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I’m starting the week’s run-down on a Tuesday, because I spent all of last Monday at the airport coming home from Austin. See here for more details on my Austin trip!

Tuesday was a busy BUSY day, my friends.

Tuesday morning, I visited my friends at A List PR to pick up a little something for one of Tuesday night’s events. I grabbed this mini dress by Boohoo, among other things.

Then, I headed to the Santa Monica Pier to celebrate the launch of O’neill x WhitneyBearr‘s summer collection. A group of us played some games, ate tacos at Blue Plate Taco, & talked about blogging/boys/clothes. The usual.

I headed straight to Dry Bar after the event to get my hair professionally tamed because 1) I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to doing my own hair, & 2) I’m lazy. Thank G for Dry Bar.

Tuesday night’s event scenario kicked off with Villa Victoria with Victoria’s Secret + Levi’s. Lingerie + Denim. Name a better fucking duo. Add some leather in there & I’m IN. PS: the VS models are stunning in person, as I’m sure you can imagine. I brought Claire along as per usual to help me with photos for the night. She’s the OG.

We finished out Tuesday night in Hollywood with NYLON for their Young Hollywood party. It takes a lot for me to go out on a Tuesday night, but it was for WORK, okay??

We were humbled immediately upon arrival, as the paparazzi, after hesitantly pointing cameras in our direction, put their cameras down to search for the closest reality TV star they could spot entering the club. We were then specifically instructed to skip the red carpet & head for the entrance.

That’s that LA LIFESTYLE, people. Fame. Glamour. Being reminded that you are neither famous nor glamorous, LOL.

I will say my COOL MOMENT of the night was when Ariana ( from Vanderpump Rules, AKA: the only chill/normal person on that show ) came up to tell me she follows me & loves my outfits… so yeah, basically I can die happy.


Wednesday was all about CHILLIN. Kind of.

I started the day with a quick workout ( I was terrible about scheduling in workouts last week… UGH ). I did a stair-stepper warm-up & then some strength circuits.

Then, I headed out to Long Beach with Kristen, Claire & my friend Riley to have an afternoon boat moment courtesy of London Boat Rentals. They have the CUTEST little flat-bottom boats for cruising the marina. I felt so European sipping wine & relaxing with friends.

If you want something to do with a group of girls ( or your dude ) for a few hours in the Long Beach area, I highly recommend checking out London Boat Rentals!

We grabbed some sushi in Long Beach after the boat to avoid rush-hour traffic back to LA. I must say, I’ve fallen in love with Long Beach. We walked around the 2nd Street area that evening, planning our perfect staycation in Long Beach. 2nd Street has SO MANY cute bars/restaurants & the vibe is SO CHILL.


Thursday was the day I decided I need to get BACK ON TRACK when it comes to being healthy. In the last few weeks, I haven’t made taking care of my body a priority and I’m FEELING IT.

I made myself a healthy lunch ( quinoa + broccoli + tomatoes + avocado, with salsa ), making sure to prepare extra food to keep in the fridge to have on-hand.

Thursday was all about PACKING for our move, too. We started by cleaning out any trash/unwanted items from the apartment. I also made a trip or two to Goodwill, because you gotta do good where you can, ya know? REMEMBER to donate instead of trash things like clothing/home decor/electronics! Good for the Earth + other humans ( & its TOO EASY not to donate, Goodwill has donation centers EVERYWHERE ). ♥


We picked up our keys + officially got access to our new apartment in Century City on Friday morning! Spending the first two years of my LA life in the Brentwood/Santa Monica area was great, but moving to the other side the the 405 has been a long time coming. I’ll miss being a west-side chiller, but I WILL NOT miss that 3-7pm traffic trying to get to events in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood!

I absolutely LOVE Century City. The Westfield Century City complex is close to our new place and is truly my own heaven on earth. The restaurants/cafes/shops in Westfield Century City are right up my alley. Sunlife ( HI, Acai Bowls! ), Eataly, Beaming, Tocaya Organica, Shake Shack…. & SO many more. I’m salivating.

I couldn’t be happier with our decision to move.

Claire + I lost a roomie in the move ( Molly moved down to Costa Mesa in Orange County! She will be missed ), but we gained a new one, too!

Chloe, my badass swimwear-designer friend ( y’all have seen me wear her brand, Rheya Swim, before ), is our 3rd roomie in our new apartment. Her energy is a great add to our space. So, our apartment houses a blogger, photographer, & designer. As I’m sure y’all have guessed, we’re already planning our first shoot for Rheya Swim. Wasting no time.


Chloe & I spent Saturday afternoon at Westfield Century City, lunching at Tocaya Organica ( I got the spicy Street Corn Bowl + Turkey/Manchego ), dessert-ing at Beaming ( their vegan ice cream sandwiches are FANTASTIC ), & spending a stupid amount of money on random objects at The Container Store.

I made 1,000 trips between our old apartment + the new one on Saturday, trying to move the smaller items before the movers came on Sunday morning.

The amount of SHIT I have accumulated in the last 2 years is troubling. Even after giving away car-fulls of STUFF, selling hundreds of dollars of clothing on Poshmark, and throwing away/recycling POUNDS of trash, the amount of belongings left to move was truly incredible.

As a blogger, I get A LOT of product for free, but to think that all of those random things have value is kind of nauseating. I need to own much less stuff than I do. I don’t need one more thing. Has anyone else had this realization while moving or just in general life??


The movers finally came to move our larger furniture to the new place on Sunday morning. Sunday funday was postponed until the evening.

I spent the afternoon working from my new second-home, Westfield Century City, writing this post & organizing my thoughts when it comes to my passion project: It Made Me Fearless. I’m excited to get started on this project, as I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now.

Basically, It Made Me Fearless is a movement to empower those facing “bullies” ( hate the image that word invokes, but you get my point ) by reframing the narrative on being a victim of such social struggle. As a person who got SHIT on by girls since the age of 12, I find that there is something missing in the way we protect school-aged girls from being victimized by their peers.

That experience, if you let it, will teach you incredible things about yourself, in my opinion. It’s not easy to be ostracized, openly talked about in a negative light, put under a microscope, etc, but that experience taught me to be independent, strong, unique, & it instilled a trust in myself that I don’t think I’d have otherwise.

It’s the REASON I get to wake up every morning & do what I love for a job. Basically, I want girls going through all of that now to see how much better it will make them later. Ja feel? There are too many tragedies involving self-harm that come out of scenarios like this.

Battling these bullies with laws is helpful in some regard, but empowering those who would otherwise feel victimized is so important, and I think that perspective is missing from the narrative right now. I’ll be collecting stories from others who have dealt with this type of social struggle to share, in hopes that these stories can positively affect girls ( & guys! ) who might be feeling alone.

If you want to keep up with IMMF, you can follow us on Instagram here. If you’d like to get involved, feel free to DM me over there!

I went on my first run in our new neighborhood on Sunday night, adding hill sprints to my normal routine. Did I mention I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR NEW AREA?? I rewarded myself with a vegan burger from Veggie Grill for dinner.

As a person who literally HATES veggie burgers AND all vegan cheeses ( gross ), Veggie Grill’s Beyond Burger ( I found out Beyond Buger can be purchased at the grocery store, btw ) is ABSOLUTELY life-changing. It tastes like a real burger with real cheese and I AM NOT OKAY RN. It’s so freaking good.

I also sipped on a new red wine I picked up called 19 Crimes. I did a little research on low-sugar wines & this one came highly recommended. It is SO GOOD. Definitely look for it if you’re a red fan.

Hope y’all liked coming along on last week’s adventures/meals/realizations.

Talk soon. xx