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The Weekly | #2

This week included ( somewhat ) professional responsibilities, hanging out with a few of my favorite humans, a weird number of salads ( I noticed this after I wrote the post ), & some cute-ass outfits, if I do say so myself.

Of course, I’m highlighting only what y’all might find interesting, like blogging tips, healthy meals ( grocery list included! ), Los Angeles restaurant recommendations, workout details & more.

Are y’all liking this weekly series?? Lemme know what you want to hear more about.

K, let’s get started.


Monday morning was all about getting back on track, as Monday mornings typically are.

I went to a Pure Strength class at Equinox, a class that focusses on lifting HEAVY weight. Like I’ve said before, strength training has been the best thing to happen to my workout routine! It has been essential in losing fat & feeling stronger, obviously.

Kristen & I had a dinner meeting at Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican food spot on Melrose, with a PR firm that we both really love. These kinds of meetings, making time to put a face to the name, are so important for standing out in the digital space, in my opinion. Most of what we do is done through a computer screen, so an in-person meeting with someone leaves a strong impression.

Lunch or Dinner meetings are my go-to, especially when the PR firm/brand is coming from out of town, because they always choose a trendy, Instagrammable spot ( & they let the margs/rosé flow VERY freely, LOL ).

Outfit Details: my duster is ON SALE from Aritzia here, my skinnies are AG ( these jeans are an essential ), & the top/shoes are both sold out/old ( SORRY! ).


I uploaded a summer outfit haul to YouTube on Tuesday! That started the morning off with a bang.

After a quick HIIT running session at the gym & some time in the steam room, I headed over to Sweetgreen to lunch with my friends Sophie & Angelique.

For those of you who don’t know, Sophie is one of my best friends, and she’s a sports personality & podcast host. She is seriously the funniest person to follow on Twitter EVER. Such a character.

DEFINITELY listen to her episode with our friend Sydney Esiason ( seriously. listen to it. ).

My friend Angelique ( who I met through Soph ) is a YouTube personality & influencer. Y’all might remember her from the under $50 outfit challenge collaboration we did together.

BTW— my sweetgreen order is: romaine lettuce, warm quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, spicy broccoli, cilantro, avocado, & cilantro lime vinaigrette. YUM.

After lunch activities, I met up with my manager, Erin, to go over some of the brands I’m loving lately & some of the ideas I have for H+H moving forward. Erin & I initially met when I lived in Los Angeles while interning in college, and we began working together when she started managing influencers in the health & wellness space.

It kind of fell into place that way.

It’s nice to have someone who knows the influencer world from the brand side ( she previously worked in PR ) to guide me in partnerships with brands. I don’t work with Erin exclusively, so I can still negotiate and manage partnerships on my own or with other PR firms/managers if I want.

I just wanted to give y’all the gritty details, because I know many of you blogger gals want to know about stuff like this!


I spent Wednesday morning talking beauty over breakfast with Prête Beauty ( an on-demand beauty app ) & Goody hair at The Hart & The Hunter on Melrose.

Goody, an old favorite, is launching the hair ties of our DREAMS, people. So, I got the low-down on the new product and a few samples to try out myself. All-about-hair post coming soon??

I then headed over to Equinox ( I told y’all I live at Equinox ), for a Barre class + some cardio on the elliptical. Admittedly, I watched Weeds on Netflix the entire time I was on the elliptical. It’s my current guilty pleasure, though I know I’m late to the party on this one.

I made a run to the grocery store to pick up food to make for the week, focussing on meals containing lean protein + veggies. My grocery list looked a little something like this:

mixed veggies, broccoli, tomatoes, butter lettuce, strawberries, mixed fruit

8oz of ground turkey, 4oz halibut, 4oz salmon

Califia Farms Iced Coffee + Almond Milk, Sweet and Salty Popcorn

Wednesday night, I got my usual spray tan at Palm Beach Tan: the MYSTIC spray in Dark + Island tone ( Island has a blue undertone so it doesn’t turn orange! ).


After finishing up some work on Thursday morning, I met up with my girl Claudia in Beverly Hills to shoot some content for Instagram + get lunch. Sometimes, I’ll meet up with my other influencer friends if I have a lot of collaborations in the works, and we take photos in a few different outfits to get the content we each need.

