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Living Room Refresh with Urban Outfitters

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Hello my beebus GALS.

How about Game of Thrones last night, though????

Please hold while I have withdrawals for the next year, unpatiently awaiting next season. At this point, I’m living for this storyline. BRB– going to research various GoT fan theories and obsess until the season premiere.

On another note: this weekend was kind of a shit show. I somehow went out TWO nights in a row, & suffered the consequences of that terrible decision. I don’t recommend it. You could catch me drinking 10 gallons of water, chugging green juice, & taking shots of apple cider vinegar while ice rolling the hell out of my face on Saturday/Sunday morning.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, my friends.

Moving on to today’s topic: my living room refresh with Urban Outfitters!

For our living room color scheme, we stuck with neutrals & pastels, as those colors go well with our apartment’s white floors & walls.

We already had the main living room furniture necessities, so I snagged some accessories & fun additions to make our space more unique. Urban Outfitters’ selection of books, kitchen/barware, tech, & decorative candles brightened up our living room area big time.

Also, I’m hangin’ in some UO loungewear here, having a major throwback moment in this Jockey set & tee. HOW CUTE.

Specifically, some of my favorite living room additions were this Atticus poetry book, this chenille throw, & our new polaroid ( that has already been snapped a gazillion times ).

shop my Urban Outfitters home selects

shop my Urban Outfitters lounge look

As far as home decor goes, I know Urban Outfitters will always hook a girl up with the cutest stuff, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

Like I said earlier, I’m currently LUSTING after their selection of books online. I seriously want everything ( *adds to wishlist in hopes of saving money for fashion week in a couple weeks* ).

As far as this week goes: I’m currently sitting at a cafe working with my girl Kristen, mapping out the plans for said fashion week. I’m also going to attempt to edit my vlog from my week with the girls of Foray Collective out in Malibu ( in the dreamiest house ever ), so I can share that with y’all very soon!

Lots of new things coming up, beebs. Excited for the next few weeks!

Talk soon. xx

Photos by Claire Huntsberger

3 Responses
  • Blaire
    08 . 29 . 2017

    You are PERFECT. I’d kill for your life, bod, and house.

    • paytonsartain
      09 . 06 . 2017

      omg THANK YOU, love!! photos don’t show all the flaws but TYSM!