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TEA TIME: The Teas I Bring Everywhere With Me

K, it’s time for a total grandma post. Let’s talk about my tea addiction.

In the last few months, because I’ve been traveling and ALL over the place, I’ve been severely at-risk for illness & just feeling shitty in general. To combat this, in part, I’ve been toting around some of my favorite go-to teas with me to drink on-the-go.

My favorite thing EVER is to sip my BYO-tea on airplanes. Something about it makes me feel very adult & like I have my shit together.

Of course, different teas have different benefits, so I wanted to break down some of my favorites for y’all today. Here are a few that I pack in my purse for trips or days spent out & about:

1. Tulsi Tea with Ginger: I fell in love with Tulsi tea thanks to the adaptogenic tulsi tea with ginger & honey from True Food Kitchen ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering this if you live near a True Food! ). Tulsi tea helps your body develop a healthy response to stress, or at least that’s what the box says. I think it tastes REALLY good with honey & lemon added in, and I do notice I feel more relaxed when I sip on this!

2. Peppermint Tea: a classic. Peppermint is known to suppress appetite, which means drinking a glass or two before a meal might help you avoid over-eating ( SOML ). I notice that peppermint tea helps to calm my super-sensitive stomach. I’m a big fan of adding honey to this one also!

3. Smooth Move Tea: …. I’m sure we can all see where this one is going. While I’m traveling, I’m usually eating foods that I wouldn’t normally eat & probably indulging in more alcohol than usual. So, I drink this at night to keep things…. ahem… *regular.* Plus the peppermint calms your stomach ( see above ) !!

4. Bed Time Tea: I read about this tea in Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans, so I immediately ordered it off of Amazon to give it a try. It’s like a little treat around bedtime, & it REALLY does make me feel more relaxed! Tim swears by this tea, and I trust basically everything he says, so yeah.

5. Throat Coat, Lemon Echinacea: aka IMMUNITY TEA. I drink this daily while traveling or if I’m having a particularly busy week. I’m prone to sore throats if I’m exhausted, if my room is too cold at night, if my allergies are acting up, etc. This tea soothes sore throat while also kicking your immune system into high gear with the echinacea. Scoorrrrre.

I’ve been coffee-crazed as late, too, which is something I’m trying to kick. My three guilty pleasures are alcohol, sugar, & coffee, and I’ve been on OVERLOAD in the last month. It’s time for a liver detox ASAP.

Are any of y’all big tea drinkers???

Give me some more teas to add to my lil list. Talk soon, beebs. xx