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If you don’t live in LA or if you have not had the displeasure of visiting while a minor rainstorm occurs, let me tell you, it’s a shit show.

Upon the first single drop of water hitting the ground, the entire city basically goes up in flames. Events are canceled. Everyone immediately claims seasonal depression. The highway looks like that scene from Birdbox where the suicidal drivers are crashing into everything. It’s mass chaos.

I have found that I am unable to function at 100% when it rains, too. This city has done something to my psyche. I am not proud.

So, on Monday ( after my visit to the chiropractor ), Claudia & I posted up at Flower Child in Santa Monica ( I love working here! The wifi is top-notch! ) to work most of the day. We plan a work-on-the-computer day anytime it rains.

It’s nice to have an excuse to stay inside all day, I guess. Usually, working inside all day makes me feel guilty. Like I’m taking the amazing weather for granted.

After about 6 hours of sitting at my laptop, drinking lots of coffee + ordering a couple of meals, I wrapped up work & headed to get my nails done at LAK Nail Bar in Westwood.

My nails are very short + brittle, so getting them done has always been a miserable experience for me, TBH. I sit there FOREVER only to walk out with either painted nails that are still short & stubby, OR acrylics that I know will ruin my natural nail underneath. For this reason, I’ve avoided the nail salon for a very long time. It just seemed like a waste of money.

I discovered the builder gel option at LAK Nail Bar via Instagram, and I figured I’d give it a try. Apparently, this type of gel ( I also got a flexible tip on my nails to lengthen them! ) is supposed to nourish my natural nail, instead of destroy it. I’ve also heard great things about the SLS dip powder, though they don’t offer this at LAK.

Just a lil nail tip. So far, I’m loving them!


Tuesday began with a barre class at Equinox ( with my friend Lauren ), something I’ve been trying to add back into my routine as of late. I’ve never been a huge fan of barre/pilates or yoga, because I find them boring, but I’m trying to become refined enough to enjoy such exercises.

I’m way too intense when it comes to physical activity. I need to remind myself that sometimes it’s okay to leave a workout class NOT drenched in sweat, but feeling focussed, stretched, and strong mentally & physically. Barre is NO JOKE in terms of a good workout, but it does take a lot of mental focus. When I work out, I usually like to NOT think at all.

I think that’s called “zen.” I’m slowly easing into these types of workouts with Cardio Barre. It’s an upbeat version of typical barre/pilates classes. Slowly but surely becoming chill.

Post-Pilates, we headed to the Daily Harvest pop-up to try some smoothies.

Then, I spent the afternoon getting my hair colored by my boyf Spencer + working on the computer. I’ve been getting my hair done by him for the last two years, and I’m always happy with the results.

To waste time between appointments, I sat at Roo Coffee in Silver Lake, working on the computer + sipping on an almond milk latte. Tuesday was one of those days where I packed a change of clothes, my computer/chargers, & my makeup + skincare in the car, because I had to stay out all day. Traffic is AWFUL in Los Angeles ( obvi ), so coming home isn’t an option if I have numerous meetings/appointments throughout the day.

That evening, I headed to hang with Laura Mercier. They just launched a new foundation, so I had the chance to try out the product ( + more LM goodies ) and shoot some photos in the installations they had set up. Claire was shooting the event, so that ended up being BOMB.


I started Wednesday at the chiropractor— because, obviously. Y’all probably know my schedule better than I do at this point.

Wednesday was one of those days that just dragged ( drug? dragged? dr-….? idk the correct word here ) on forever. It’s been a couple of months since I experienced true symptoms of depression ( do y’all want me to talk more about this? ), and last Wednesday, I fell back into that mental place JUST a touch.

Not enough to open the floodgates, but I felt myself have a bit of a moment all day.

When this type of thing happens, I generally try to get outside & surround myself with people I enjoy being around. I have a tendency to isolate myself as a response to basically all emotions ( or lack thereof ), so forcing myself around people is key. Sunshine ( + Vitamin D supplementing ) is key. Exercise is key.

