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I’m Addicted to My Planner: How to Organize Your Whole Life Using ONE Agenda

True Life: I'm Addicted to My Planner. How to Organize Your WHOLE Life Into ONE Planner // Hustle + Halcyon

Ugh. Monday. Back to real life.

I had the BEST TIME in New York this weekend for a little bit of fashion week action! I only got to experience the very very start of NYFW this year, because I had to have my butt in an 8 AM class on this lovely ( bleh ) Monday morning, but the short trip was FREAKIN’ WORTH IT.

I’ll have a little recap of the weekend up soon & I’ll add all of the new places I discovered to my growing New York City guide.

Okay, so as some of y’all know, I’m an organization freak. I have obsessively planned out my life since I was able to speak, actually.

I can’t help it. #FirstChildProblems.

When I was in elementary school, I used to keep a post-it note calendar ( like Ren from Even Stevens…. LOL & I’m serious. I hope that at least one of y’all remembers what I’m talking about. ) on my wall to plan my very important activities. Just to give you a little insight into my serious over-planning issue, I’ll give y’all a little sampling of what 10-year-old Payton’s calendar looked like…. & this is inspired by actual events and is embarrassingly accurate:

8:00 | Wake Up
8:01 | Make Bed
8:03 | Bathroom/Brush Teeth
8:08 | Go Downstairs for Breakfast/TV
8:30 | ‘Work’ on Computer ( i.e. change AIM profile & play Sims )

I mean…

This would go on-and-on until bed time…. & if someone tried to interrupt my very precise schedule I would absolutely freak the hell out. Sorry family, sorry friends.

I won’t go any more in-depth into my longtime incessant need to stay on a schedule at all times, but you get my point.

I’m crazy.

True Life: I'm Addicted to My Planner. How to Organize Your WHOLE Life Into ONE Planner // Hustle + Halcyon

As I’ve gotten older, and now have actual school & work obligations ( though I really did believe my 10-year-old obligations were legit & super serious ), to-do lists galore, an apartment to maintain, a dog to take care of, etc, I find that keeping my life ultra-organized helps me stay at least a little sane.

Some people may think that this kind of organization is unnecessary or tooooo much, but to each his own. I need everything written out & in front of my face to feel comfortable with the day’s antics.

If you’re like me, it probably even gives you a weird satisfaction to have each part of the day planned out seamlessly, too.

Hell… I have a ‘planned’ time to do unplanned ( i.e. ‘fun’ ) activities. LOLz. Not a real human.

Also, if you’re like me, you’re prob a freak about your planner’s layout & such. I take planner shopping oddly seriously. I like to have an agenda with a decent amount of space to write in every day’s plans, a place to write notes in for the week, a section for ‘to-dos’, and a page to get an overview of the entire month.

True Life: I'm Addicted to My Planner. How to Organize Your WHOLE Life Into ONE Planner // Hustle + Halcyon

True Life: I'm Addicted to My Planner. How to Organize Your WHOLE Life Into ONE Planner // Hustle + HalcyonTrue Life: I'm Addicted to My Planner. How to Organize Your WHOLE Life Into ONE Planner // Hustle + Halcyon

Enter: The Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas.

The Happy Planner is a God-send. Basically, this planner is an expandable and bound 18-month planner with a weekly & monthly layout. The planner also comes with extra pages ( for to-do lists, meal planning, keeping track of house work, etc) and lots of customizable decor options like stickers, little inserts with inspo quotes, removable folders, a variety of planner covers if you want to change it up every so often & A TON of other fun stuff. I also really like the lined bookmarks for marking ‘today’s‘ place in my planner & jotting down important tasks that need to be taken care of each day.

I had the time of my freaking life perfecting this planner to fit my lifestyle. I’m not even exaggerating.

Because I’m an absolute freakshow.

To make my Happy Planner perfect for me, I removed a few of the months in the calendar ( so I have August 2015-July 2016 in the planner right now ), set them aside for future use, & replaced that space with the ‘To-Do List,’ ‘Meal Planner’ ( w/ a place for a grocery list! ), & ‘House Cleaning’ sections. I also inserted a few pocket folders & more lined pages for extra notes.

Then, naturally, I went through my school’s academic calendar & all of my syllabi to mark important dates ( tests, quizzes, project due dates, football games, holidays, etc ) through to the end of 2015!

Ahhhhhh. So nice having everything in working order. It makes me feel so…. clean? Is that normal for any of you?


I mean, The Happy Planner is already cheap AF, but you can use this code:


& get 20% off of your purchase! This code is active until 12/31/2015. *insert sly emoji face here*

You can follow along to see how other girls are customizing & using their Happy Planners by following The Happy Planner on Instagram. Putting this thing together is like art. HA.

