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This week’s weekly is starting on WEDNESDAY, because, as I mentioned last week, the chemical peel I got recently turned me into a full-on monster face for a week.

I started Wednesday with a follow-up appointment at M Day Spa, where they removed excess dead skin following my peel. There was still a bit of dead skin peeling off on Wednesday, but I was finally able to put on makeup & go out in public, LOL.

I met up with my rewardStyle rep, Allie, for lunch at Soho House. rewardStyle, for those of you who don’t know, is a platform bloggers/influencers use to monetize their websites/instagrams. I use rewardStyle for affiliate marketing ( linking to products to ensure I can make a small amount of money off of my recommendations! ), monetizing my Instagram ( through LikeToKnow.It ), & booking sponsored brand posts.

I got really lucky in the rS rep category, because Allie & I are literally the same person. I’m obsessed with her.

In terms of getting accepted to rewardStyle, for the bloggers out there, I got accepted the second time I applied, about a year into blogging. Don’t give up!

At lunch, I had a HUGE plate of veggies, hummus, & salmon, btw. Back on that healthy game ( for the day, lol ).

After lunch, I met up with Kristen at The Roosevelt ( a hotel in Hollywood ) to shoot our BFF/giveaway campaign for Soluna Swim. I’ve previous worked with Soluna on two separate occasions, so I was excited to partner with them for this campaign with my blogger bestie.


Thursday was a LONG freakin’ day, friends.

I started Thursday on a SOLID note, brunching at The Henry with Prete & a TON of my friends. Prete is an on-demand blowout app, basically. You can buy blowouts in packages OR you can sign up for a membership monthly for unlimited blowouts ( DREAMS! ).

I ran over to Alo Yoga after brunch for a boxing + yoga fusion class with, again, so many of my friends! It was social-overload in a GOOD way ( something I rarely say ) after my week in hiding due to the chemical peel situation.

Kristen & I then headed to Hollywood to check in for our staycation at The Garland hotel.

A PR company reached out to us offering us a staycation in exchange for coverage of the hotel’s summer concert series! Because I’m a huge fan of the PR company + many of their travel clients, I immediately said yes. I’m trying to get more into traveling moving forward, so I’ve been trying to work with hotels whenever possible.

After checking in, Kristen + I met up with a BIG group of blogger babes at Barbette, a swanky restaurant in West Hollywood. Recently, a group of my blogger friends in LA have formed the #GFCollective, which is basically a union of bloggers. We have lots of fun meet-ups, content-creating sessions + travel coming up!

The group started after we all came to the conclusion that we are stronger together. We are all about the same size in terms of social media numbers, & we all want to grow together. It’s SUCH A GOOD VIBE.

If you’re in a city where there are ANY other bloggers, I highly recommend getting together as a group, if only to shoot each other’s posts + talk about blogging. It’s encouraging.

Kristen + I then attended the cute outdoor concert at The Garland hotel ( if you live in LA, they’re doing concerts with GREAT food/drink all summer! ). Lots of tequila was consumed that night.


Friday morning was ALL about getting my life together before my friend, Tessa, came in town for the weekend. Tessa is one of my favorite humans from Texas. She is just so HERSELF. I love it.

I got a blowout at Drybar ( classic blowout + volume on the top ), a much-needed pedicure from MiniLuxe ( I LOVE THIS PLACE! ) & a spray tan at Palm Beach Tan ( Mystic Tan in Dark Island tone, it’s blue-undertoned, so it doesn’t get orange! ).

On Friday, I had my fateful $20 smoothie experience. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t worth it.

Basically, I walked over to Kreation ( a healthy spot I usually LOVE ) for a quick smoothie + juice to revive my hungover ass in between my blowout & my pedicure.

I looked at the menu for 1 second, spotted & ordered a smoothie that seemed pretty good, grabbed my go-to green juice & headed to check out. TURNS OUT, my total was $30. I silently paid, because I didn’t want to cause a scene & have them cancel the smoothie they had already started, but internally I was dying.

A $20 smoothie. Are you fucking me right now?

Once Tessa arrived, we headed to Manhattan Beach to hang with one of my best friends in LA, Sophie, & a group of girls. We bar-hopped around Manhattan Beach all night. I ordered chicken fingers at the bar at 1:30am. Ya know, the usual.


Saturday was all about WORK. I locked myself away in my apartment to do computer work all damn day. I have this deal with myself where if I party on a week night ( Thursday ), I have to stay in and be a real human one day of the weekend.

It keeps me accountable.

Saturday evening, I headed to Nordstrom to get my makeup done by a celebrity makeup artist, Tim Quinn, at the Armani Box pop-up event. I booked a partnership with Nordstrom x Armani through rewardStyle, my GALS.

Obviously, working with brands like Nordstrom & Armani seems like more of a TREAT than actual work. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my job!

I’ve always loved Armani’s lip lacquer ( 400 is the PERFECT red! ), & it was really nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing apply the rest of the line, LOL. I’m a HUGE fan. I’ll link makeup + what I’m wearing below, because I’m obsessed.


Sunday was spent working ( again ) all damn day. Mad-scientist style. I didn’t leave my apartment until around 7pm to meet Tessa for drinks at Soho House.

For Under 27-year-old members, Soho has a half-off special on Sundays/Mondays. They know we’re all young broke bitches.

At this point, I get a LOT of daily necessities for free, & yet, I’m still finding things to spend money on ( see above, $20 smoothie issue ). I really need to figure my shit out.

I’ll do it later.

After a few drinks at Soho, we went to Catch for dinner + more drinks, & then Polo Lounge for a nightcap. It may have been the boujee-est night of my life. Now that I think about it, we are literally the biggest douche bags, wow.

Anywho, I need to get my camera fixed ASAP so I can start filming these weekly round-ups again! If you’re new around here, you can see my previous WEEK IN MY LIFE vlogs on my YouTube channel!

Talk soon, beebs. x