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The Best Acai Bowl Recipe Ever

THE BEST ACAI BOWL RECIPE EVER: A No-Fail Recipe \\ www.hustleandhalcyon.com

I’m officially an Acai Bowl addict. Soooooo trendy, right?

Yesterday, my friend Desi & I became pros at acai-bowl-making.

Saturday activities: not leaving the house, making food all day, and watching ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ twice. We’re so interesting…

Basically, this is a smoothie in a bowl, and you can load it up with all the toppings that your little heart desires ( control freaks & picky eaters, rejoice ).

The acai berry is loaded with antioxidants that help lower cholesterol levels, promote weightloss, improve skin health ( I use this night cream by Eminence & its loaded with Acai oil ), etc, etc, etc. You get it. It’s good as shit for you. If you want more details on the benefits of Acai, read this post.

In a world of Acai bowl recipes, I think that this one is the BEST. I’m a little biased, because I created it exactly like I like…. so I guess my opinion isn’t exactly shocking. Here’s the dealio ( and, as usual, you can tweak to your own taste ):

Acai Bowl Recipe | Hustle + HalcyonTHE BEST ACAI BOWL EVER


– 2 Frozen Acai Berry Packets
– 1/2 to 1 whole pitaya
– 1/2 cup frozen berries
– 1/2 cup pineapple
– 1/2 cup yogurt
– coconut water or almond milk ( varies based on consistency you like )

– Berries & Bananas
Granola (my FAV recipe here!)
– Goji Berries
– Bee Pollen
– Chia Seeds
– Cinnamon
– Coconut Shavings
– Honey

To Make:
1. Combine all ‘inside’ ingredients in a blender
2. Top with your topping selection

Its SO simple, SO delicious, and is loaded with super-foods. I mean really, I feel like I’m adding years onto my life every time I eat one of these. Whats your fav way to make an acai bowl? Did I miss anything???

If you want more healthy recipes, visit my recipe index here.



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Acai Bowl Recipe | Hustle + Halcyon

12 Responses
  • olivia
    05 . 11 . 2015

    Looks delicious!

  • Cierra Mais
    05 . 17 . 2015

    I NEED to make this ASAP!
    Love my Acai bowls and this looks delish!



  • Ellen
    05 . 21 . 2015

    Wow! The pictures are incredible and this looks so good. 🙂
    I haven’t put frozen acai packets into my smoothie bowls yet because I find them so expensive.
    But wow that looks so yummy. I definitely have to try this exact recipe. 🙂


    • Chad Convis
      02 . 03 . 2016

      I buy Acai Packets (Sambazon Unsweetened) by the case from my local grocer and they give me a discount…maybe give it a try. Our household goes through a case in less than a month because we eat Acai Bowls almost every day!

  • Kirsten
    07 . 02 . 2015

    These Acai bowls are definitely in right now! I’m going to have to try one soon. This looks wonderful though 🙂