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Hi friends!!

After a weekend of craziness, I’m finally back in Los Angeles, CA, WHERE I BELONG. I love leaving LA and I LOVE coming back after a weekend away. There’s something so comforting about stepping out of LAX into the weightless air that makes me feel so refreshed.

Before I share my Austin City Limits experience, let’s back track and talk about last week’s blogger events, health & wellness appointments, and just generally what’s up lately.

I’m working with Kopari, a company you all know by now is near and dear to my heart, on this weekly post, because I want to share their ALUMINUM FREE Coconut Oil Deodorant with you guys.

The addition of aluminum in many deodorants inhibits your body’s ability to naturally detoxify itself. So, aluminum-free is the way to go. I’ve been using Kopari’s coconut deo for awhile now, as I was a part of its initial launch, and it’s a product I FULLY stand behind!

It’s the first non-toxic, aluminum free deodorant I’ve ever used that feels like it actually keeps BO & sweat at bay. For those of you who have been on the hunt for that very thing, you know how tricky finding a deodorant that can fill that role can be. Also, NO WHITE RESIDUE! Like, for real.

In the month of October, Kopari has pledged to donate $1 per coconut deodorant sold to the F Cancer organization.

ALSO, you can get 25% off a 1-time order or your first subscription using code PAYTON25. So, if you’re looking for some better-for-you deo, I highly recommend trying this one out!


I kicked Monday off with a visit to my chiropractor, the way I start 3 mornings a week as of late. 

A few weeks ago, I had some issues with my hip after a long workout, leaving my hip in an unusual amount of pain for a few days ( I couldn’t even sleep through the night, ANNOYED ). I scheduled an appointment to visit a local chiropractor per my doctor’s orders. 

The initial x-rays showed that I have what they call a “high hip,” meaning my hips are uneven ( which can be caused by lots of things, including improperly sleeping on your side for years! ), and there is stress on my spine in my low back and in my neck. 

AWESOME. BRB, while I just deal with my elderly hip & back issues. I went from 24 years old to 1,000 years old overnight? Idk?

Post-chiro & quick workout ( HITT intervals on the treadmill! ), I headed downtown with Kristen to visit our friends at MINKPINK, Somedays Lovin’ and TWIIN The Label. We picked up some cute-ass outfits for fall, shot a couple looks downtown, and headed to Soho House to meet Claudia for apps, tea & brainstorming.

That evening ended with a seminar on Growth Hacking ( Soho House has some great talks & events like this! ), which is something I’m interested in learning a lot more about. SO, if y’all have any book or resource recs for that, help a gal out.


Tuesday was a SUPER chill day for me, probably because Monday was a little all over the place.

I woke up + did some strength training in the morning, and then met my assistant, Emma, at my apartment to photograph poshmark listings + do some computer work. For those of you who have asked about hiring out help/interns/assistants, I hired Emma awhile back to help with things like poshmark, scheduling appointments, etc.

She’s a Fort Worth, TX-girl, like myself, and goes to UCLA currently, and y’all will be seeing her around a lot coming up!

After hanging with Emma, I worked all day from home before getting ready for a dinner in Beverly Hills with Revive, a skincare brand some of you might recognize. We talked about all things inner and outer beauty over dinner at Spago, a boujee little spot in BH.

I’m all about being wined and dined whenever possible.


I took it upon myself to vlog on Wednesday, because I wanted to show y’all a few parts of my day-to-day, including an example of a normal workout with my trainer, as well as my go-to post-workout oatmeal recipe!

Because I headed to Austin for ACL Festival on Thursday, I’m cutting this weekly a little short. There’s a whole different vlog comin’ your way on that one, beebs.

Let me know if you guys try out Kopari’s coconut deodorant, and if you’re into it ( which I know you will be, because obviously ). Don’t forget to use code PAYTON25 for a special lil discount!

Love you guys! Talk soon. xx