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The Shirtdress: Casual & Neutral

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Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


So, I’m really in love with this shirtdress rn.

I’ve worn it about 393875 times to go out this fall/winter ( literally last night with neutral-colored over-the-knee boots and my favorite anorak jacket) because it’s SO versatile, SO comfy, and it hides my post-INSERT-FATTENING-FOOD-HERE stomach after a dinner & drinks with my girls.

& for that, I am forever grateful.

This outfit is my Part II of my collaboration with Planet Blue for the opening of the Houston location! You can find Part I here.

This dress also comes in black, blue and blue/white.

Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com


I shot this look in Santa Monica during my time in California, but I had to break out my custom boots to rep Texas a little.


You can’t see in these images, but I got the Texas flag put on the back part of my boots because I fall into the ‘Obnoxious Texan’ category, apparently.

It’s kind of funny that, here in Texas, we like to act like the stereotypes people assume about us are dramatic or don’t make any sense at all ( i.e. the typical question: do you ride your horse to school? ), but some of them are kind of true!

We wear cowboy boots for things like football games & concerts all the time. When I wore these on the streets of Santa Monica, people were making comments left and right. Everyone complimented them & the outfit, but it just surprised me how many people even noticed that I was wearing cowboy boots!

That’s just not something that really stands out enough to become a ‘thing’ to mention where I’m from.

And, yes, I do own a shotgun, my family does have horses & I don’t think I can talk for two minutes without saying the word ‘y’all.’

So, next time someone makes a stereotypical Texas assumption, I can’t even act offended because there is a little truth in some of them.

The answer to the age-old ‘do you ride your horse to school?‘ question is, unfortunately, I do not. We aren’t that extreme ( well… most of us anyways ).

Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

Hope y’all had the best weekend ever!

Back to real-person life.

It’s my last week of school, though, and I’m headed to NYC on Thursday. Give me some recommendations ( food, drinks, things to do, etc ) people!


Oh, PS: I think I’m going to start ending my posts with pretty/insightful quotes and such. I’m a fiend for life advice from brilliant minds ( Pinterest ‘Quote’ board #ONFLEEK … lol ) & finding different perspectives through those words, so I’ll just leave this here:

“Don’t do what you want. Do what you don’t want. Do what you’re trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most. – Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

^ One of my FAVORITE writers & one of my FAVORITE books!

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Photos be Claire Huntsberger

Shirt Dress: Casual & Neutral | www.hustleandhalcyon.com

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  • BeYindi
    12 . 14 . 2015

    wow love your look with those jewelries