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Sweater Dress MANIA

I posted a photo wearing this sweater dress the other day, and I got the CRAZIEST response from y’all on both Snapchat & Instagram! EVERYONE wanted to know where I got this little comfy number from, so I thought I’d take a sec to dedicate a full post to it.

Ask & you shall receive, peeps.

This particular dress from Nasty Gal was JUST restocked, so I get pumped! It’s also 50% off with code GET50. I can dig it.

I’m ALL about a baggy sweater dress for days when I want to throw my hair in a bun/pony. Sometimes I’ll wear sneakers, sometimes I’ll wear booties, sometimes I’ll wear over-knee boots. It just depends on what I’m feeling that particular day.

I absolutely love when y’all get involved via social media: reaching out about outfits, hitting me with your opinions when I ask a question, just saying hi, etc. Connecting with people who actually READ what I’m WRITING online is the BEST.

I know this probably should be normal by now, but knowing that people read/come to the blog on a regular basis is just… unreal. I mean, I’m sitting in my apartment alone ( tbh, completely naked ) typing this right now, so sometimes I forget that what I’m saying/sharing is actually seen by other human eyes, LOL.

APPRECIATE Y’ALL. More than you know. Anyways. Happy shopping! xx


5 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    12 . 01 . 2017

    Love your dress! x


  • Casey
    12 . 06 . 2017

    OMG SO glad you posted where this is from. When I saw this on your Insta the other day I did a double take – it is SO cuter <3

    • paytonsartain
      12 . 12 . 2017

      yayyy! glad you love! it’s so comfy too.

  • Sabrina
    12 . 13 . 2017

    I just binge watched all of your youtube vids and you’re honestly hilarious and your style is amazing!! I’m from Texas too so watching your most recent vid was really cool! Also buying this sweater dress rn..kk byeeee haha

    • paytonsartain
      12 . 15 . 2017

      ahhh yay beebus!! Love my Texas gals xx