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The Weekly | #1

As a part of my new series, THE WEEKLY, this post is a round-up of last week’s shenanigans & a few tips I learned or experiences I had along the way.

I know many of you like to follow along on daily life as a blogger & life in Los Angeles through vlogs on YouTube ( & I’ll still be doing those! ), so I thought I’d pop in on a weekly basis to give y’all a little round-up of the previous week in my life.

It’s a bit easier than doing YouTube videos every week. I just DON’T have that kind of time at the moment, though that is a goal in the future.

Obviously, I love sharing my day-to-day life with you beebus people. Last week was pretty busy. In today’s post I’m talking about my recent visit with my naturopath, my possible coffee replacement, blogger events & tips, some cute outfits, & other stuff I thought might be helpful.


I had the first follow-up with my naturopathic/holistic doctor on monday morning. We went over test results ( blood test & um, digestive test… ) that checked my tolerance/allergies to foods ( which I’ve done before ) & the status of my gut health.

The results SHOCKED me, honestly. My intolerance to gluten decreased quite dramatically from my tests done a couple of years ago, and I found out that I’m quite intolerant to EGGS & SUGAR. BRB– I’m crying.  I eat eggs SO often.

If my Monday can teach you anything, it’s to go get blood work done if you suspect you have issues with inflammation & gut health! It was such helpful information to have.

She prescribed me a few natural medications to help populate my stomach with good bacteria, block inflammation, & decrease stress/anxiety. She also suggested I try the Candida Diet due to my intolerance to sugar. More to come on this one.

Once I find a solid supplement regimen that works for me, I’ll share it with y’all! I don’t want to speak on anything too soon.

BTW– if you’re in the LA area & you want to find a naturopath, my doctor has been great so far! Let me know if any of you need her info.

Also, through one of my instagram friends, I discovered Teecino, an herbal tea that tastes like COFFEE. Can you BELIEVE? I’ve been wanting to cut my coffee intake, so I’m testing out a few different flavors of Teecino, & pairing it with unsweetened almond milk in place of a morning latte.


Tuesday evening was all about celebrating the launch of the Ouai’s new ombre spray called Sun of a Beach. The Ouai is one of my top-recommended haircare brands, because the quality of the products are KILLER & the packaging is freaking gorg.

The aesthetic of the brand is kind of my inspiration for everything at the moment. It’s so beautiful. Right now I’m loving their Rose Hair & Body Oil and their CLASSIC Wave Spray.

I wore this over-all-style dress, a drapey top ( similar here ) & these shoes to the launch. LOVED this look!


Last Wednesday, I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with Nuface. For those of you who don’t know about Nuface: they’re a seriously-revolutionary company creating at-home micro-current treatment devices. These devices help to fight aging by toning your face muscles on a daily basis.

I’ve had my eye on this tool for awhile, but didn’t know if it was worth the money, so I was excited to get invited to try it out first.

I’m NOT being paid to say this ( though I did get to grab a Nuface mini to try out at home! ): Nuface is UNREAL.

During my facial, my esthetician spread the conducting gel ( comes with your Nuface ) on the right side of my face, & then used the Nuface on just that side for about 3 minutes or so. After she treated the right side, she gave me a mirror to check out the instant results. I SHIT YOU NOT, the right side of my face ( my brow & cheek bone, specifically ) was SO MUCH more lifted than the left.

I saw results immediately. After looking at a few of the longer-term trials involving women of all ages, I decided that I’m using this device every. damn. day. My face will thank me for it later.

If you’re looking to invest in one, I recommend getting the Nuface Trinity, as it has a specific attachment for treating your eye & lip areas, as well as an at-home laser treatment attachment. If that’s too much for you, go for the mini.


Thursday was QUITE a busy day that started with taking photos with The Ouai for the lightening spray I mentioned above! Their office is covered in inspiration photos & pretty products. I kind of want to do something like their inspo wall in my new apartment. Thoughts?

In the afternoon, I went on a long walk to Alfred Coffee in Brentwood to spend some time in the sun & to listen to the newest My Favorite Murder podcast episode ( it’s MY FAV ). Oddly enough, The Ouai partnered with Alfred to promote all things The Ouai ( very on-brand for me that day ).

On Thursday evening, my FLAWLESS assistant, Emma, & I went to the opening of a new hotel, the Westdrift, in Manhattan Beach. In terms of getting invited to events like this ( because I know some of y’all are bloggers & are interested in hospitality events! ), a PR company I have worked with in the past reached out to me with the invite!

Even though I don’t have much personal use for a hotel so close to my apartment, I like to show-face at events put on by PR firms & companies I like to work with. It’s always good to go support their new ventures, show some social love, & chat with the people behind the business!


Emma came over to help with the Poshmarking process on Friday morning ( she listed TONS of new clothes on there! ), because I honestly despise spending time posting my clothes online.

While Emma was busy being my magical Poshmark fairy, I was recipe-testing & doing behind-the-scenes work on H+H. Only 1 of the 4 recipes I tested on Friday actually turned out the way I wanted, LOL. I’ll be sharing that one soon!

After working, I headed to a Pure Barre class with Kira Grace, a yoga-style athleticwear company.  I got so many questions about this top after putting it on my instagram story! I hadn’t done barre in quite awhile, so that class was killer. I’m so ready to start adding pilates/barre back into my workout routine.

After my workout, I treated myself to a ~fancy~ lunch by myself ( my favorite thing EVER. eating alone is a beautiful thing. ) at Neiman’s. That BROTH, THO.

Because I was on a bit of a productivity high, I spent friday night recording a Spring/Summer clothing haul ( will be up on my channel tomorrow! ). I also watched 2 seasons of the documentary series Flint Town on Netflix. I highly recommend.


On occasion, I’ll add some of my weekend activities in these weekly posts. Why not.

Because Saturday was Cinco De Mayo, after a quick morning workout, I spent most of the day with friends, sipping tequila by the beach. Obviously, I had to make my 3-ingredient skinny margarita.

Luckily for me, my best friend had this UNBELIEVABLE tequila stored away in her freezer, so I helped myself to that. Like…. really helped myself. This is something that I do not recommend.

Sunday was painful.

So that’s it for my Weekly #1. Are y’all liking this idea or nah?? Is it too much or do y’all like these daily tips? Let me know your thoughts.

Talk soon, beebs. xx

3 Responses
  • Kennedy Lazar
    05 . 07 . 2018

    love it and you as always

  • Krista @hundredblog
    05 . 10 . 2018

    Loved reading about your week and yes, OUAI is such a great quality brand!

  • Chelsea
    05 . 10 . 2018

    I love your new series, Payton!! It’s so honestly and chill.
    And story of my life with tequilla. I broke my ankle drinking that shit!