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Feminine & Casual Updated Staples

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Blogger Payton Sartain in Head-To-Toe Urban Outfitters

Gooooood morning, gals!

Today is a busy busy day, & we’re kicking it off with this casual look in partnership with Urban Outfitters. I mean, what else is new?? Do I even wear anything else at this point?

Before we get started, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel/entered my giveaway from yesterday! I’ll be announcing a winner mid-week, so there is still time to enter! Also, I’ve gotten SUCH positive feedback from my first YouTube tutorial ( I knew y’all would love the beachy waves how-to ), so thank y’all SO MUCH for that! Seriously, made my day.

Okay: back to the regularly-scheduled content.

I’ve been excited to share this look with y’all since the DAY I ordered it, because it’s a perfect round-up of some fall staples that I’ll be wearing ( & re-wearing, & re-wearing, & re-wearing…. ) in the months to come. Urban Outfitters has always been a one-stop-shop for me when it comes to trendy pieces I can wear on a daily basis. I really can’t stress how much I’m digging UO.

I wanted to take a moment to mention exactly WHY I chose each of these fall staples from Urban Outfitters, & how I’m planning on wearing them throughout the season.

Urban Outfitters Outfit of the Day

shop my Urban Outfitters look

Top: So, I saw this top on Molly before I ordered it for myself ( for those of you who are late to the H+H party, Molly is my roommate/blogger BFF ), & I knew I just HAD to have it. It’s hot AF without being too overtly sexy, and it goes with absolutely everything. Very excited to wear this with some high-waist destroyed denim jeans for cooler weather. Y’all need this, kk?

Skirt: Another super versatile closet staple. I CANNOT. WAIT. to wear this with an oversized sweater & some over-the-knee boots. This mini skirt adds a laid-back touch to an outfit that would otherwise be a little too put-together for my daily life, LOL. I’m obsessed.

Necklace: Dainty gold necklaces are KEY to adding a feminine touch to this look. This particular necklace I’m wearing here is sold out, but I’ve linked to something super similar that I’m sure y’all will love. It’ll give you the same vibe.

Belt: I’ve been wearing this belt like crazy the last few weeks, because it just adds something…. idk, trendy-looking to an otherwise-basic outfit. It really pulls everything together. I’m into this belt from UO because it’s under $30.

Full Urban Outfitters Look for Fall worn by LA-based blogger Payton Sartain

I shot this look with my friend Ryan Chua a couple of weeks ago on Melrose, & we wanted to keep everything simple to keep all eyes on this MVP closet additions. I’m not really sure why this deep emerald green wall makes me SO HAPPY, but it really takes my mood up like 5 notches.

Weird? Idk?

Anyways, I hope y’all are as weirdly obsessed as I am with this particular outfit, and PLZ send plenty of snaps ( @payton_sartain ) to me of y’all sporting what I’ve posted on H+H! I love to see how y’all style the things that I share & think it’s so fun to connect with you beebs that way.


Okay, I’m done. This is starting to feel like a segment of THE GIRLS’ ROOM ( please tell me someone remembers this very important part of the Amanda Show… ).

Talk soon. xx

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