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Valentine’s Day Dresses

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Dresses to Wear on Valentine's Day


I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day on H+H with a selection of V-day-themed dresses that you can wear all spring/summer. I’m all for a spicy red dress moment, so this theme plays perfectly into my personal style.

This Valentine’s day, I threw in a couple BARBIE pink options & a nice soft pink mini as well, two colors I need more of in my wardrobe.

I ALWAYS celebrate Valentine’s Day with my girls, because GALentine’s is my jam. I’ll take a night of good food, pink margaritas & champagne cocktails over basically any other experience, LOL. I highly recommend making some healthy-ish chocolate syrup for flawless chocolate-covered-strawberries & sipping on a simple champs drink to set the mood.

valentine’s dress options

Cute, right??

I’ll update this selection as I find cute options throughout the interwebz, & I’ll let y’all know when good additions occur. Can’t wait to see how all of y’all celebrate one of the most aesthetically-pleasing holidays on the calendar!

Snap me all your V-day goodness, kk? ( snap: payton_sartain )

I’ll be back around to talk more Valentine’s cocktails & sweets later this week. Talk soon. xx