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A Very Important Sale is Happening, & I Need to Tell You About It

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So, OBVIOUSLY, Thanksgiving week means lots of food, copious amounts of family time, & watching football. Everyone knows this stuff. This is not news.

Also, as many of you well-know, this week is meant for shopping. Shopping for gifts, shopping for yourself, shopping for no reason at all. Whatever. Lets not discriminate against certain types of shopping, OKAY??? ( I prefer “shopping for no reason at all” )

I’ll be updating H+H with plenty of online sale details throughout the week, but I figured I’d start here, with Urban Outfitters. UO has been a long-time BFF of H+H, so it just feels right.

Starting 11/22 ( aka, today, for those of you who are unaware ), Urban Outfitters is having a Buy-One-Get-One 50% off sale…. & it applies to EVERYTHING. So, ya, you’re welcome.

I ( accidentally ) bought about a million things at UO in-store yesterday, so I’ve pretty much shopped this sale for you already. Again, ya, you’re welcome. I’m putting my spending-money skills to GOOD USE by helping y’all also get good at spending money. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

LOLz. Anyways. I’ll include a line-up of some of my top UO picks below, as well as the cozy lil’ look featured in this post. Unfortunately, I just realized that UO is SOLD OUT of this specific sweater, but I found a similar green option for y’all.

shop my outfit

shop UO picks

Urban Outfitters is SUCH a classic & I’m so in into their product selection. Every time I’m feeling like spending a few dollars on things I’ll wear over & over again, I head to Urban Outfitters. You just can’t go wrong with UO.

Like I said, I’ll be updating y’all throughout the week with sales because I’m obsessed with buying shit online and I might as well share, HA.

Make sure you’re following along on Instagram for all of those updates & product selections! Get ready to shop, beebus gals.

( I’m a terrible influence & I’m not sorry. )

Anywhooooo, I hope y’all enjoy shopping week ( aka: thanksgiving week with your families ). Talk v soon. xx

Photos by Claire Huntsberger.

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