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8:30 AM | Chiropractor
I’ve been seeing my chiropractor 3x/week for about 2 months now. It took about a month of going consistently to begin feeling the immediate benefit of adjustments. Now, I feel instantly better after my morning adjustments & exercises.

11 AM | Lunch, Shoot & Work
Kristen & I met in Culver City to shoot a few looks around the area for Instagram campaigns we both had in the works.

We usually just drive around with basically entire CLOSETS in our backseats, stop at various locations to shoot photos, change into the next outfit, and do it all over again.

It’s a weird life we live & job we have. LOL.

I shot a few products I’ll be selling VERY SOON, too! Follow @ShopHustleAndHalcyon on instagram for updates on that!

2:45 PM | Parsley Health New Patient Visit
The week before last, I went into Parsley Health for a blood test to generally assess my body’s state. Because I’ve had issues like poor digestion, anxiety/depression, allergies, & constant lethargy over the course of my life, I feel assessing myself in this way is necessary.

Post-blood test, I was assigned a doctor, and we went over EVERY result & what the results meant. We discussed possible further testing of things that looked off & supplements/lifestyle changes that might help resolve any issues I have.

The whole process was made SO SIMPLE by Parsley, and I’m such a fan of this company so far. Parsley describes themselves as “the only primary care medical practice with a whole-body approach to long-term health.”

You can go in for a general assessment or become a member to use their services.

Usually, all of this testing & supplementation can be ultra-confusing ( which usually leads to me putting it off or not doing it at all ), but Parsley makes it so easy to understand & personalized for YOU. I truly think this is next-level stuff.

If you’re interested in trying Parsley ( I’m going to do a whole video about it soon! ), I received a little discount code for you to use: PHxPayton

Happy healthing!

4 PM | Eat + Lay in the Park
One of my good friends broke up with her boyfriend last week, so we posted up at the park in the sun with Sweetgreen + Starbucks to get her some MUCH NEEDED sun & general good feels.

I know I’m not alone when I say break ups are TRULY the worst. So, I tried to cheer her up a bit. It also reminded me that I need to sit in the park + read more often.


9:30 AM | Workout
I got a late start to the morning on Tuesday and headed to the gym for a quick HIIT workout. My go-to HIIT treadmill workout is in the ‘fitness’ highlight of my Instagram stories!

11:45 AM | I was SUPPOSED to have a brow appointment with Kelley Baker Brows
While on my way to my brow appointment in Venice ( LATE, as per usual ), I realized I desperately needed to stop for gas.

Upon my arrival to the nearest gas station on the way, I made the devastating discovery that I forgot my wallet at home. With 5 miles left until empty.

So, instead of getting my brows perfectly sculpted, I spent a stupid amount of money + time waiting for an UBER to deliver my wallet to me at the gas station. I then went straight home to  put on an XXL t-shirt & give up on life ( aka work from home ) for the majority of the day.

5 pm | Mietis Preview
I had the chance to preview the new collection from Mietis, a ready-to-wear leather brand with some of the SICKEST leather goods I’ve ever seen.

I’m obsessed with all of their jacket + short/skirt sets. They’re absolutely unreal.

This preview made me oddly excited for February fashion week.

7 pm | We’re Not Really Strangers
A few friends and I went to support our friend Koreen in launching her EPIC card game, We’re Not Really Strangers.

WNRS events are always interactive, as you play a condensed version of the game with a stranger at the event. The idea behind the game is that you can create a meaningful connection with a total stranger moving through various levels of personal questions.

Koreen and her team have been working on this project for quite some time now, so watching it come to life has been amazing!


8:30 AM | Chiropractor
You know the drill.

Wednesday was my busiest day, as I was gearing up to leave for Texas the very next day. So, I packed in just about everything I needed to get done!

11:30 AM | Parsley Health Meeting with a Health Coach
I met up with my health coach/nutritionist at Parsley Health to go over lifestyle improvement tips geared to my lifestyle SPECIFICALLY.

She had lots of insight on various habits to implement into my daily life, as well as confirming the benefit of some of the things I already do on a daily basis. Sometimes having a professional make things EXTREMELY clear is super beneficial.

2 PM | Preview + Gifting at Milk Boutique
I had the chance to preview Milk Boutique’s new fine jewelry collection, as well as pick up a pair of heart stud earrings + a BEAUTIFUL maxi dress by Ganni.

2:30 PM | Lunch
Eating lunch alone is one of my favorite ways to slow down in the midst of a busy day. I stopped at Lemonade for some salmon + broccoli for lunch while sitting in calming silence for a bit.

I then walked over to Beaming ( my favorite smoothie/juice place! ) for a celery juice and a beaming cookie ( honestly one of my favorite desserts EVER. they’re UNREAL. )

3 PM | Urban Decay Launch Event + Gifting
Urban Decay recently launched the NAKED Cherry palette, so I met up with the UD team to pick up that palette, as well as some other goodies, to try out this holiday season.

I’ve been wanting to get better at doing more dramatic makeup ( it’s not usually my thing, I don’t usually have the patience for it ), and this palette is inspiring me to improve my makeup skills.

The red tones in the Cherry palette are PERFECT for green eyes. So, BRB while I become a makeup artist I guess.

4 PM | Rebecca Taylor & Movado Previews + Giftings
I picked up the most BEAUTIFUL dresses for holiday events + parties at the Rebecca Taylor preview at A LIST PR in Beverly Hills. I also snagged the perfect every day watch from the Movado preview while I was there.

I can’t wait to share these looks with y’all. They’re absolutely GORG.

6 PM | Dinner at Elephante with SporteLux
Chloe & I spent the evening with SporteLux and a few of my favorite ladies in the blogging/influencing space. We talked all things health, wellness, & blogging while catching up over dinner at Elephante in Santa Monica ( one of my favorites on my SM guide! ).

8:30 PM | Spray tan with GLOW BOSS
To finish out the day, my girl from Glow Boss came over to give me a spray tan in preparation for the weekend ahead.

I only have good things to say about Glow Boss ( they come to you, the color is so pretty, the solution is organic, the tan stays FOREVER ), and I highly recommend it if you’re in the LA area!

On Thursday, I boarded a plane for Houston, TX to spend the weekend between the H and College Station, my college town. I took a full vlog on that experience, so I’ll be posting that this week!

Hope all of you LA beebs are staying safe through the fire craziness! If you know of ways to get involved in helping those affected by the fires, comment them on my latest instagram post! I posted a link with a long list of relief efforts in my stories, but I know new ones are popping up daily.

Also, happy Veteran’s day! Be sure to thank a vet today beebs. If you haven’t already, you can read my full post about what growing up in a military family taught me about life here.

Love y’all! Talk soon, xx