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The main event on Sunday was, of course, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Kylee set up a little watching party at her house, so we convened there around 8pm to drink wine, feast on a cheese plate + pizza, & take photos for the partnership she booked that evening.

LOL– the life of bloggers. It’s all fun & games until you get dragged into taking a sponsored post.

The silky pink robe somehow didn’t have the same effect post-inhaling cheese for a couple of hours.

I’ll take any excuse to get together with my friends for food + wine in comfy-ass clothes. It’s one of my top favorite things in life.


Monday started at the chiropractor. As per usual.

After heading to a gifting suite in West Hollywood ( where I picked up a few winter-y accessories ), I posted up in front of my computer at home all day.

That afternoon, I hopped on a couple of calls ( many of my meetings are over the phone! I like to schedule in calls with companies I’m working with to discuss everything more in detail ).

Its the next best thing to face-to-face.

Monday evening, I shot my Holiday Lookbook with my video guru, Jayden, which is already live! The post includes 6 looks + a ton of options to get the same look as the ones I’m wearing here.


I began Tuesday morning with a reformer pilates session at Studio MDR in Venice. I’ve been big on HIIT + strength in recent months, so adding pilates into the mix has been a nice change of pace. AND, it’s killer.

Post-pilates, I did my first ever infrared sauna session at Pause Float Studio in Venice. I’m slightly addicted to the whole experience now. I did a 30 minute sweat session and came out feeling like a totally new person.

Post-sauna, I got ready to enter society again. I met Kristen at The RealReal storefront on Melrose to take a look around the new space. Talk about DREAMY. I highly recommend.

We took a few photos before we went to Carrera Cafe for an evening with Kiva making CANNABIS chocolate treats for the holidays. Yes. You heard that correctly. The hot chocolate & the chocolate we covered our holiday cookies with contained various amounts of THC.

I had to take in REAL easy the rest of the night. Let’s just leave it at that.


Wednesday was the day tragedy struck. It FULLY rained. All day. In the city of Los Angeles. The city I pay an UNGODLY amount of money to live in the AVOID RAIN at all costs.

But, it happened. & It did not find LA waiting with open arms.

I quit life in Wednesday ( after my visit it the Chiropractor ), threw on sweatpants and hoodie ( hood up & cinched securely around my head, eyes/nose/mouth exposed ) and met Claudia at Literati in Santa Monica for a day of computer work.

My eyes were basically shriveled up into prunes by the time I left Literati that day. No lie.


Thursday was still a bit cloudy/rainy, much to my dismay, as I headed to pilates in the morning. The weather got a bit better. My reformer pilates abilities did not. That still killed me.

I worked all day Thursday until I had a meeting with Nike here in LA to discuss upcoming plans & to learn more about what they’re all about. Again, LOVE meeting with people in person like this.

I started in a painting project on Thursday evening, trying to copy something I saw on Pinterest. I’ll keep y’all posted on that one, LOL.


Chiropractor, duh.

Post-adjustment, I worked from home until I had a meeting around lunch time.

I spent the Friday afternoon in the Palisades at the Madewell pop-up shop. I had the chance to personalize a little leather wallet with my initials. CUTE. Also, the Palisades Village is the cutest place to ever exist.

Y’all gotta go.

Friday night, Kirsten came over to film a WOULD YOU RATHER video that included questions I had people submit via Instagram stories. Chloe & Claire ( my roomies ) also joined in. It was EPIC. I’ll post that video on my channel tomorrow!

Wine was involved in the making of the video.


Saturday morning, I did a quick workout a Equinox before going to my first laser hair removal appointment at Barber Surgeons Guild in West Hollywood.

The ultimate goal is to have pretty much 0 hair from the chin down. I’m achieving my naked-mole-rat dreams a step at a time. Saturday, I started with under arms AND removing the peach fuzz on my face.

The Barber Surgeons Guild is one of the coolest spaces I’ve seen for both grooming + laser treatments. Y’all are going to DIG the vibe. I highly recommend visiting them for all your lasering needs.

Post-laser, I went to Bellacures for a SUPER overdue pedicure. Again, highly recommend this place if you’re looking to really relax ( they have normal, comfy chairs instead of salon-style ) and get your nails did.

You’ll love.

Saturday night, Chloe and I went on a hot date to a sushi spot in Beverly Hills. It’s EXACTLY what I needed to round out a day spent pampering myself.

& that’s it for this week’s WEEKLY. Talk soon, beebs. xx