MOST IMPORTANTLY these things are key when I don’t feel like doing them.

So, I grabbed lunch at The Hive in Santa Monica with my friend Sophie. We sat there for nearly 2 hours talking about our plans for Super Bowl ( headed to Atlanta next week! ), setting up a weekend extravaganza with the girls, & general catching up.

I spent the rest of the day working from home, taking phone calls, & doing a quick workout.


Because it was still raining on Thursday ( worst ), Kristen & I planned to spend the day looking at art. Seems like a nice rainy day activity, right?

After a morning barre workout, I met up with Kristen at EggTuck in Koreatown for egg sammies before heading to The Broad downtown.

I, for the first time, became THAT person at the museum standing 1 foot away from the art, squinting to study each piece. This is solely because Kristen and I developed a possibly-weed-induced theory: all artists hide penis drawings/paintings/etc in their art.

We noticed one artist including a recurring shape that resembled a penis, and we just assumed that all artists do something like this. I know I would.

So, we spent the afternoon looking for dicks in art.

Refined. Classy. Interesting.

On Thursday evening, I went in to Corrective Skincare in Santa Monica for a light peel & some extractions. If you have acne and live in LA, I HIGHLY recommend going to Corrective Skincare to start tackling the acne issue. Check them out on Instagram for WHY I’m making this claim.

They’re absolutely life-changing, and I’ve only been going to CS for the last couple of weeks. Just trust me.


Post-chiropractor, I went to Studio City to get my hair color matched for extensions I will be getting in a couple of weeks! I’ve never had extensions before, so I’m excited to be able to document my experience to share with y’all.

No bullshit, I’ll let y’all know what I think.

I’m getting tape in extensions for volume, and MAYBE a little length. I’m not really into that extra-long hair look. It just doesn’t match with my ~vibe~. Don’t get me wrong, I like to be a glam every now and then, but I live day-to-day in sweat suits &/or tees and jeans.

Long hair extensions, lash extensions, Nicki Minaj-style nails. None of the above are really my thing.

After some work + a workout, I went to dinner with a few bloggers friends from out of town at Little Ruby in Santa Monica. A few spicy margaritas fueled the rest of the night I spent with some of my OG girlfriends, going out in West LA/Santa Monica.


Nothing cures a hangover like a day spent beached-whaling it in the Pacific Palisades.

My girl Becca and I grabbed a smoothie + a juice at Beaming ( my favorite!! I get the Beaming Basic + Spinach! ) and then a coffee + croissant at Bluestone Lane. We really made our rounds there.

We discussed all sorts of things while sipping coffee/laying in the sun in the BEAUTIFUL weather that returned to LA over the weekend. Every person I encountered on Saturday was in a bright, cheery mood. It was truly a beautiful experience.

Saturday was very simple, which is something special.

Mid-week, I was feeling a bit off. By Saturday, I was feeling overwhelmingly grateful of both the place I live + the people I’m surrounded by.


On Sunday, I ran a couple of morning errands before meeting Kylee for an early Galentine’s brunch at EP & LP with Luxen Fleur x Justine Cuenco.

I had the chance to enjoy lattes + asian-fusion-style brunch with a few girls I had never met before, which is a little bit rare in the LA blogger scene. Most events, activations & parties are filled with girls I know very well or have met a couple of times, at the very least.

It’s always nice to be able to meet new people. It’s refreshing.

Sunday was also a simple day. After brunch, I went home to work on Super Bowl & Fashion Week plans, to organize away all of the stuff that had accumulated in my room throughout the week, & to make lists like a mad-woman to mentally prepare for the week to come.

Lists r my life.

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s WEEKLY. I apologize for the many spelling errors I probably made in the post. I am, as per usual, falling asleep at my computer. I MUST FINISH THIS POST.

K, goodnight, or good morning. Idk when you’re reading this. Okay bye.