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Sup hoes.

I’m super late to the game on this week’s WEEKLY, because, to be perfectly honest, I was hungover basically all of last week. So, there will be 2 Weekly’s this week.

This drinking-during-the-week lifestyle is too much for me in my old age ( I’m almost 25, so… elderly. )

Anyways. Let’s talk about a week in my life as a blogger. I spent this particular week all around Los Angeles with a number of brands & some friends. Let’s do it:


Before we get to the “bomb” portion of last week. Let’s start with Monday’s productive, responsible tone. As the week progressed, I became less responsible, so this is a good place to start. On a solid, adult note.

I conquered to-do’s, went grocery shopping, organized/cleaned my house, & cooked some meals in bulk to have on hand for the rest of the week.

This is Beebus Personality #1: forward-thinking, organized, getting shit done.


I worked all day Tuesday, got a workout in, and then headed to a happy hour with Redken Tuesday evening. I opted to drive, so I could continue to be good & healthy ( AKA not drunk on a tuesday ).

Post-happy-hour, Kristen & I met up with Javvy and went to the opening of Easy’s, a “diner” in West Hollywood. I used “” around diner because the food is NEXT LEVEL diner food.

Think boujee diner with unique food & drink combos with the feel of an old-school diner. It’s in the Beverly Center if any of you are wanting to try it out!

We talked shop AND shit over delicious food for a couple of hours. A solid way to spend a Tuesday night.

Oh, & BTW– I got 1-million-and-1 questions about these tights via DM! They’re Calzedonia, and you can find them here. The jacket is MINKPINK.


After a KILLER workout with my trainer, Jeremy, on Wednesday morning, Kristen & I headed out to Malibu to meet Kylee ( she was staying in Malibu with a brand for the week! ).

We chilled at the Pacific Surfrider Hotel for a few hours, shooting photos & working, before joining T3 Micro for happy hour and sushi at Nobu Malibu. Literally I will take ANY REASON to go to Nobu in Malibu. Luckily for me, I luv T3 ( I use their hair dryer and twirl trio curler regularly! ), so it was a win-win.

Nobu’s spicy marg and crispy rock shrimp really had me in Beebus Personality #2: eating & drinking like a straight up savage, ignoring all dietary restrictions & feigning for sugar. So. Yeah.

I stayed in Malibu with Kylee that night, because WHY NOT.


Waking up in Malibu on Thursday morning was SO DREAMY. The drive back into town was more relaxing than it was annoying, as it usually is.

I got to work during the day on Thursday, gearing up for lots of events in the afternoon and into the evening.

Thursday afternoon, I drove to Hollywood to meet the Quiz Clothing family, choose some cute outfits, & talk about our trip out to Malibu wines ( which happened yesterday! ). The Quiz team was the CUTEST ever. They’re from Scotland, so their accents were basically my favorite thing ever.

Meeting people with cool accents make me wish there was something interesting about my voice. But, unfortunately for me, the only thing notable about my voice is that there is literally nothing exciting about it. I am so monotone.

The only time you can even tell I’m from Texas/Florida is when I say y’all ( which I say way too often ) & when I say the word naked like nekked ( because I’m CLASSY & thats how I was taught to pronounce that word, LOL ).

I say naked like Lil Jon says it. So that’s the level of class we are talking about here.

After hanging with Quiz, I stopped by Socialyte, a PR company and influencer management agency in here in LA. Socialyte also has offices in New York, and both their New York & LA teams are filled with some of my favorite people! I’ve done a few trips + activations with Socialyte in the past, and I always like to pop in and visit when I can.

Post-happy-hour ( which I attended SOBER, yet again, because I’m boring ), I went to the COOLEST event. Nike + the NFL had a few girls into Lot, Stock & Barrel in Hollywood to choose + customize our own NFL jerseys.

Because I grew up in Texas, I’ve always been a huge fan of football. It is BY FAR my favorite sport to watch ( the only thing that rivals it is watching hockey in-person ). So, I was pumped to say the very least.

I invited my friend Sophie to come with, and we personalized Rams jerseys by cropping them up & adding embroidery to the front + back.


Friday was a relatively chill day.

I got a spray tan with NKD Skin to prepare for the weekend. Everything is better with a tan, honestly.

I got samples of my NEW T-SHIRTS ( that will be for sale soon! ) on Friday, and I’ve decided to go with the red lettering in all caps for the first official t-shirt I’ll be making! You can follow @ShopHustleAndHalcyon for more news on when those will be available!

I stayed in Friday night, because I got lazy & super beebus-personality-#3: loner who wants to hide away in her room & not speak to or look at anyone. She’s a fun time.


I was a lazy bum all day Saturday, watching college football & taking part in some tequila, so let’s skip to the interesting stuff.

Sunday morning, I met my friend Katie downtown to hang out with Nike Women & the Rams for the game. Nike had our custom jerseys from earlier in the week waiting for us upon arrival.

The group of girls Nike had out for the game was BEYOND. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of new girls to meet & mingle with over queso ( ACTUAL queso, Texas-style ), mini burgers & margs.

Needless to say, the excitement combined with the tequila had me feeling like ASS for the next few days. But. It was worth it.

Thank you beebs for coming along on this week in my life, and I’ll have a new one ready for ya VERY soon. Like. Tomorrow. I was so late on this weekly, but still wanted to post! Ya know?? Can’t waste a week full of activities that somehow included more than just sitting in my house on the computer, LOL.

Talk soon, xx