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The Ivy: Los Angeles, California

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CAOne place I ALWAYS make sure to stop by while in LA is The Ivy Restaurant on N. Robertson Blvd. This place will never get old to me. The atmosphere is clean and fresh, the drinks are on point, and the food is even better. Also, it is an infamous place to spot celebrities, if thats on your Los Angeles to-do list. The Ivy isn’t one of the cheapest restaurants you’ll find in LA [actually, do those even exist here?], but the experience is so so worth throwing around a little extra cash-ola.

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The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

Even the water is pretty..

Per usual, I started off with a Peach Bellini. Freakin’ amaze. Its light and sweet; a perfect way to kick-off a feast fit for a celeb. They are famous for these at The Ivy, so its definitely a must-get. Just to cross it off of the to-do list.

Peach Bellini at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CAALSO per usual, I got the Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How yumaroni is this…. I don’t know why exactly that I get this PASTA dish in Los Angeles… I mean, pasta is a cardinal sin here (seems like it, at least). Unlike MOST pasta dishes, however, this is light & simple, and doesn’t feel you leaving like absolute shit. You’ll need all that energy to waltz around the area & shop. Ya know, channel your inner-famous person. 

Penne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Imported Bufala Mozzarella, Garden Basil and Extra Virgin Olive OilAnd the Raspberry Gelato for desert.. you didn’t think I would forget that, didyaaa? I’m a freaking crazy sweets lover, so I would probably choose death over skipping dessert (okay, dramatic…). My fruit-o-phobic friend ( yeah, what a weirdo ), Abby, opted for coffee instead. And by coffee I mean swimming-pool-sized mug of coffee. Yet another reason to love The Ivy. Caffeine for days.

Raspberry Sorbet, The Ivy, Los Angeles, CAHuge Coffee CupIn fact, we enjoyed The Ivy so much that we came back for a round of drinks around dinner time. I got The Supermodel Cocktail [a skinny cocktail made with Voli Low Calorie Vodka, Fresh Muddled Blueberries, Mr. Pink Sugar Free Ginseng Drink, Coconut Water, Lime and Organic Agave Nectar] and Ab opted for a Cab.

This cocktail was fresh as fuck. No other words to describe it. Loaded with allllll the goods, I’m going to create a mock-cocktail for sure.

The Supermodel Cocktail at The Ivy, Los Angeles, CA

The Ivy, Los Angeles, CASadly, my time in California has come to an end… Until a [possible] move out here next Spring. Much, much more to come from my girl Abby and I. Watch out LA.

PS: Since I posted this… I’m officially moving to Los Angeles as of January of 2015! Okay, I die.

xx P

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