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The Weekly | #3

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Monday kicked off with a hydrafacial at Dr. Ghavami’s office in Beverly Hills. I think these are my newest skincare addiction.

Should I do a whole post on hydrafacials?? I need to do a few more this month for a thorough experience to write about.

After my facial, I met up with Kylee & Kristen at Soho House ( because Under 27 members get half off drinks & food on Mondays, mwuahah ), to discuss summer travels. Scheduling in time to meet with my influencer friends keeps me accountable, which is KEY for my success in working for myself.

Monday night, because I knew I’d be skipping workouts throughout this busy week, I jogged to Equinox for a pilates class ( Rockin’ Model Workout— don’t judge it by it’s name… it’s a killer ), and then jogged back. In total, I think I logged about 6 miles + a toning workout on Monday.

Let’s be honest, I ran/walked that 6 miles. I’m not a super-human.


Emma came over on Tuesday morning to help me list more Poshmark sales! She is such a saving-grace when it comes to Poshmark.

After a morning of work, I headed to Barney’s NY to shop for a partnership I have with them. I focussed on how to splurge for yourself ( my favorite thing ) & highlighted a sale that might facilitate a splurge-moment for those of you who are new graduates.

I tortured myself on Tuesday afternoon by booking a bikini sugaring session ( it’s like waxing, but better ). It was miserable but necessary.

I canceled attending Tuesday night’s events ( whoops ) because the idea of sitting in traffic for over an hour to drive 4 miles was nauseating. Instead, I made homemade french fries, worked on H+H, & finished watching Weeds.


I slept in on Wednesday morning & cleaned my house a bit. I did work on the computer before heading to lunch with my friend Kiana, who is now heading up a company called The Standby Diary, which helps bloggers plan travel.


We met at SweetGreen, where I got my usual ( romaine, quinoa, cabbage, cilantro, tomatoes, spicy broccoli, red onion, avocado, & cilantro lime jalapeño vinaigrette ). I love meeting up with people like Kiana to discuss partnership, because it’s much more personal than shooting over a simple email.

Face-to-face is KEY.

After lunch, I headed to my derm’s office for preventative botox. I can do a whole post on this if y’all want, too.

Botox ( which IS NOT the same as filler ) paralyzes your face muscles in the areas you inject it. Getting small amounts of botox done in your 20s is a preventative measure, allowing you to avoid wrinkle formation in areas of your face where you might be more animated.

I get 6 units of botox ( which is BABY amount, I think the usual minimum is 20+ units ) across my forehead, which is the area of my face I’m starting to see faint lines form. Taking control of wrinkles immediately, LOL.

I spent Wednesday afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier with Revolve. They rented out the pier for the day, set up a couple open bars & let everyone run wild for a few hours. A dream.

I rounded out Wednesday by making some coconut flour cookies that I WILL BE making again. I’m going to make a few changes to the original recipe, & I’ll share my version with y’all soon.


After a morning of work + a few conference calls, I headed to Hollywood to meet with my Redken color ANGEL, Spencer. Spencer has been coloring my hair since I moved to LA, basically, and he works some major blonde magic.

Thursday night was… interesting.

As y’all know, marijuana has somewhat-recently become legal to use recreationally in California. Because of that, LA is being taken over be dispensaries + marijuana is being used in so many cool ways/in different forms.

Kylee, Kristen & I joined the Herbal Chef, Medmen & Mondo for a marijuana-infused dinner spread. We talked the difference between CBD & THC ( learn more about why I’m team CBD here ).

Everything at the dinner was labeled medicated or non-medicated, & I stuck with non-medicated ( mostly ), because I’m such a weed NOOB. The edible situation scares me, lolz. The medicated options I ended up choosing were CBD-based.

Also to note: my outfit for Thursday night was pretty BOMB, if I do say so myself.


I flew to Austin on Friday morning to spend the weekend with some of my Texas friends in one of my favorite Texas cities.

My friend Kendall picked me up from the airport like the ANGEL she is, and after getting settled, we had a few drinks in the sun on the roof of the Fairmont Hotel in Austin.

That night, my friend Tessa arrived in town & we met up with a group to go out. We started with dinner, headed to the W for drinks, & then finished the night with a table at Summit. Luckily for us, the bouncers ( literally without any words spoken ), walked us up to a huge private table immediately upon our arrival.

It was 3 girls, 1 table. I must add: we were all wearing leather outfits, so I think that had something to do with it, LOL.

Or maybe it was good luck. But probably not.

Like the true idiot I am, I ordered grilled cheese, tomato soup (?), & a dessert crepe at 4AM via Uber Eats. I’m not really sure what inspired that spread, but I was more hungover from food than I was from alcohol the next morning.


We spent the day on the lake on Saturday. We started on a friend’s boat, cruising around the lake, wake-boarding ( obviously I didn’t take part in this ), & sipping skinny margaritas ( which is why I didn’t go the wake-boarding route ).

In the evening, we boarded a barge to celebrate a friend’s birthday. By 8pm, I was ready to eat & GO HOME.

Luckily for us, there were Chick-Fil-A chicken nugget trays on-board. If any of you saw my food-baby Instagram story, you already know that I ate about 53 chicken nuggets ( not an exaggeration. at all ).

Needless to say, I did NOT go out on Saturday night. I can’t handle that level of debauchery.


I woke up on Sunday morning with ANOTHER food hangover. We slept in, & then headed to brunch with a group of people.

Guess what? I ordered a whole pizza ( gluten-free tho ) to myself. When will I learn?

After brunch, I snuck away ( with high hopes of returning to the group to continue day partying later ) to get some work done & to nap.

While all my savage crew continued to Sunday-Funday, I slept for about 4 hours, worked on the computer, & laid around my friend’s place like a bum. I can’t be that social/drink that much anymore.

I just feel like SHIT after.

As I’m writing this now, I’m realizing I need to focus on being HEALTHY this week. Detox is necessary.

Hope y’all liked coming along this week!

Doing these weekly posts are essentially helping me brainstorm other types of posts ( botox, recipes, etc ), so I’m getting a lot out of the weekly situation.

Talk soon, because this week is about to be PACKED with great events/activities here in Los Angeles. xx

5 Responses
  • Ewa Macherowska
    05 . 22 . 2018

    Great post! x


  • Anna
    05 . 23 . 2018

    Definitely neeed more preventative Botox info (also starting to see small forehead lines) *yikes*

    • paytonsartain
      05 . 27 . 2018

      nothing wrong with a lil botox here & there, ya knowwwww

  • Jamie
    05 . 25 . 2018

    Definitely interested in Botox & ALL the CBD blogs!
    I liked your weekly play by play too

    • paytonsartain
      05 . 27 . 2018

      yayyyy! that makes me so happy beeb! x