Haaaappy planning your week ladies! xx

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PS: I have recently talked about my newfound appreciation for being ABSOLUTELY NUTS & going off-schedule *GASP* once in a blue moon! See how a person as regimented as me takes a mental health day here.


*This post is brought to you by me & my BIG ideas and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own! 

74 Responses
  • Lynn Moir
    09 . 28 . 2015

    Loved that post and I too am a planner freak show ! Brilliant LOL

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 28 . 2015

      HA! Freak Shows Unite! Thanks for taking the time to make a comment babe!

  • Jacqueline Harbin
    09 . 28 . 2015

    I am right there with you! I don’t even know what I would do without my beautifully organized book! I just feel so very in control 😉

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 28 . 2015

      I feel ya! Control freaks…. I need to learn to ‘control’ that part of me too ( uh… whoops more control ). #Doomed.

  • Alison
    09 . 29 . 2015

    I am absolutely loving the amount of craziness you’re showing in this post! That has been me for as long as I can remember. I have shelves and boxes full of planners. Even when I know I just bought a new one yesterday, there is no stopping me from buying yet another one today. (Not kidding about that either.. Just bought a new one yesterday.) ^-^

    Love your blog and your crazy personality!


    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 29 . 2015

      I’m glad you appreciate it! Lovin’ browsing around your blog babe!

  • Ashleigh grills
    09 . 29 . 2015

    Where do you insert the 20% off code on the site?

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 29 . 2015

      hey ashley!

      You have to add your planner to your cart and click check out! you add it when you input your card info & shipping info!

      Hope you LOVE it!

  • aakthacker
    09 . 29 . 2015

    I also am a planner / life organizer! I was so disappointed with not being able to find the right kind of planner pages that I took 3 weeks to design my own but I love them so much!

  • Barb
    09 . 30 . 2015

    Please… Where can I buy this planner and use your discount code? I have seen post about this planner everywhere… But posts about this planner everywhere, but no purchasing information except on Amazon and no other information about what I need to get no full pictures of what’s inside the planner. So what do I need as a first time user and where do I buy it? I too have just been trying to use my smartphone calendar and planner… But it’s just not big enough are fast enough or cute enough!😊

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      09 . 30 . 2015

      Hi lady!

      1. Follow this link: http://shop.meandmybigideas.com
      2. Choose your 12-Month Box Kit Planner and click ‘Add to Cart’
      3. Click ‘Check Out’
      4. When you’re putting in your info, you will see a box on the right that says ‘Discount.’ This is where you input my code: HCPAYTON

      Then complete the check out!

  • Katie
    09 . 30 . 2015

    Haha I literally bought the planner and all of the accessories you show in the pictures at Michaels last week! Before seeing your post! Been excited to get started organizing my planner all week! We planner nuts are one of a kind 🙂

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 01 . 2015

      Don’t you LOVE it??? So happy you can relate!

  • HAnnah
    09 . 30 . 2015

    Just a heads up…this planner is usually available at Michaels and Hobby Lobby and you can use a coupon. I’m a planner nut too!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 01 . 2015

      Oh thanks for letting me know! Planner Nut should be in my Instagram profile, LOL. Thanks for reading, babe! x

  • Mariella
    09 . 30 . 2015

    You are not alone hahaha i am a planner/agenda/to-do lists/varied colored pens for each specific task freak 🙂

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 01 . 2015

      omg the varied colored pens is ME TOO! #CRAZY.

  • Mitzi
    10 . 01 . 2015

    OMG I have the same exact Happy Planner and I totally love it! I use it to help me manage my blog. It’s absolutely perfect. You are not alone in your planner craze!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 01 . 2015

      I LOVE how it allows you to keep track of SO many things at once! It was made for people like us! HA! Love.

  • Sara
    10 . 01 . 2015

    I love your blog. The layout, the laughs and the information!

    If you ever decide to go all digital, try Microsoft OneNote. IT IS a planner’s dream. BOL!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 01 . 2015

      Thank you SO much beebus!

      I’ve heard a lot about OneNote! I just haven’t had time to try yet. Maybe a post on that will come after I try!

  • Lyn
    10 . 01 . 2015

    I’m a planner “freak” as well.
    Confession : when I buy a planner in let’s say October and the planner already started in August, I’m even going to go write down what my planning in August and September looked like.. There’s just something about planners (and notebooks!) that make you feel happy in a way how nothing else makes you feel like that..
    Thanks for the code, guess I’m going to use it hehe 😉
    xox Lyn

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 02 . 2015

      Honestly I did this in my planner too….. just the big things though. HA.

      Happy planning!

