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After a week spent in Texas for Thanksgiving, I was ready to return to a week of working & focussing on productivity last Monday. That being said: I was prepping for a little trip to *visit friends* in Oklahoma, which meant I was leaving again on Thursday, just three days later.


Anyways. On Monday, I spent the morning/afternoon at Soho House, working on the computer/bullshitting with Kristen as per usual.

I launched SHOP HUSTLE + HALCYON early last week, too! I’m working on getting the best, quickest shipping possible and the best prices moving forward. I’ve had good feedback thus far, though. You can shop the ‘Respect Women’ tee, the ‘Beebus’ hat, and the H+H logo hat there!


I had an 8:30am meeting over coffee with a friend from a PR company here in LA. I make it a point to meet people like this in-person, because I like to get to know the faces behind the e-mail addresses that flood my inbox for events & opportunities weekly!

Making friends in this little blogger world makes the job that much better.

Always make time for some face-to-face.

We had coffee at Bluestone Lane in West Hollywood, & I stayed there for a few hours post-meeting to get some work done on the computer ( & to eat some avocado toast! ).

After working for most of the day, I went to the gym for a quick workout before my at-home spray tan with Glow Boss, my new favorite tanning service here in LA. I LOVE the color & it stays forever.


The FORAY Holiday gala was on Wednesday evening, so I spent the day doing a combination of working & prepping for that.

As per usual, I started Wednesday at the chiropractor, getting adjusted.

The highlight of my day, though, came around 1pm when I went on a shopping spree in the Fresh store, shopping for holiday gifts + for myself.

On instagram stories, I asked you what YOUR favorite Fresh products were, and I made sure to pick those up. My Fresh shopping list consisted of:

Rose Face Mask
Vitamin Nectar Glow Face Mask
Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask
Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence
Black Tea Age Delay Eye Concentrate
Lotus Eye Gel

So far, I’ve used both eye products every day, and I’ve used the Rose face mask once. That rose mask is SOMETHING ELSE.

After my shopping spree, I started getting ready for the Foray Holiday Gala. We all met at Kylee’s house ( we went in a big group of girls + guys! ) before the gala to sip on tequila & take photos.

I wore a Rebecca Taylor dress + simple heels to the event.

Upon arrival to the gala, we realized we were, yet again, fully on the set of the new season of The Hills. Reality shows are really our bread + butter here, LOL. I feel like I’m always an accidental extra.

We drank, we danced, we binge-ate In-N-Out. What more could you want from a gala.

Thursday morning, I flew out to Oklahoma. I took a few days off from working, so we’ll cut this week off here.

BTW: keep an eye out for MANY-a-holiday giveaway coming up on Instagram stories!! I cannot wait to share some of my favorite beauty goodies with y’all! Talk soon. xx