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To kick off last week, I worked all day Monday, and celebrated my hard work with a movie night with Cotton On. I’ve worked with Cotton On in the past, & I love how they put on highly-involved & intimate events/collaborations.

For my bloggers out there: I initially connected with Cotton On through a PR company for a collaboration with some of my closest influencer friends ( a roadtrip on the PCH ). My blogger friends & I do A LOT together, & that has attracted brands to us to partner with the group as a whole. Not only do we get to WORK, but we get to do so with our friends.

I can’t stress the importance of finding your genuine friends in the blogging space. Of course, I have a number of girls I’m acquaintances with in the blogging world, but I have a few close friendships that developed naturally. We legit do everything together, LOL.

For new bloggers: don’t feel the need to force friendships, because that can come off weird, but if you genuinely like someone’s vibe / content or if you meet a blogger you vibe with at an event, it isn’t weird to reach out & be like hey let’s be besties.

I feel like I’m giving dating advice, HA.

Cotton On had a group of us out to the Melrose Rooftop Theatre ( its at EP & LP! ) to watch Grease + sip cocktails/eat snacks. It was so cute & cozy up there. My roomie, Chloe, & I KILLED the cocktail/snack portion, in typical me style.

Side note: I didn’t notice that all the people who played “high schoolers” in Grease are, like, 40 years old. What? Why? How did I not notice that until right now?

I wore some Cotton On goods, a big cozy cardigan, Nike sneakers, & a fanny pack. Super casual.

BTW– if you’re in LA & looking for an evening activity, I HIGHLY recommend going to the Melrose Rooftop Theatre this summer. It’s SO cute, there’s tons of food/booze, & they play the best classic movies.

shop monday


Tuesday, again, was all about working on the computer. I spend A LOT of time hidden away in my room, sending emails, making selects, writing, gathering inspo, learning etc.

It’s not all fun + games. A lot of blogging is sitting in my sweats, mocking up invoices for hours on end.

Keep that in mind if you ever feel like you’re not living a cool enough life. Absolutely no one gets to do cool things without the housekeeping part, so to speak. Everyone has boring, monotonous days, even if social media makes it seem otherwise.

& to add to that, if your life is all fun + games, you may want to rethink your life plan, LOL. I know when I’m buying into the hype of everything “exciting” that goes on around LA, I neglect work. You can’t have it all, all the time. Chances are, if you’re self-employed, just starting your business AND you’re out spending money/doing ridiculous things every day, you’re not going to be successful. Bottom line.

Tuesday night, I dragged my roomie out yet again for an event with The League x Netflix to celebrate the launch of the new Netflix original, Set It Up. This movie looks really good, actually. I think Lucy Liu is absolutely stunning & I’m obsessed with her, so I’m excited for this to come out ( June 15th! ).

For those of you who don’t know what The League is, its a dating app for young professionals, & its available in a number of cities all over the US. I know dating apps have a weird stigma, but if you’re single, I HIGHLY recommend The League. Before I started dating someone, I was on it.

I used it for dates occasionally, but, most of the time, my best friend & I would use it to have a group of cute guys on-demand to meet up with on the weekends. It made finding dudes to go out with in a city like LA so easy. I’m not getting paid to post about this on the actual blog, by the way, I just actually like this app. Gotta let my gals in on something good when I know about it.

Also, if you’re looking to get wifed: some of my BEST friends out here have met their boyfriends on The League. You can really use it for whatever purpose. Sometimes it’s just fun to click through.

Basically, you sign up with your LinkedIn account, & they approve each member ( hi, boys who never ask you to go halfsies on the first date ). You can also filter your daily matches by HEIGHT, LOL, which I think is so savage and so great, as well as by age & location. Highly. Recommend.

Again, for this event, I was contacted by a PR agency to attend + post from the event. I love when I score collaborations that make sense for me. It’s like they’ve been spying on me or something, lolz.

shop tuesday


On Wednesday, I headed to Laguna Beach, with Kristen & my friend Sage, for the day/night. We started our mini-getaway with a beach day with Lolli Swim. Claire was there shooting the event, so that worked out well for us.

Again, this kind of event is the type of thing I really appreciate as a blogger. Lolli Swim had a small group of us out to their beach bungalow for a few hours to eat, mingle, sip champagne & shoot content for us & the brand to use.

The girls on the Lolli team were SO sweet and accommodating, and sent us home with lots of Lolli Swim, canned Rosé & beach necessities.

They even payed attention to each of us enough to sit us next to our close friends within the group of girls they invited. That’s a good detail.