  • jennifer
    10 . 04 . 2015

    Shipping to Ireland is $46 😭
    Such a pity. It is such a cool planner!!!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 04 . 2015

      Aww dang! I’m sorry!

      Well, HI from Texas! So cool to connect with someone so far away! xx

  • Samantha
    10 . 07 . 2015

    I’m so glad I’m not the only freak addicted to my planner out there! Beautiful post, really funny & useful!

  • Michele
    10 . 07 . 2015

    I love the look of the planner. I am currently using Erin Condren Life Planner, which I love, but the sticker you order from them are (sorry to say)…boring.

    I only saw the Happy Planner yesterday at Michaels and fell in love. Do you have problems with the pages coming loose?

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 07 . 2015

      Hi Michele!

      Ya know, I thought I would have issues with the pages coming loose, but I haven’t yet!

      I actually really like that I can remove them, so I can take them out & write on them ( because sometimes the spiral part gets in the way of my writing! ) and then put them back in! So helpful and my handwriting stays PERFECT!

  • Jessica Camporeale
    10 . 08 . 2015

    You should check out the made for each other agenda at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mfeoagenda and on Instagram @mfeoagenda 🙂

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 08 . 2015

      oh my gahhh! Love that planner!

      So simple & cute.

  • Gracie
    10 . 10 . 2015

    I am only 13 years old and have a very precise schedule that I have to follow or I go completely nuts… and my mother doesn’t even think it is required.. I have really bad OCD moments too.. It gets bad sometimes.. 🙂

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      10 . 11 . 2015

      You do YOU Gracie! I have been like that my entire life! If it’s important to YOU, then it’s IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to relax a bit too, though! ( I have a post on this as well ).

      Much love! xx

  • Emily
    10 . 22 . 2015

    I have that same exact planner! I’m a planner freak as well haha but it’s so oddly satisfying to have everything planned out! I’ve been using a planner since 3rd grade. Can’t break the habit now haha

  • Angelica
    10 . 26 . 2015

    Damn wish I had your code last week now the box kit I was trying to purchase is sold out 🙁 I did buy the gold happy planner from Amazon.

  • Charlie
    10 . 27 . 2015

    I am totally obsessed with my happy planner and went on to purchase the fitness planner box set (and maybe the recipe planner, if we’re being really honest…) I love, love, love it and now have a dangerous Etsy sticker addiction to fund too! 🙂

  • Jan
    10 . 27 . 2015

    Hobby Lobby carries this exact one and you can use your everyday Hobby Lobby 40% off a regular priced priced coupon!

  • Lisa
    11 . 01 . 2015

    I just bought this planner and judging by your posts I am going to be one very happy and very organised chickadee! Can not wait to get it in my for little hands now!!!

    THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      11 . 02 . 2015

      OMG. You’re going to love!

  • Eileen
    11 . 03 . 2015

    So I am new to the whole planner thing- a teacher so organizer by nature and love lists, stickers and artful presentation! so I am intrigued by your planner shopping day! and a logistic question- do you keep your planner with you? or leave it at home! I am open to any suggestions and helpful hints! thanks in advance!

    have a great day, Eileen

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      11 . 03 . 2015

      Hey girl!

      I keep my planner with me in my bag/backpack depending on where I am! I have multiple planners ( freak ) for things like Blog Post Schedule, Social Media, Etc, and this one allows me to include all of those planners into one large one! It isn’t exactly SMALL in size, but because it is many planners in one, I don’t find it inconvenient to carry with me!!

      xx Hope this helps!!!

  • Jamoria Pughsley
    11 . 09 . 2015

    I love that someone is crazy about planners as I am! I love anything dealing with stationary, from pens to sticky notes!

  • Amanda
    11 . 27 . 2015

    I love My Happy Planner! But it can be really heavy with the expansion and household packs. I have the bigger disks and the original. I use the original disks and carry around 4 months worth of calendar and budget. It makes it so much lighter in my purse or work bag. If I need to add dates to the months ahead of what I’m carrying, I write it down on scratch paper and put the dates in when I get home.

  • Tiffani Kuhn
    11 . 30 . 2015

    The promo code isn’t working when I enter it in the discount box at check out 🙁

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      12 . 02 . 2015

      The promo code expired, girl! I’m sorry!

  • Alexis
    12 . 18 . 2015

    Love this! I am also a planning fiend and I just used your discount code to save $9.00! Thanks for sharing!

  • Haleigh
    12 . 21 . 2015

    I came across your post, and INSTANTLY bought the planner! I also purchased the extra household pages! After that, I went back and purchased several other things for this planner! I’m way too excited to finally get this planner! I also found several posts where I can print out pages that aren’t sold for the planner and add them to it! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for the 20% off!!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      12 . 23 . 2015

      hope you LOVE it!!

