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TED Talks for Major Inspiration


Happy thursday, friends!

Today we’re going to talk TED talks, because how can we NOT.

I told y’all I’m wanting to write more about the things that inspire me, so we’ll start here.

I’ve been listening to TED talks on the reg since I discovered TED in middle school. I went to a small private school for middle & high school that was pretty intensive as far as curriculum.

AKA: it was a school full of nerds, & I was one of them. Even the “cool kids”/athletes were pretty freakin’ nerdy when compared to the general population.

Honestly, I want to go back every day, LOL. Going to a big state school for college made me miss my lil private school full of cool nerds SO MUCH.

Now, being amongst the general population of Los Angeles, California makes me miss… well, smart people ( though I have found signs of intelligence here, so there IS hope, HA ).

Anyways… we listened to/watched TED talks in school a lot, & occasionally students would go to the TEDx conference to share their own talks. COOL nerds.

My point is: my addiction to TED talks started long ago.

In the spirit of slowing down ( my resolution for 2017 ), I’ve made a new morning routine of listening to a TED talk or two while walking to my favorite coffee shop.

The walk is about 40 minutes there & back, so I can usually listen to two talks. Upon waking up, I do my morning skincare routine ( EXTRA SPF ), throw on some leggings & a tee, find a new talk on my TED app, & walk to get my favorite almond milk latte in Brentwood.

It’s the BEST morning routine ever. It gets me up & moving, inspired, caffeinated, & a little more tan. Talk about multitasking.

Considering my obsession with TED talks, I thought it was about time for me to recommend some of my favorites to y’all. Because I listen to talks a lot, my favorites list is always changing, so maybe I’ll keep updating y’all??

Tell me what ya want, beebs.

Okay, so let’s talk TED talks.

BTW– to start, I think this popular list of talks is ESSENTIAL for everyone to listen to. Some of my favorite talks overlap with the popular list as well!

TED Talks I’m Digging Right Now

1. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are — Amy Cuddy

This talk is on the “popular talks” list I linked above. It’s all about changing your body language to positively ( or negatively ) affect what you’re feeling & thinking. It’s important to learn how to use your body as a TOOL for confidence, because using this tool makes a world of difference.

This talk kills it because it shows that you can use your body to positively affect your confidence, regardless of its shape or size. It’s all about body language.

2. How to Make Stress Your Friend — Kelly McGonigal

THIS. As a person who get stressed about everything, this talk is essential. It’s all about how our perception of the stress we endure changes the way we experience stress & the way our health is affected by stress.

The idea behind this talk is SO obvious that it’s genius. Our minds are so powerful.

3. Embrace the Shake — Phil Hansen

After his hand tremors made it nearly impossible to create the kind of delicate art he loved, Phil found a way around the tremors. He embraced them to create some SERIOUSLY cool art. You’ll want to actually WATCH this talk to see what I’m talking about.

His limitations made him more creative. After watching this talk, your perception of your limitations will completely change for the better.

4. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career — Larry Smith

I LOVE THIS GUY. He’s calling every one out on their bullshit excuses when failing to pursue what they love.

Your excuse might make sense to you, but Larry talks about how ( & why ) you’re just bullshitting yourself. If you need some extra motivation to do what you’ve been wanting to do, this is it.

5. A Life of Purpose — Rick Warren

In this talk, Rick Warren, the author of “The Purpose-Driven Life,” reflects on how his wildly-popular book created a crisis of purpose in his own life.

Rick Warren is a pastor, so this talk is coming from a Christian’s perspective, but you can glean so much inspiration from this talk no matter what you believe.

It’s just an all-around classic.

6. What Reality Are Your Creating for Yourself? — Isaac Lidsky

I discovered this talk during my morning walk the other day, & I was hooked within the first two minutes. Isaac Lidksy is a BOSS.

He talks about how we create our realities, & how we can transform our realities to make ourselves less susceptible to the fear of failure.

Overriding the fear of failing is EVERYTHING, beebuses.

There’s some end-of-week motivation for ya!

Like I said, I’ve been listening to talks on my TED app while walking lately. Sometimes, I’ll throw one on while sitting in traffic, or while doing monotonous tasks like cleaning or putting on makeup for the day.

TED talks are the perfect entertainment for road trips, too!

I feel like I’ve said TED about a million times in this post, so I’m stopping now.

Do y’all have any favorite TED talks?? Please share!!

Talk soon. xx

2 Responses
  • Molly
    01 . 13 . 2017

    Love this post! I usually listen to podcasts for inspiration, but i will have to check these out!


    • paytonsartain
      01 . 16 . 2017

      OMG– TED Talks are the BEST for inspo! xx