After we spent the day in our Lolli Swim, Kristen, Sage & I checked into our hotel, The Laguna Beach House Hotel, the CUTEST little hotel near the beach. If you’re wanting to stay somewhere in Laguna Beach, check this place out!

The Laguna Beach House Hotel has an instagrammable-AF pool area AND a happy hour followed by COOKIE hour in the evenings. Genius.

After we met up with my insta-friend, Delaney of The Styled Seed ( she’s the HOTTEST, go follow her ), for a quick beach session ( AKA: to get a photo ), we went to dinner at Skyloft.

We ended up staying at Skyloft all night to enjoy the live music + a few tequila waters ( with lime juice… I’m not that much of a psycho ). Y’all might’ve seen my instagram stories of us late-nighting Jack in the Box. We all knew it was coming. Those curly fries + their crunchy tacos get me every. freaking. time.

shop wednesday


Thursday morning, we woke up & drove to the flower fields in Carlsbad, CA ( near San Diego ), because Sage needed the backdrop for a campaign she was shooting.

Upon arrival, we discovered that the flower fields were CLOSED. With Kristen as our fearless leader, we found a way to, um, let ourselves into the field. We may or may not have climbed a very tall fence. Whatever. I’m not confirming anything.

A LOT of the flower fields were dead at this point, and it was hilarious to us, for some reason. We found the last-standing field for our photos, proving that, if you shoot it right, anything can look cooler than it looks in real life.

We headed back to LA to get ready for Kanye X Kid Cudi’s album listening party later that night. I told y’all this week was all over the place.

*I feel I have to note this: I made myself the most BOMB sandwich ever when I got home. I used Follow Your Heart Gluten Free Millet Bread, organic sliced turkey, Follow Your Heart Gouda Vegan Cheese slices, butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, & a TINY bit off vegan spicy mayo. Toast the bread before you make, because duh.

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled programing.

I ubered to Hollywood for the listening party that evening, obviously with a STRONG skinny margarita in-hand ( I added jalapeños to cover the extra tequila ). It’s necessary to bring a roadie to anything that involves an uber + a line + a bus ride, which was what I was in for.

We had to wait in line a bit to snag our wristbands ( something I usually don’t do, because anxiety, but hey, I had already taken a $40 uber to Hollywood at this point ) & board the busses to an undisclosed location. Honestly, there was a moment upon arrival to our destination where I thought I was going to be murdered.

But, I always think I’m about to be murdered, so whatever.

We arrived to the venue, a field in the middle of the Santa Anita hills, lined by falling-apart warehouses. I was paying too much attention to the open bar + the hamburger line to notice, but apparently lots of merch was being passed out. Still a little sad I didn’t snag any.

Basically, the listening party involved a bunch of people filming around a fire, and the rest of us eating + drinking. Cool but also less cool than is assumed. It was more chill than anything.


I headed to the M Day Spa on Friday morning to get their mini Green Peel, a procedure I stalked on their instagram for a few weeks before booking an appointment. I’ve been struggling with acne for awhile now, & its left behind scarring that I want to lighten.

My acne has subsided a bit after a few changes to my diet ( I discovered, through recent blood tests, that I’m pretty reactive to eggs + chicken! ) + skincare routine ( which I’ll share when I get it perfected! ).

I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into, but I went through with the treatment nonetheless. It’s basically a chemical peel with natural plants/herbs. It is NO JOKE. In fact, I’m going to stop this week’s WEEKLY on friday, because I’ve been a HERMIT, hiding away in my room ever since then.

LA is weird. Some days, you’re eating hamburgers with Kayne, other days, you’re hiding in your room building all the unnecessary organizers you bought on Amazon.

The first two days, my skin was BRIGHT RED & felt very tight. It looked like I had a terrible sunburn.

Then, the peeling started on Sunday. It’s been peeling like crazy ( not a pretty sight ) for the last couple days. I’ll go in for my follow-up appointment tomorrow, where they will hopefully clean me up! I need to be released into society again ( & I need to shoot some campaigns/go to meetings, ya know, do my job ).

I’ll post about the results of the first treatment! They recommend monthly treatments ( she said I’d need around 3 ), but we’ll see how that goes for me. Idk how much time I have to literally burn my face off + be out of commission for days on end. Maybe I’ll try micro-needling next??

So, for today’s photos above, I’ve included my favorite Beyond Meat Beyond Burger veggie burger wrapped in bibb lettuce, with tomato, avocado, Follow Your Heart vegan sliced gouda & salt/pepper.

Also, HOW BEAUTIFUL is my gallon water bottle?? I fill it up at night + add a lemon to it, & drink it throughout the whole day. It’s my new staple item.

Thats it for this week, beebs! Talk soon, xx