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Monday morning, I woke up & headed out the door for my Equifit session at Equinox. Basically, I met with a trainer for a body composition test in order to better understand the current state of my body, which makes setting fitness goals much easier. Everyone who becomes a member at Equinox gets an initial Equifit test ( as well as a free one-on-one session with a trainer & a one-on-one pilates reformer class ).

We did some basic mobility tests as well, so he could get a better idea of past injury or issues I have with certain movements ( because I was a gymnast/cheerleader for so long, my joints need SO MUCH LOVE! Tumbling kills you ).

After that, my assistant, Emma, came over to help me snap some photos around town for tomorrow’s @LikeToKnow.it takeover! For #TakeoverTuesday tomorrow, I’ll be posting 10 of my favorite looks & sharing a few of my go-to spots in LA.

I headed to the grocery store to get a few staple items for the week, because I’m TRYING to eat at home as often as I can. On days I go to the grocery, I like to wash + cut my fruits/veggies & put them in tupperware, so they’re always prepped.

I rounded out my day at Equinox ( where I started my day, LOL ) for an actual workout + some time spent in the sauna/steam room. I LIVE for going to the gym late, when no one else is there, so I can workout & relax in peace.


I headed BACK to Equinox on Tuesday morning for my one-on-one with my trainer. He showed me some simple stretches to fix my hip, shoulder & lower back tightness, as well as a set of circuits for strength & stabilization.

After spending the rest of the day working, I headed to Hollywood for the premiere of the new Netflix movie, Like Father.

Living in Los Angeles is truly the WEIRDEST experience. One second I’m working from my couch looking like a greasy mess, and the next second I’m sharing a theater with Kristen Bell, Seth Rogan & Kelsey Grammer ( not to mention the very intimate after-party with the cast ).

I don’t get star-struck very much, but it does weird me out that you just go places in this city and these very HUMAN movie stars are just chilling everywhere, and no one really seems to care.

This isn’t meant to be like a bragging thing at all. It’s just… an odd place.

So, as the sober DD for the night, I took part in virgin Pina Coladas + all the food I could find at the afterparty. Classy.


Because I was on my WORKOUT GRIND last week, I started Wednesday with a heated yoga class at, you guessed it, Equinox. Can you tell I get my money’s worth there??

Kristen & I went to Silver Lake to explore a bit + take photos for upcoming sponsored posts. We discovered Roo coffee, and we both fell in love with the little Aussie coffee shop IMMEDIATELY.

If you go, get their Fairy Bread. TRUST ME. GET IT.

Post-Silver-Lake, I had a quick lunch meeting with one of my favorite jewelry brands, Five and Two. As a blogger, making face-time with brands has been key for me, so I always try to schedule in weekly meetings/time to get to know the people BEHIND the instagram handle.



Claire & I headed to Venice on Thursday morning to shoot an upcoming campaign I have with Abercrombie. I figured I’d start expanding on my LA guide a bit, taking y’all around various neighborhoods in LA to get more specific. Thoughts?

Later this week, I’ll share my mini Venice guide. The photos ended up being SO CUTE. Abercrombie is making a COME BACK, and I’m all for it.

I spent the rest of the day on Thursday working from home. I took the evening off from events + such to focus on some behind-the-scenes work that needed to be done.

Sometimes you just need to lock yourself in your room for 6 hours & work until you think you might be going insane, ya know?

The highlight of my day was the HUGE salad I made for myself. I started with a bed of butter lettuce + green lettuce, then added quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, onions/bell pepper, & avocado. The dressing I used was Chosen Foods Lemon Garlic dressing ( because it has 0g of sugar! ).


I started Friday off trying out a new work out class at Equinox called Chisel’d ( you can see a full list of classes I like here! ). 

I then spent most of the day connected to my computer, as I normally spend my days, working on upcoming projects, sending emails, & updating the site as necessary. As you can tell, the blogging life is a solid mix of “cool” events & experiences and being a hermit.

I made the most AMAZING lunch on Friday, because I deserved it. I sautéed garlic, onions & green pepper in a pan, then added zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes, quinoa and ground turkey. For seasoning, I added marinara sauce, pepper, sea salt, & a touch of chile powder. I topped with avocado, because YUM.

Voila. An amazinnnnnng & filling lunch.

I spent Friday night IN, relaxing to the MAX.


Saturday morning, I did a quick HIIT running circuit at the gym to start off the morning.

I then headed to Salon by Maxime in Beverly Hills for a blowout, because I’m an idiot when it comes to doing anything other than beachy waves to my hair.

I booked my blowout through the app Prête, which connects users to local salons & facilitates booking. The blowouts are super affordable through the app, and I’ve loved the salons I’ve visited so far. You can also register for a membership, so you can had blowouts on-demand monthly.

I also love the girls behind the app. Overall, I’m a fan.

I went to the Bloggers Who Brunch x Honey Punch event for an early afternoon filled with shopping + cocktails with some of my favorite humans. After 2 years here in LA, I feel like I’ve finally found a solid group of girls I absolutely LOVE.

Post-event, Kristen & I met up with my friend Sophie at Bungalow in Santa Monica ( I’m almost embarrassed to admit ). We had one too many tequila shots + spent the night being idiots, but what else are Saturdays for?


And what are Sundays for besides laying in bed like a piece of trash ( in a good way? ) & watching Netflix all day?

I did a great job of fucking up my mind by watching Room on Netflix AND starting Handmaid’s Tale in the same day. Both of those truly inspire a whirlwind of emotions.

I ordered Cafe Gratitude via Postmates for breakfast, because I did not want to expend any energy making food for myself. I was really indulging.

Though, I did take out some time in my busy laying-down/Netflix schedule, to write yesterday’s post, which is something I really excited about!

I started a new series called #HalcyonHabits, where each month I’ll document trying to implement a new habit in my life for 30 days. I want y’all to do it with me! You can see the full post for this month’s habit here.

That’s it for WEEKLY #9! So happy to be back on track after traveling last month!

Talk soon, xx