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Because Monday was Memorial Day, we’re starting this week off on a Tuesday, because that’s when my brain started working correctly again. I spent much of this week catching up on behind-the-scenes aspects of H+H & getting settled in my new place!

On Tuesday, I met up with my girl Sophie to catch up mid-day, giving me a chance to relax & have a little time off from Tuesday’s work load.

I always make sure to schedule in breaks like that to reset mentally during the day.

We lunched at our usual, Sweetgreen, where I got a salad with romaine, quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, spicy broccoli, cilantro, cabbage, red onion, & cilantro-jalapeno-lime vinaigrette. SO BOMB.

I chilled out with my favorite CBD water later that evening, BTW. I’ve discovered my favorite CBD water so far ( by Root Origins, pictured above ). Learn more about why I love CBD here!


I woke up EXTRA early ( for me ) on Wednesday morning to make it to a morning beach shoot in Malibu shoot with Boozie ( a GENIUS new beverage company, more details to come later ). Call time was at 7 AM, so I was up at a solid 5:45 AM to get shoot-ready.

Not ideal, but I lived through the experience.

I went from one shoot to another on Wednesday, heading to Hermosa Beach to meet my girl Kylie & shoot for Hammitt. We rode around on bikes on the boardwalk getting content for the brand to use.

In terms of booking shoots like that, brands reach out to me through PR companies or directly via e-mail/DM to book freelance shoots! Those kind of opportunities started arising after I lived on in LA for about 6 months, after establishing my base group of friends/PR contacts!

I love shoots for social content, because they’re generally quick & painless. Also, they’re SO relaxed.

I ordered a big meal IN on Wednesday night, after the day’s work was done. My Postmates favorite right now is Veggie Grill‘s Veggie Burger ( YES– I’m still obsessed. It’s SO FUCKING GOOD ) + french fries. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

I sat down to watch this week’s Netflix-obsession, season 2 of Riverdale, while I ate because TREAT YOSELF.


I have a confession to make: I binge-watched Riverdale until 3 AM on Thursday morning, & I fell asleep without turning my alarm on for my morning plans. WHOOPS.

I missed half the day due to my Riverdale addiction, LOL. It’s TAKING from my life.

I had the chance to make a grocery run with the roomie on Thursday, so I picked up Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger at the store, so I could stop ordering it from Veggie Grill every day ( this week was all about veggie burgers + Netflix, apparently ).

I brewed some of my favorite Hibiscus tea ( + lemon + stevia ) in my new handy tea maker & made myself a veggie burger at-home.

I did a lot of work on Thursday, which was relatively uneventful. You can’t live the glam life ALL the time.

Also, on Thursday, I made time to workout ( finally ). I jogged to my closest Equinox in Beverly Hills & did a few strength exercises ( watch this vlog to see a sampling of my circuit exercises! ).


Friday morning, I headed to the Kate Somerville Clinic off Melrose Place for an acne-banishing facial, and I can honestly say, my skin has improved SO MUCH since that experience.

The EradiKate facial is designed to get rid of acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, minimize pore size, promote circulation and accelerate healing. After cleansing, masking, and extractions, my esthetician used an LED light treatment to clear my skin. I’m all about LED light treatments lately.

I highly recommend the Kate Somerville Clinic for skin maintenance!! They have so many innovative treatments, too. I’m geeking out just looking at the services list. I want to try everything.

I spent Friday night IN, sipping wine & ordering copious amounts of sweets via Postmates with Kristen. We were living our best/worst lives.

Let me just say: I posted about my collaborative going OUT out Spotify playlist on Friday & I am OBSESSED with some of the songs y’all have added! Click here to see the post about this playlist + join/add your own pregame songs!


Saturday’s highlights include an afternoon with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel ( in my cute, $40 bikini ), chillin’ in the hills, a trip to Zinque with Kristen, & night out.

Basically, everything you could want from a Saturday.

We started with a few chairs by the pool at the Bev Hills Hotel, with some DRANKS, of course. I stuck with tequila water + pineapple/lime juice. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I think it’s SO good.

Usually, I avoid going up into the hills above Sunset Blvd. like it’s my JOB ( not a huge fan ), but Saturday afternoon, we ventured up into the hills a bit before heading to Zinque for dinner.

Zinque is one of my FAVORITE healthy/quick spots in LA for lunch or dinner. I always get Le Bowl ( without cheese, sauce on the side ).

Later that night, I met up with some friends at Delilah ( spicy margs + french fries, HI ) before heading to Hyde for a fricken NIGHT with some of my favorite humans. If I’m going OUT out in LA, Hyde is on the shortlist of clubs I can stand. There’s something about the layout of Hyde that makes me feel less anxious than other places.

Most clubs give me MAJOR anxiety.


I started Sunday off at Soho House for lunch with Chloe, the new roomie. Obviously I had to wear my hi-i’m-hungover ghostbuster jumpsuit. I had their veggie burger ( LOL– I’m obsessed ) with fries & a coffee.

Then, I scooped Kristen & we headed to meet Sophie in Manhattan Beach for a little beach day action. I wore other H&M suit to tan in because LOOK HOW CUTE. I’m a fan of H&M’s swim selection from style to fit.

We ate at Rice, my fav GLUTEN-FREE sushi spot in Manhattan Beach. Lately, I’ve been eating… a LOT. Like, copious amounts of food. So much so that Kristen side-eyed me for a moment at the table and goes “?????? how are you not full ??????

Judge-y, you ask me. Let me live.

In typical beebus-style, I finished off dinner by dragging everyone to the MB Creamery for ice cream, because I cannot NOT have something sweet after dinner. The meal isn’t finished without dessert. I got kid’s sized ice cream so Kristen would stop judging me. LOLz.


What a BOMB week, right?? It was pretty low-key until the weekend, just how I like it. This week is much more interesting in terms of events/work. Can’t wait to share, babes!

Talk soon. xx