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Stepping Up Your Summer Style ( & a SALE! )

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Blogger Payton Sartain wearing Urban Outfitters

Helllllo, wieners!

Can we just talk about the Fyre Festival debacle for a hot sec? If y’all haven’t heard about the drama that is Fyre Festival weekend 1, I highly encourage you to search the #FyreFestival hashtag on Twitter. You will not be disappointed, LOL.

So, a few of my friends & I hopped on the bandwagon early to buy tickets to Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. Luckily, we bought our tickets for weekend 2, hoping to evaluate the weekend 1 experience to get an idea of what we would be getting ourselves into.

Also, when we purchased our tickets, we paid around $500 each. In no time, though, price per ticket jumped to between $4,000 to $12,000. In summary, a bunch of people paid a literal arm & a leg to be stranded on a random island with little food, water, shelter, and no electricity or wifi.

I cannot help but laugh at the tweets & instagram posts. I am THANKING my lucky stars that I didn’t opt to be a weekend 1 guinea pig. I hate to LOL at everyone’s misery…. but, like… that’s some funny shit.

The original plan, before the disaster known as Fyre Festival weekend 1 occurred, was to fly into Miami on Tuesday next week, and head out to the Bahamas on Thursday.

Now, we’re just going to spend the week hanging out in Miami. TBH, I can’t complain about a lil getaway to the Florida heat, which includes food, water, shelter, & electricity. LOL, I can’t.

Blogger Payton Sartain shares summer style tips and outfit ideas

Summer outfit ideas with Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon

Speaking of Florida heat ( that allows a nice lil transition into today’s post allllll about summer style ), I am SO ready for hotter summer temps.

It doesn’t get TOO hot here in LA ( keep in mind: I grew up in Texas & in Florida, where temperatures in the summer reach over 100°F daily ), but it gets hot enough to make you break a little sweat for sure.

I’ve partnered with Urban Outfitters in this post to bring y’all a few of my favorite summer styles to stay cool, while also looking HOT. UO’s selection of rompers & dresses are easy to throw on with a laid-back pair of sneakers or sandals. Also, ALL of their rompers & dresses are 20% off right now, so this is the perfect time to share.

What I like about this jumpsuit, in particular, is 1) that it’s linen/extra breathable/extra comfy, and 2) it doesn’t require a bra. Summer style tip: braless is better. Also, I’m living in these sneakers lately.

For my Summer style look, I’m wearing:

Jumpsuit | Urban Outfitters
Sneakers | Urban Outfitters
Bag | Urban Outfitters
Necklaces | Urban Outfitters

Summer style accessories from Urban Outfitters on Payton Sartain

Hustle + Halcyon wearing an Urban Outfitters jumpsuit for Summer!

Shop this Look

Shop More Urban Favorites ( all 20% 0ff now! )

Hustle and Halycon in Urban Outfitters Summer Jumpsuit

Hustle and Halcyon in Urban Outfitters on SALE right now!

On another note: look how cute this lil house in Venice is!! The front yard is SO dreamy.

My photog friend, Laci, & I totally lurked around outside of this person’s house to get these photos, LOL. The blogger life is SO glam, right??

It’s kind of thrilling to be almost trespassing. Like, will this person come yell at me or will they be a chiller??? Ya never really know.

The lurking was well-worth it.

Welp, now I’m headed to start Friday night EARLY at Katsuya with my girl Haley! Come along for our amazing press lunch/feast on Instagram stories. Also, I’m going to be detailing a few of my favorite deliveries this week ( swimsuits, travel bags, beauty stuff, & more ) on Instagram stories later today! Get pumped.

Talk soon, beebs.

Photos by Laci Havens

Blogger Payton Sartain in Urban Outfitters ( ON SALE! )

4 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    04 . 30 . 2017

    You look great 😉

  • Kate
    05 . 21 . 2017

    Looks so comfy and I’m obsessed with all things linen. Perfect combo! And gorgeous location *heart eyes* !

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