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This weekly is, again, coming a little later than usual! To be completely honest, I haven’t been totally myself the last few day, so I took time away from blogging to chill ( AKA: reading lots of The Secret & putting my knowledge to use in my life! ).

But, we’re back this week! & I have lots to share with you.

We are starting WEEKLY #11 on on Tuesday, because I was returning from my trip to Outside Lands with Nasty Gal on Monday ( & I was being a total scrub post-trip, LOL ).


After a long weekend away from home, I was in major need of content shooting & quality time with some girls who keep me grounded/sane.

Kristen, Claudia & I spent the day in Venice on Tuesday, starting with lunch at Butcher’s Daughter. A classic & a must on my Venice Guide.

Sometimes, you just have to huddle together somewhere picturesque over $15 sandwiches to regroup, do some shit-talking for therapeutic reasons ( these are two of my OGs, we can be petty together for a sec ), & plan future adventures.

We try to get together to shoot relatively frequently, because we are always in need of content, and it’s unrealistic to get up & ready EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the perfect Instagram photo.

Who in the world has time for that???


I started Wednesday morning with a quick workout ( to get back on track with fitness! ).

Then, I headed to West Hollywood to lunch with Kristen & a friend who works in PR here in LA. Like I always say, it’s important to make face-time with local PR reps ( the ones you click with, at least! ), because almost too much is done via e-mail nowadays.

I think an important part of differentiating yourself is making time for people in-person!

We went to Zinque, one of my most-frequented places! Also, how cute is my new bag from Free People??? I’m obsessed! & It’s only $48!

Also on Wednesday, I did a little outfit haul with Princess Polly Boutique, which you can find in the “Daily Outfits” highlight on my Instagram! You can also shop the pieces below! Princess Polly is one of my favorite aussie-based online stores, because the selection of product is always trendy & mostly affordable.

Use code PAYTON for 20% off, too!


On Thursday, again after a morning barre workout, I headed to another make-time-for-PR-people-you-like lunch. Kristen & I ( yes, we see each other every day, LOL ) met with a PR rep to talk about a very exciting partnership we have in the works.

We ate at Terra ( which is the rooftop portion of Eataly ) & got maybe-a-little-day-drunk while discussing an upcoming adventure.

I wore this white jumpsuit, because it’s comfortable af ( it’s also on sale! ) & sneakers with my new FP fannypack for the occasion.

After working out + lunching, Kristen & I sat on my couch & starting plotting New York Fashion Week. In preparation, we emailed hotels, PR people we want to meet up with in New York, and brands that might want to partner for posts during the week.

On Thursday evening, we headed to a workout with Terez ( a woman-ran activewear line! ) at Rumble here in Los Angeles. We got an ass-kicking workout in with a bunch of our friends, which is always a good way to round out the day.


I started Friday lunching at the Commissary with Unpublished Denim.

I had the chance to meet the people behind the brand, as well as to catch up with some blogger friends I rarely get to see. Sometimes, going to events alone is fun, because you end up connecting with people you don’t have the opportunity to talk to when you’re surrounded by your closest friends.

As much as I love my besties, getting to know girls outside of our crew is a nice way to switch things up.

Post-lunch, I worked all day.

Friday night was spent working on hoodies for It Made Me Fearless, as well as starting to look at the website design. It’s slowly but surely coming together!

BTW– I’m linking these sickkkkkk shoes below, because so many of y’all loved them on my instagram post!

I’m going to stop the week there, because the rest of the week was pretty low-key, and I had some stuff come up in my personal life that made me a bit of a bummer. When things get messy, I find it’s important to allow myself time to reflect, relax, and surround myself with people who make me happy & support me.

I spent the weekend immersing myself in love & reassurance from my friends, and staying away from working a bit.

It’s all about allowing yourself to be a little emotional ( ignoring it or numbing yourself is not the way to go, IMO ) & re-connecting with yourself.

I’m employing my habit of positive thinking + manifesting right now BIG TIME.

On that note, that’s it for this week’s WEEKLY! Thanks for coming along, as per usual. Y’all are the realest.