Its a good way to work & get some social time in ( which is a must, because I sit around alone A LOT as a blogger ).

After a quick treadmill workout at Equinox, I headed to dinner at Cecconi’s with Cuvée Beauty, a champagne-infused hair care line. Luckily for me, my friends Kylee + Kristen were there to eat TONS of amazing food & celebrate the launch of Cuvée’s new products with me.

If you ever go to Cecconi’s, I recommend the truffle risotto BIG TIME. It’s unreal.

I started using Cuvée’s shampoo + conditioner recently, so results-to-come on that one!

If you haven’t noticed, I prioritized seeing some of my favorite people this week, because  being around my humans always makes me feel more secure & more inspired. Like I said, blogging can get kind of lonely, and it’s easy to get used to relying on just yourself for inspiration. Making a point to spend time with others is working wonders for my brain lately.


I met my friend Riley for lunch at Tocaya Organica in Venice on Friday. Riley is an influencer and the owner of the meme account @Bitc.h, which is SO FUCKING FUNNY.

For lunch, I got a salad with turkey, veggies, vegan cheese & salsa.

I had the chance to visit my friends at Kelley Baker Brows in Venice for a brow touch-up following lunch. I always forget how much flawless brows affect my overall face/life. I felt like my life improved a little with each hair being ripped from my face.


If you want to schedule a visit to Kelley Baker Brows, ask for Tory-Lynn, she’s the REALEST.

Friday night was spent in this badass I Am Gia bodysuit, celebrating Kylee’s birthday with a group of girls. We started with drinks & truffle fries at The Nice Guy & ended with spicy margs at Soho House. Boujee much?


Needless to say, the night really ended with me at home alone, eating a full family bag of skinny popcorn & watching Weeds. Let’s be real.


Saturday was a boring-ass day.

Welcome to living in LA. Sometimes you spend $90 on fancy cocktails & eavesdrop on John Mayer’s dinner conversation, sometimes you lay on the couch all day because you’re broke ( because you just spent all your money on cocktails the night before ).

I’d like to say I hung out with a huge group of COOL PEEPS on the beach, basking in the sun over rosé & living the LA-lifestye. The reality of Saturday was a full day of sitting around in my apartment, in my sweats, working on H+H.

I made it out of the apartment for a quick boxing workout & a steam room session at the gym. I have this new theory that my acne comes from post-drinking/binge-eating toxins exiting my body through my pores, so now I’m making myself workout/sweat after a night out.

It’s miserable, so sweating my balls off every Saturday morning BETTER WORK FUCKING WONDERS for my skin. Beauty is pain, apparently.

I was good on Saturday, as I resisted the urge to spend another night out drinking tequila. Are y’all proud??


Sunday was Kylee’s actual birthday, & we started the day with high hopes and good intentions.

The initial plan was to hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and then head to the Renaissance Faire to spice up the weekend. Because I’m ME, I looked up all of the food offered at the Ren Fair, & I was HYPED UP on all the options ( from turkey legs to vegan pastries, my palate is really all over the place ).

As fate would have it, it started to downpour upon our arrival to the Flea Market, & all our Sunday Funday dreams were crushed.

‘It rains in Southern California?’ you ask?

The answer is no, it doesn’t. But, somehow, it rained on ( potentially ) the most exciting day of my life. I’m not bitter….

Instead of living my best life, I spent Sunday with my at-home salad, working ( again ), & watching weeds ( again ). Are y’all sensing a pattern here?

Thanks for coming along for a week in my life, babes! Hopefully something about my week can improve your life in some way ( even if it only inspired you to re-watch Weeds… )

Talk soon, xx

4 Responses
  • Emma Lenhart
    05 . 16 . 2018

    I love this series so much!! Please keep doing it, it’s really cool to see your day to day life.

  • Madison
    05 . 19 . 2018

    I looooove this series! So fun.

  • Lexie Shah
    05 . 22 . 2018

    what brand are your workout sneaks?!

    • paytonsartain
      05 . 23 . 2018