white shorts, my flawless RE/DONE cut-offs, or a flowy maxi for a vacay-in-Cabo feel.

3 | Simple Straw Hat  $19.99
OMG– hat game, strong. I LOVE a simple straw hat to shade my face from harsh summer sun, and I’m prepared to rock this one at the pool, on the beach, brunching, etc. I find that some hats fit a little weird, and make my face shape look not-so-great, but this one fits SO well/makes my green eyes pop!

4 | Classic, Chic Black Heel  $34.99
Usually, I’m not the hugest fan of cheap shoes ( unless I buy them specifically for going out somewhere where people step all over your feet, AKA: a nasty college bar ), but these actually fit really well for this price. I’ll definitely wear them with my fav silky, side-split black maxi ( as seen in this insta ).

5 | Easy, Leather Slip-On Sandal  $49.99
I have to admit, it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on these babies. They’re made with real suede, easy AF to slide on & get on with your life, and the straw/side detail adds the perfect summer vibe to any look.

6 | Basic White Linen Tee  $17.99
The linen-ness of this v-neck makes it the top feel heavy & light at the same time. So, it’s heavy enough to fit in that perfect, distressed tee kind of way, but light enough to keep from sweating your ass off. I’m picky about basics, and I’m really digging this one. Also, it comes in multiple colors!

7 | Black Ribbed Bodysuit  $29.99
I have been searching HIGH & LOW for a ribbed bodysuit that fits my body well. Seriously… I have ordered a zillion online, & they always end up being awkwardly fit or show WAY too much boob for a normal day bopping around town ( which is weird for me to say, because my tits are always out &, quite frankly, IDGAF ). This bodysuit is my favorite for daytime shenanigans because it’s more boob-conservative, but the low back still makes it sexy AF. It also comes in white!



Combine the Essentials: Simple Outfit Ideas

White Linen Tee + White High-Waist Shorts + Slide-On Sandals + Straw Hat

Black Ribbed Bodysuit + White High-Waist Shorts + Slide-On Sandals + Straw Hat

Black Off-Shoulder Top + White High-Waist Shorts + Slide-On Sandals + Straw Hat

White Off-Shoulder Top + White High-Waist Shorts + Slide-On Sandals + Straw Hat
( love my white-on-white )

Ribbed Body Suit + a Flowy High-Slit Maxi Skirt + Classic Black Heels

♥ White Off-Shoulder Blouse +  a Flowy & Printed High-Slit Maxi Skirt + Slip-On Sandals + Straw Hat

… & their are SO many other things to pair with these essentials.

So, as I showed y’all via snapchat earlier this week, these essentials are the ‘best-of’ my most recent H&M.com haul.

There were a few products that didn’t quite make the cut ( because I’m a picky bitch & I know what I want ). The essentials I’ve compiled for y’all today really impressed me as far as quality & price. LOVE it when I can share these types of products with y’all.

This might be the perfect packing list base for a number of summer vacation destinations. Didn’t really mean for that to happen, but there ya go! Packing light & still being able to make outfits for a full week is the key to vacay success, if you ask me ( easier said than done, lolz ).

Hope y’all dig it, beebs.

Also, make sure to open up the Hustle + Halcyon App ( available in the app store! ) for today’s dose of daily inspo ( go the the “≡” button in the top right corner & tap “Daily Inspiration” to find it all! ) if you haven’t already.

Talk soon. xx

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