  • Sarah
    01 . 03 . 2016

    I have never in my life heard of anyone with a planning problem like me! When I was little I did minute by minute schedules and I would hang them up in my closet and I had a different one for each day of the week! This is so funny because honestly this post could be more or less like me!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 03 . 2016

      hahaha, YESS! This is what I love about blogging… you can find weirdos like you all over the country/world. Happy planning!

  • Karen Kent
    01 . 07 . 2016

    Oh boy- I think you and I are kindred spirits. I found you through pinterest (looking at the happy planner) and I totally get what you are saying. I have an Erin Condren LP, which I love, but dislike that I can’t take pages out.It bugs me that my writing gets screwed up near the coil binding. I also have a Levenger circa notebook, which is disc bound, like the Happy Planner. and I LOVE the fact that I can take the pages out, reorganize them to suit me,etc. I wish I had known about the Happy Planner before I bought an 18 mo ECLP, but that’s o.k. I will use it for this year and then make the switch. Here’s to all of us who like to do things our OWN way.

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 10 . 2016

      OMG– when my writing gets messed up because of binding, I absolutely want to throw a fit. I don’t actually do it (usually) but internally, I am screaming. Being able to remove the pages is SO much better.

  • Becky
    01 . 08 . 2016

    Love my Happy Planner!!! I bought the ARC punch from Staples so that I can punch anything I want to fit into the HP. I can print my own printables I designed for my money management, chores, and other things I track, punch them, and have the perfect mesh of the things I loved about the Erin Condren Planner and my Filofax. I think I have found the perfect planner for me!!!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 10 . 2016

      I’m so happppy you love it! It’s definitely my favorite for planning ALL things as well.

  • Kristen
    01 . 09 . 2016

    Hi! Could you tell me what font your type is in this post? It’s so clean, I’m in love with it!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 10 . 2016

      I believe it is Lato! I didn’t design this theme, but thats the name of the font I just found in the coding! xx

  • Meghan
    01 . 20 . 2016

    I must have this in my life!!!

    What stickers did you purchase? – I’m in love!!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 21 . 2016

      I just purchased the ones that CAME in the pack!! xx

  • Shannon
    01 . 21 . 2016

    I have a happy planner as well and post updates about it on my blog, if you’d like to check it out 🙂 I am actually considering getting a 2nd one just for personal use because I use my one now for everything- work, school, appointments, etc. And with all of my decorations on it, changed appts, it looks soooo messy by the end of the week- the ocd in me kind of freaks out a little inside. Ahahah. So glad someone can relate! I am thinking about getting an erin condren for personal use though, because although I love my happy planner- I hate the disc system because the pages tend to fall out for me. [I flip them a lot as I write appts and stuff in for work, go back and check things, etc] so be careful of that! What are you studying, by the way? I just started school tuesday. I am only taking one class, but am considering going back full time.

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      01 . 21 . 2016

      I’ll definitely check that!! I’m considering moving onto a different planner ( same general layout ) with a more aesthetically pleasing ( to me, at least ) cover. Stay tuned for that post!!

      I’m studying Political Science with a minor is Sociology! It’s the Pre-Law track ( felt ambitious coming into college…. HA ).

      Good luck with everything!! xx

  • Cyndi
    03 . 09 . 2016

    Payton I just found you and this post. Any discount codes for us obsessively highly structured late comers?!

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      03 . 10 . 2016

      I wish!!! I let you know if I find anything else! xx

  • Cait
    04 . 04 . 2016

    I thought I was the only one who compared my organization to that of Ren from Even Stevens! Haha! Love it! There’s nothing wrong with being freakishly organized

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      04 . 06 . 2016

      LOL– literally, she’s a PERFECT image of whats really going on for people like us! Ya know, I agree with you. Organization is so important. xx

  • Courtney
    04 . 05 . 2016

    Anyone know of anywhere to buy this planner without paying crazy postage?

    • payton@hustleandhalcyon.com
      04 . 06 . 2016

      Some people have told me that you can find it at Michaels craft stores! If you aren’t in the US, however, I’m afraid I don’t know! xx

  • Olivia
    09 . 05 . 2016

    Would you post a picture of how the overview of a month in your planner looks? i love your style and am interested 🙂 lots of INSPIRATION for my planner from this blog post!!

    • paytonsartain
      09 . 06 . 2016

      Hi Olivia!!!

      Since posting this, I’ve actually started using a digital planner for daily events and such, and I’ve switched to using a physical planner for my to-do list! I have a manager inputting events into my calendar sometimes, so digital is easier! Thanks for the sweet words! xx

  • Olivia
    09 . 05 . 2016

    could you post a view of what a month overview looks like? i love your style and am interested!