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Melrose Flea in Urban Outfitters

I’ve partnered with Urban Outfitters on this post. All opinions are 100% my own, as per usual.

Hustle + Halcyon in Urban Outfitters at Melrose Trading Post


First things first: life update.

I don’t know what the hell is going on in the universe this week, but I have been SO inspired to cleanse, organize, & plan lately. Yes, I’m always in the mood for these three activities, but something about the last few days has been… different. More intense.

A few of my horoscope-happy friends alerted me to the appearance of the full moon a couple of days ago, which is apparently a big deal. I’m not one to put full faith in the universe in terms of explaining my feelings/aspirations, but something has been UP in the last week.

Granted, my reborn intensity for getting my life together comes on the heels of an almost-week-long 4th of July celebration extravaganza. So, it’s either the full moon or hitting rock-bottom that has inspired me to start living my best life.

And let me tell ya, I have been living my best life since last Thursday, when whatever force took over my mind & began to show me the way. RT if inspired.

Anyways, I’m headed to Colorado with my family this week, & I cannnnnot wait to see all the Sartain family characters/get a little R&R in Durango, CO. Also, I’m really looking forward to not spending any of my own money this week ( parents are great for that ), ja feel?

Melrose Trading Post, LA's best vintage shopping

Blogger Payton Sartain wearing Urban Outfitters at Melrose Trading Post

Moving on to today’s post: this sweeeeeet summer look in some of my favorite Urban Outfitters denim ( & other UO swag ).

Molly, Claire, & I had a roomie day at the Melrose Trading Post a couple of Sundays ago, & we shot this head-to-toe Urban Outfitters look while shopping for vintage/re-worked finds. It’s times like these that living with a photographer & another blogger really comes in handy.

Urban Outfitters is my absolute ride-or-die when it comes to affordable vintage-inspired denim. Currently, my top-pick denim brand they carry is BDG. BDG makes everything from unique, fashion-forward styles to sleek, perfect-fit skinnies. AND, BDG is ultra-affordable for your average gal ( which is so me, as explained by my excitement to mooch off of my parents this week ).

I’ll put a number of options in the slider down below for y’all, because I know y’all and I know y’all will dig all of these picks.

I seriously have at least 10 pairs of BDG jeans in my closet right now. No joke. The more the freakin’ merrier.

Blogger Payton Sartain of Hustle + Halcyon wearing Urban Outfitters in LA

shop my urban outfitters look

shop perfect-fit BDG styles

shop fashion-forward BDG styles

& shop what to pair with your denim

Summer in Los Angeles in Urban Outfitters

Blogger Payton Sartain in Urban Outfitters

Can we just talk about how flawlessly perfect my photographer/roommate, Claire, is??? I mean, unreal talented. Thanks for making me look 1000x more cool than I am, as per usual.

Like I said before, we shot this look at the Melrose Trading Post, a flea market that happens every Sunday at Fairfax High School in West Hollywood. It’s one of my favorite ( daytime ) weekend activities.

I love grabbing a coconut or mint lemonade & browsing, visiting booths filled to the brim with thinning vintage tees, re-worked cut-offs, old books/records, DIY projects, & more.

If you’re new to LA or visiting, you HAVE to stop by the trading post one Sunday to check out the scene. PS: bring some cash, because you’re definitely going to find something worth buying!

That’s it for today, friends. Come along for my CO adventures on Instagram ( @paytonsartain ) & on Snapchat ( @payton_sartain ) if you aren’t following already.

Also, if you’re looking for more to do in LA this summer, check out my visit to Malibu Wine Safaris, my day in Hollywood with Farfetch, or my LA Guide for more!

Talk soon. xx

Urban Outfitters Summer styles on blogger Payton Sartain

3 Responses
  • Patricia
    07 . 11 . 2017

    In love with your white look and the yellow sunglasses! So cool!

  • Ewa Macherowska
    07 . 11 . 2017

    You look perfect! 😉


  • Patrice Curedale
    07 . 11 . 2017

    You’re right, Claire is super talented. But you’re a great subject! We hope you’ll check us out on the 4th Sunday of the month some time, on your way to Topanga or the Bu. We’ve been called one of LA’s top sources for vintage by LA Racked, Architectural Digest, Chicme and many more.
    We’re in Woodland Hills at Pierce College near Westfield Topanga and Village.
    Love your style!